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Jaicob Apr 2021
"Get out,"
I was told.
"Leave my sight"
I packed a bag.
"Just leave"
I rode off.
"Come back"
I was chased.
"I love you"
My bike was taken.
"You can't leave"
I'm crying.
Your arms hold no comfort for me.
My parents say they love me... Is love chasing somebody away from their home and taking their bike?
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
You visited Darkness on my doorstep
A maelstrom of madness behind a cracked clown's mask
Your rictus grin cast shadows on my house guests
An upheaval of war broke out at gentile dinner party

Your heavy booted footsteps echoed in the antechamber
As you strode so confident into cacophonious dinner
Laying hands on hors d'eouvres and rotting sweet flesh
Forcing famine to descend on friendly folk

You played with the delicacy of human frailty
As you coughed with hollow wet echoes, racking paper lungs
Spreading filth and vile pox from woman to man
A sickly green pestilence wrapped tendrils around them all

And lastly, you stood before me brandishing gloved finger
You pointed at my chest and asked me, "Are you ready?"
The delight you took from all this rancor, truly sickening
You visited death upon my dining table with glee

But death won't get what it wants on this cold day
Not with heavy heeled boots of war, nor from feast to famine
Not with the pox of pestilence, no horse will drag me away
You came bearing darkness my friend,
But in a quiet valediction, I shall have to ask you to leave
Not actually sure what happened when I wrote this one.  I was feeling grumpy at fairweather friends and had recently read a graphic novel depicted the horsemen of the apocalypse in an every-day-life scenario.  I decided to blend the idea that bad friends carry these horsemen in them and will always want to share them even if everyone else is having a good time.
Ruheen Mar 2019
There's no escape
From the prison that I made

It's in my own head
Just like that monster under the bed

I've got a maze for a mind
My mind is a maze

I don't know what you'll find
But you'll never find it again

It's so easy to get lost in the dark
When you don't have a light

I can't find my way out
I can barely put up a fight

I can't think with my head
I can't feel with my heart

I locked myself in
Yet I'm miles afar
How I feel about my head. It's a maze that I am trapped in. People can come and go, but I can never leave.
Which is quite unfortunate.
I don't wanna see you anymore.
Just seeing your face makes me fall for you even more.
It is hurting me so bad.
It hurts more that I am the only one who suffers.
Just get out of my heart,
Before it gets too hard.
Bunny, this is for you. It hurts so bad. Get out of my heart please?
Btw, first poem of 2019!
Happy New Year Everyone! It's finally 2019 :)
Drunk poet Aug 2018
You are back?
Again with your perfumed lies like roses
To tell me you are wrong and probably sorry
To lick up my tears with your apologies
You are back
To pour me lies from the same lips I love to kiss
Again to pin me to the wall with your lovely punchlines
Reminding me of the world awaiting us
But today I will sit on this cushion
And watch you use your magic on me
I will wait for your lips to stop pouring out the lies
Then I will say "get out! "
      To her who conquered my heart with beautiful lies
Drunkpoet {the poet that stinks with lines}
sadgirl May 2018
yr gun does not reach me,
so u make black boxes.
not like the ones lost at sea.
we all can be pretty at least once,
even with dangling nerves,
even with blood dribbling down our chins
we live in the sunken place.
try to stay awake, but it's too easy
to fall asleep.
i like to think i have wings.
cuz i swear, i swear they're somewhere on my back.
but maybe they took those too.
if we was still alive, while the swallowed us whole,
would we fight or flight?
i heard a story about one us of, who didn't drown.
i could touch the sun and fly with my not-wings
to a place better than this. can i drown

we all can be beautiful.
cuz i tried so hard
to make this place safe.
race and birds.
Keep your distance
leave me alone
I don't care for you anymore

Harsh words are useless
my feelings are already numb
my tears hit the floor

Can't you see I don't need you
don't want you, don't love you
your eyesight must be poor.

Im begging you go away,
move on, don't call me names
I've already showed you to the door.

Don't you see?....
It's useless
Leydis Jun 2017

Get her out of that pit of unhappiness,
where you have condemned her to live.
Out of that cave of insecurity!
Out of that ditch which defiles and ashamed her.
Take out of any pit that denigrates her.
Get her out any pit that speaks death to her life!
Take her out of that pit of loneliness,  you have condemned her to reside in!

Pull her out of that pit and bather her!
Bathe her in the River Nile.
Sanctify her in Christ Jesus!
Bathe her with jasmine leaves.
Bather her and embalm her with the scent of freedom!
Bathe her in blessed and clean flowing water!

Dress her, in the fines cotton and silk fibers.
Dress her in fibers of happiness.
Dress her with lace of purity and kindness.

Feed and nourished her being.
Prepare for her a sunny picnic facing the ocean.
Prepare her a dinner with a full moon.
Prepare a delicacy of bliss and joy.

Educate her!
Educate her in poetry.
Help her forget the graves of her captivity in the words of poets who speak;
of hope, of love,
of the magic of new day,
the charm of waking up in gentle arms,
tell her about flying in an open sky with missing wings, with broken wings,
yet so celestial is the flight that seeks its destiny against all odds!

Take her out of that pit!
Bathe her!
Dress her!
Feed her!
Educate her!
Be the ****** for that woman. Be the ****** for you!

But you must
………………………………….GET HER OUT OF THAT PIT!


Sácala del hoyo!
Sácala de la fosa de infelicidad donde la has condenado a vivir.
Sácala de esa cueva de inseguridad!
Sácala de lo que la indigna.
Sácala de lo que la avergüenza.
Sácala de lo que la denigra.
Sácala de las palabra que la rompen.
Sácala de la soledad!
Sácala y bañala!
Báñala en el Río Nilo.
Santificála en el nombre de JesusCristo!
Báñala en hojas de jazmín
Báñala en perfume de libertad!
Báñala en agua fluyente, limpia, y bendita!
Vístela en algodón y seda.
Vístela en fibras de felicidad.
Vístela en encajes de pureza.
Dale de comer, nutre su ser.
Preparele un día soleado frente al mar.
Prepárale una cena en una luna llena.
Prepárale un manjar de sonrisas.
Educala en la poesía.
Ayúdale al olvidar las fosas del cautiverio, en las letras de los que hablan;
de esperanza,
de la magia de un despertar,
del amor en brazos sin maldad,
de volar con medias alas, con alas rotas,
más ven un cielo destinado para ella.
Dale de comer
Se tu una heroína para cada mujer!
Keyana Brown Mar 2017
The world is silent
my mind turns vilolent
there is so much noise
that it can't be quiet!

As the rhythum of words
began humming inside my ear
saying different things
that arent clear.

Was that a rumor?
water engulfs inside my ears
It's that a gossip I ponder?
Oh no,
Not another rumor!

Oh, dear...

All those words clogged inside
I said nothing ,but nod
Those words filled up my ear
and its hard for me to hear...
except these rumors.

*This I fear.
Arcassin B Sep 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

Let me wrap my lovin over you,
Cover you with decadence,
Let me show that the world isn't
So bad,
If you give 100% in every life goal,
Let it unfold between letting in,
While Lucy is still in the sky her diamonds,
As the group sings,
I just that I've invested in some wedding rings,
And the finer things,
Along with all the simple things,
In life we couldn't make with enough
I cry , you cry its simple , sometimes
We're just appalled,
Let me wrap my lovin over you,
Let me show you that the rain could
Get a bit cold,
Let me show you that  despite of all your
That your body in general is still at a hold,
Like a magnet , you've got a hold on me.
On me..
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