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Keyana Brown Jun 2017
God, I rather not sleep tonight
because I'm going out of my mind
I pray that you will let me stay up all night
it may be dark outside, but these feelings...
they crawl inside my thoughts all the time
and the last thing on my mind is...
that these feelings must die.

I want to put in the fire,
it's my only desire!
I want to shove it in the dirt,
it feels so good that it won't even hurt!
I want to rip it apart,
so I can love God with all of my heart!
I want to shoot it with a bullet,
so I can live my life through the fullest!

Through aggression, depression, obsession, and frustration
my mind keeps making the same equation
on how to prevent my feelings that leads me to temptation.
I just keep trying to keep my feelings inside...

*but still I want them to just...die
If your mind is bottled up with emotions its better to pray to God than to spend all night trying fight these emotions alone.

— The End —