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Eden Wheeler Oct 14
She was just
A girl
In my driveway
With hair blacker
Than her thoughts
And I thought
She was a thot
But it’s not
Her fault
She’s got
All that
In the back

Keyana Brown Jun 2016
Some people say
I'm wide on the hips and my face is thick,
but I think I'm healthy and magnificent .

Some people say
that the girl is chunky and bulky,
but she believes that
she's pretty and very funny.

Some people say
that this boy gained more weight
and needs to be back in shape,
but this boy doesn't care what they say
because he likes being this way.

Some people today,
hates the word 'fat,'
but here's a fact.
If you think you're fat
then replace the 'F'
to a 'PH.'

Your not fat,
unless you mean that.
Therefore believe in yourself
by knowing you're **Phat.
It's a shame that some people today are body shaming others through social media, which is why I want to say to everyone that all body types are beautiful.
Dallas Phoenix Apr 2015
Her tone,
Crispy like new pair of headphones,
Screams when I finger down her *G string
Love hearing her moan,
Get over here and lay on my lap,
One hand down your neck while the other's ready to smack,
She's a brand new model,
My pick up line was immaculate,
Coke bottle modelling body,
Fuzz pedal throttled and jacked you in,
You fret all day and no one to hammer your strings,
******* Brew in Chili Peppers but I'm willing to make you Cream,
So lay across my leg and let me do the rest,
All that phat bass and no one to properly make you wet,
Rubbing across your curves making sure your knobs are turned,
Steel strings tight and ready to give this spanking you deserve,
Tease and deceive till your ready to sing,
Slip my fingers down your A and I'm ready to B,
Playing your scales,
Hitting that tail,
Your mahogany curves scrumptious as hell,
Maybe I'll stand up and ****** my hips,
Into that back of that phat bass while loving the notes you hit,
Strap you on because the way I like to hit it is hard,
Octaves ****** and quiver on my fingers,
Your heart,
The shape of that wide, seductive and sumptuous ***,
All that bass you have can make any guy..........

— The End —