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Keyana Brown May 2018
As I saw the rain
I said to myself...
No more guilt
No more misery
Or how bad I felt
And no more feeling
Sorry for myself.
It is time to let go.

I stepped outside
and I feel alive
I told myself
I don't want
to hide.

God has showered me
From the goodness of
his grace and I'll never
turn away.

I'm dancing, dancing,
dancing in the rain
and there is nothing
standing in my way
People might say
I have gone insane
But it doesn't matter
Because my blessing
Is on its way.

I will give it my all
just like David,
As he dance around
in public bare naked
to declare victory in God
My heart beats rapidly
as I begin to shout:

Because he is a mighty God
As I rain dance against
all the odds.
This is a true story and I never felt free.
Lady Ravenhill Sep 2017
Waiting for the rain,
In the stifling drought
It has scorched us all
But some more deeply
The rain dancer
Prays for it's swift death
And tries not to fear
The storm that will follow
In it's death there may be
Rebirth of something new
And beautifully free,
After all it's damage
Is finally washed away
and she dances in the rain
©LadyofRavenhill 2017

— The End —