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Keyana Brown Feb 8
Everyday I feel...
and unadjusted

One moment
I'm drowning in the ocean
next I'm tangled in the jungle
My mind is drifting in motion
thinking of work, life, and death
all in a bundle.

I have to go work
I have to pay rent thats due
then do college assignments
Today my nana was gone too soon
I began to wept and forgot I havent eaten
I left, then my friend called and said
"Can you come through?"
I wanted no excuse
and said that its cool
I remembered
I needed to complete a painting
not just one but so many
also my poems still in the making.

Its fine...
because it keeps
my mind pondering
than constantly

I'm not going to lie,
I'm not puzzled
Thank God
that I'm grateful
I kept myself busy
when life has its trial.
Rest in power and in peace nana 🙏🏽 ❤💐
ADHD helps me carry on with life.
Keyana Brown Jan 2023
Oh my goodness!
Who did this to you?
Are you okay?
Is there someone
I could contact to?

A first I look
in your eyes
blood dripping
on the left
black as tar
on the right
I'm here
who tried to
take out your

Your arms
cut into stripes
I kept asking you
are alright
Your bruised
legs are numb
and your lower
back has a bump
whoever did this
made sure you
had enough.

I told you
that I'm not
I'm not
for I
an explanation
for your beating.

I wanted to know
who tattooed
your neck dark
who drenched
your lips
with a ******

You finally
looked up
and after
I asked
in depth
you told me
who done it
first name
last name
Be kind to yourselves
Keyana Brown Jan 2023
My mother said to look past
the bright pink walls
imagination and story tales
overtime it will grow old.

I imagine about
fairy tales and casting spells
very pure like white snow,
I glimpse past the pink walls
as my face beats red
my mind has been deceived
my imagery of the world
was wrong.

Outside the pink walls
lead me to an imperfect
sporadic world
that slowly
caves me into
Keyana Brown Sep 2022
Your enemies may hate it
once they see you doing good
as you carry on with your life
collecting hopes and dreams
as good like they are.

Your friends will love it
dancing around the wild
like a young chimpanzee
feeling carefree and happy

Your family might question it
like you're involved in a crime
an old version of you
lie dead before them
cold, bruised, and paralyzed
as if you did what you had to do
just avoid trauma and stay alive.

You out of all people should know
the reason for your decision
and what kept you out versus
what held you hostage
for so long.
Keyana Brown Sep 2022
These emotions
they are so
beneath me
and every
memory of you
is drowning me.

So far
you made
it easy to
call you
my love
but still
I wonder
are you

I tried to
not think
like this
but it's
hard to dismiss
sometimes I
feel that your
the one
or your not
what I hoped of.

I can only go
so far to find
the truth
is it me
or is it you?
Keyana Brown Sep 2022
All this effort
and all I got is

Sending letters
or being there
when you
need me here

You said
Your always
up to something
when I needed you
yet it's all for nothing

I enter your life, but
am I interrupting?
All this love
I gave you
was it all for

Or is it something?
If someone loves they would go far to keep you and not make work for nothing.
Keyana Brown Mar 2022
In my daily life
I consumed so many pills
to ease my troubles
I'm frozen as I remained still.

~It isn't enough

In the middle of
my dose,
Lord you were there
when I needed you the most
because of you
my mood is not so cold
everyday you always
remind me I'm never alone.

He set the rain
to my fire
whenever I lack love
or even desire
He was there
as my protector
when my mind
wasn't sheltered.

When people
don't find me equal
Lord uplift my story
and enhance my sequal.

He's love
He's my will
He's better
than a happy pill.
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