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Mar 2016
I was a clueless human,
with no sense of direction.
scientists say they cure me,
so they can get rid of my infection;
They were wrong.

Once they injected me,
I was about to have a different sight.
There just something about me
that doesn't feel right.

Suddenly, I became black as the knight
The scientists are after me, so
either I'll run, or fight.

By the time I grow out my fangs,
you better run, or hide.
Because I get furious
when you look at me in the eye.

As I smell upon their fear,
evil scientist beware,
to my brown eyes
and my razor sharp claws,
I must save human society
before things go wrong.

Even though this transformation,
seems to be a mystery,
my goal is to interact with panthers
In order to save humanity.

I'm faster,
I'm stronger,
I'm wiser,
*I am the Panther.
I wrote this poem when I was a middle schooler. I was watching Batman and then I thought to myself what kind of superhero I can be, so I thought why not be a panther. Haha!
Anyway, wrote the poem while watching my show.
If you were superhero what would you be?
Keyana Brown
Written by
Keyana Brown  F/Panama City, FL
(F/Panama City, FL)   
     Keyana Brown, Rose and mikecccc
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