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rosy Oct 2018
i. I LOVE YOU. you might feel i don't because you carry so much burden. but i do, my child. i love you so deep. my heart is yours to keep. i am wiping away your tears. give me your doubts, worries, and fears. cast them to me. i promise to turn them to victories and glee.

ii. I AM WITH YOU. i never left. you wonder where am i during the times you wept. but i was there through every season. i was listening as you grumble, as you asked for a reason. my beloved, please focus on me and my plans for you. trust me with everything you have, i'm bringing you to your breakthrough. this phase may hurt but i won't leave you here in the dirt. please hold on, through my Son's death the victory is already won.

iii. I AM ALWAYS WAITING FOR YOU. my child, you are my greatest treasure. my love for you, oh no one can measure. take the step to believe again in me. we'll walk together on water, i would never flee. no, you're wrong, i was never mad at you. all my life, i only looked out for you and see you through. i hurt when you sin but i see your heart my dear. i know you're broken, feeling hopeless, and wanting to disappear. please don't, i will never give up on you. a million times a day, i will only pursue you.
When you can't forgive yourself, when your world is falling apart, when you can't live anymore, when everything is going wrong, I still love you. You are not the failure you think you are. You are not the names they call you. You are not alone. You are my greatest love. My child, I long to be with you.
Its words cut through flesh,
They go straight to the heart..
They sink in the mind,they linger in there and forever they stay.
They resound like an echo,
And like nightmares,they scream.
Therefore,use your tongue wisely.
Daniel Z Mamza Sep 2017
In your voice, I speak
I'm unconquerable, I am unbeatable
And I cant be defeated by the weird silence nor
The eldritch darkness

Am not ashamed to speak for you
Am the light in you
You are made from me for me; you behold my face
But in your heart, a war rages
A war of self-condemnation, a life devoid of chastity

You stand alone
Broken, petrified, voiceless
But I speak for you
I speak to you, and I speak through you

Youre no longer a slave to fear
You have the light in you, dont hold it all in
Like dust trampled upon many feet
You shall rise and speak forth!

Up from the repeated trampling upon
Up from the pseudo self-preservation
Awake, thou slumberer
The world await earnestly for your rising
I in you, together hand in hand
We will conquer
We are invictus
Yes, you have a voice and you're no longer a slave
To fear
Perfect Love Cast Out All Fears
Schuy Aug 2016
The stars of her eyes
Were barely visible through the windows of her soul
So she came to society
To ask for help to brighten her glow
Society gave her a match
And said, "Don't be shy"
So she lit her eyes up
Without ever asking why
The flame started out slow
But spread faster than disease
So instead of being the brightest star
She found herself being swallowed by the seas
Keyana Brown Aug 2016
Come on,
say something.
Are you there?
Is there something
in the atmosphere
for you to not hear?

Are you alright?
I'm talking to you,
have you lost your sight?
I know you have eyes
because I can see them
just fine.

Can you speak English?
If you could,it would be kind
for you to speak, that way
we can finally greet.

Please speak,are you sick?
Is there something wrong
with your throat?
Does it burn, or itch?

No, Then what is it?
Are you afraid of me?
I'm very sweet and humorous,
so don't worry about me.
I won't hurt you, you'll see.

I can totally sense
that you're reclusive,
so you don't see the point
in making any friends.

Honestly, you can't
just tell yourself that
your better off alone...

But your not,
people like you
don't deserve
to be alone.

You need to get out
of that zone because
one day you'll end up
all active and grown
with nobody to share
your adventures with,
but your own.

Therefore, it's time
to build friendships
that is worth known.

So don't be afraid
to say anything
you seem like
a good person

Now tell me, what's your name?


Thanks for speaking out.
I thank God that I've overcome my shyness. When I was in elementary school, I had a hard time talking to people because I feel like people will make fun of me. My mom always tell me that I'm brightest person she ever know and she always told to have faith in God. Until this very day, due to my mothers advice, I had the confidence to talk to people.
Words have power to

Build or ****,

Therefore speak life..

— The End —