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Elliott Aug 2020
She not only shattered the glass ceiling, she killed her captors with the glass.

The little shards left from the explosion expertly found their way into the hearts of every founding member of the patriarchy.

To every founding member that ever dared to doubt her.

The glass shuddered against her bare feet, cowering at her power. Her invincibility finally replacing her invisibility.

There she was in all her glory, present at all the board meeting, head CEO in a field where women where secretaries and mothers. There she was, finally on her own. If we didn't count the few dead bodies in the room.

"Brutal"...she thought. That life had forced a seemingly sweet woman to shed her "natural" loving instructs in lieu of such violence.

Little did they understand, she'd never known love in the first place.
-There's nothing more dangerous than an angry women
Ismahanwrites Jun 2017
Over flowing is part of nature
And sometimes what's seen to be ugly
Is over priceless.

We over flow
Letting out all our wastes in one piece of pad or a two or a three but what we don't realize is that this has become a part of us we can't hate how god has created us but we can love the outcome which is a beautiful life.
Keyana Brown Jul 2016
Look girl,
remind yourself
that you're beautiful
because not everybody
is going to prove it to you.

Look miss elegant,
you're so intelligent
that nobody else
could believe it.
Now quit acting
dumb then you just
might learn some.

Look sister,
get yourself together,
forget about your mistakes,
after all the risks you take.
Move on with your life
and everything will be alright.

Look girly,
You're stronger and smarter
than your ex boyfriend.
Never let a man tell you that
you're worthless, weak, and simple.

Listen girl,
nobody said it was
going to be easy I know
it's hard to avoid mistakes,
temptation, and depression.
It's about time you change
your ways after what you've
learned your lesson today.
Ismahanwrites May 2016
she was a Mess
a mess that looked so Brilliant
but Also so Genuine
that when people looked at her all they saw
was a Mastermind behind that Bad *** body.
   she was a Wild One.

— The End —