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Feb 2018
My emotions are attacking again
and this time I won't let them win
It's clear to God that the enemy
is waiting for me to sin.

is the enemy's thrill for desire,
it's the enemy's greatest obsession,
is the music to the enemy's ears,
is what brought up the enemy's gain.

I was ready to fight
but God refused
he grasped my hand so tight
that I couldn't move.

He grabbed my other arm
as he pulled me close to him
he told me to stop, yet
I wanted to hit the enemy
with every whim!

The Lord held me back
like an imate in a straitjacket
forbidding me to attack
or allowing me to get the first hit

He dragged me so far away
that the enemy sighed in a bore,
God whispered to me in my ear
he said: "Ignore!"

I kicked, screamed, plead
away from God to fight the enemy,
but it's no use after many attempts
he still won't let me leave.

he said as I began to cry
in a fearful dread
it's no use, so I gave up
and alow the enemy to
beat me up until I'm dead.

Few minutes later...
the enemy looked at me
very disgusted and confused
he screamed: "Get sad! Be angry!"


The enemy was fuming,
fire bursting out of his nose,
sweating through his forehead,
at this rate he was about to explode!

The enemy's heart gave out
he screamed again:
"Be upset! Do it now!"


His arms are disintegrating
His legs are inflated like a balloon
His mouth were turning to ash
He was doomed.

The enemy retreats
as I called him weak
it was funny to think
that I was like him,
because my silence
was surprisingly meek.

I have now learned
and understand that
it's better to say nothing
or lay a hand
on the enemy.

We should all ignore
for what the enemy
has in store because it
makes all the difference.

Therefore I will no longer
be his slave... no more.
Emotions are dangerous, yet again.
Keyana Brown
Written by
Keyana Brown  F/Panama City, FL
(F/Panama City, FL)   
       Fawn, ---, Weeping willow and Keyana Brown
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