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Dec 2017
Never have I ever heard
anyone say they hated music
I asked her again and she said
'I hate music!'

She hated music
because it reminded her
of her tragic past after
every lyric in her head
it drowned her thoughts
that filled her with dread.

She hated music
because it reminded her
of love because she
feels that her love
isn't good enough...
for anyone.

She hated music
because it reminded her
of unhappiness
when she tried to listen
to an instrumental tune
she would be gloom
as the beat mimics
the sound of her
fathers beating heart
before he passed away
until then she fell apart
and felt her life was
going to be doomed.

She hated music
because it reminded her
of the good old days
where she was young
and nothing was
stepping in her way
although there were
songs that would say
in life things will change
and you don't always
have it your way.

She hated music
because it reminded her
how people created it
and she said that some artists
don't make songs for
great motivation,
but sadly it's more like
great desperation
she said it must be easy
for them to do all of that
just to get famous
although it doesn't do
everybody any good to
improve their daily

She hated music so much
that it made her jump into
conclusion which made her
so ticked as she look back
at it now it got her sick.
she asked me
why do people listen to music
when all we can do is ignore it?

She listens to every genre
of music from
many different artists
and she still isn't
as she clutch
her hand into a fist.

She realized now
that she is free from the lyrics that weighed her down
and the rhythm that drags her back around
she believes that without music she would feel
safe and sound.
Keyana Brown
Written by
Keyana Brown  F/Panama City, FL
(F/Panama City, FL)   
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