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Carla Marie Apr 22
doors open with no breeze
chimes sing with no wind
ya blunts keep goin out… and
Candle flames sputter
You’ll know it’s me
Passin through
to color your aura blue
raise your vibra!ion and leave
my scent in your shirt
palo santo or eucalyptus
In the air…
breathe deeply Baby…
exhale slowly Darlin…
and feel betta
cuz it’s just me
to get on your nerves
or make you smile
or both
as per usual
On terminal illnesses and looking death in the face
If there were no waves
There would be no sea
My feelings come and go
Passing endlessly

Where there's sun and beam
Reaches us with no doubt
Even scarce they seam
Warm the very heart

My world is a river
Passing below the bridge,
I cannot stop the shiver
Encrusted at the ridge

I feel the troubled waters
The frenetic speed
It's useless, and yet true
Let's just breathe...
my soul feels at home
when you’re around
but how crazy must I sound?

I see a lot of signs
and I wonder,
why is your soul
so familiar to mine?

maybe we’ve already met
in another life, at another time
maybe that’s why, so hard, I try

I beg the universe to show me the path
I know how to count my blessings,
but I’m bad at maths

I tell my soul story
in an empty room, 
a huge auditory

I beg for a single listener
my thoughts made me a prisoner

I’m trapped in this journey
some days it might be stormy

but the beautiful moments,
the ones I capture
they are very much needed
for my manufacture

so I might be a work in progress
but I write these words off my chest,
I sit down and I confess

your soul is familiar to mine
I can’t ignore it nor decline

and I came to tell you
my soul story
even if you’re not
sitting in the auditory

because I’m not made of fear,
I’m full of glory.

- gio, 09.05.2020
neha yamba May 2020
i fear no storm of tragedy and loss
i have been broken into pieces before
i know it'll be bad and excruciating
but trust me i know how to fix everything torn
after the storm calms down , i'll arrange and stick
my pieces back
for i exactly know which piece goes where .
Zack Ripley Mar 2020
I'm with you in spirit
Just like I was before.
I'm right by your side
Even though you can't see me anymore.
I'm with you in spirit
So you have nothing to fear.
You're not in this alone.
I'll always be here.
Kahou Eru Dec 2019
I think
Therefore I am
I want to be greatest
Of all time
Actually I'd settle for
Being the greatest me
I can possibly be
So I guess no regrets
Pretty much impossible
To regress
God I only pray
For success
Morning mantra
For the love of god, write.
Write like all hell.
Write as if your heart is on
Fire, and the only way to quell it is to
from your fingertips.
Your nerve-bitten nails &
****** ripped skin strips,
The papercut pains,
Have all been for this,
No sweeter burn,
No better hurt.
Write, **** you.
Nobody knows your story
As perfectly as you.
Kahou Eru Jul 2019
I told myself
I won't lose myself
No more
I promised
To be true to myself
Never again will I
Betray my beliefs
My strengths and fears
Is what make
Me an original
An authentic
Mess with a unyielding
Count me out fine
But I have enough
To believe in you and I
Never again
Will I let myself go
Naomi Firestone Feb 2019
So you are Death
a scavenger of breath
a vulture for pleasure
Preying on life's treasure
Each heart beat you measure...
You, have prettified me to my core
But no more!  
Fear will no longer keep score
Today I welcome you at my door
Come in!
Leave your footprints on my floor
To remind me never to crawl
Join me on this journey
drown in my ecstasy
******* sexuality
Lose control in my fantasies....
Penetrate deep into my darkness
I have nothing to hide
Come along and alight upon this ride
Just for once jive on this other side
Be alive like a bee hive
Observe and find your mind
Transfixed on love and lust
and bodies entwined
Listen to my excitement mount
as you choke yourself
on my account

Oh Death,
What a mistake I have made!
A coward to my bursting urges to be free
Afraid of your ever presence to be ME
I've been a prisoner of my own judiciary
But now I see like the blind
who sees for the first time
And I accept your crime
I embrace your truth!
I invite you to share the joys of my youth
And beyond
where boundaries no longer bond
Live vicariously through me and persist
Inhale every moment to fully exist!
And when you decide my time is up,
feel the emptiness of this bottomless cup
The excruciating sadness that fills it up
to leave this journey we are on
I want you to forever remember
that once you lived as a contender  
Not as a lifeless tree in December
But in full bloom
Fresh from the womb
Life! the greatest gift to be given
Ah to give! and NOT to be taken!
But alas, even you have no jurisdiction
the wallflower Mar 2018
We fill our brains
With thoughts and things
Remembering subjects nobody cares about
Join hands with the moon
And become bestfriends with your doubt
Its been said " You cant fly with wings of uncertainty "
Then explain my existence
Prove my heights  
I've been flying without wings at all
Don't tell me your words hurt less than hitting the ground
I've been soaring with no hope , no strive
However miraculously
I'm still alive
Even my short stories about winter days seem too realistic for anyone and everyone that tends to sugarcoat their definition on what life should be ;-;
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