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دema flutter Aug 2020
it did not make
me stronger,

it made me break
in new ways
every single time
it trespassed,

it made me adapt
to itself,
camouflage it with its
very antithesis,

and when it had left,
it made me unable to
be the same person I was
before meeting it,

everything but it
felt unwarranted,
barely recognizable
Heyaless May 2020
Unbearable ****** wrenching pain is silence .
Some suffers by drowning in it ,
Some drown others to make them suffer.
Silence draws the life out of one , incessantly for years .
Silence creps into the heart .

When you think you're alone ,
Silence seeps through the cracks .
Silence killing me . I feel like it breaking my bones , it sits in my head like poison .
Malikah Awan Mar 2020
I'm tired of being told how to live my life
Every step I take is a stab with a knife
I should be able to live as I please
live my life to the fullest till I decease
I should be able to speak what I feel
And allow the pain to heal
But the pain stays there
Another burden to bear
The pain stays unbearable
And I slowly fade
I accept it as fate
But never truly accept
What torture you made my life become
The sorrows I had to try to overcome
kim Feb 2020
"you must be lonely"


                                                                                                "unbearably so"
the feeling of isolation never becomes any more familiar
Marietta Ginete Dec 2019
It’s like hands around my throat,
or plastic around my head.
It’s suffocating with the words I wrote,
and the ones I had never said.
the tension in the air is unbearable.
midnight sun Dec 2019
words, little do they seem to mean
for someone so big that not even one’s heart can bear
rk Jul 2019
even after everything
if i could go back
to the first moment we met
i wouldn't run
from the heartache
i'd only tell myself
just how worth it
you were.
- i don't know how to be me without you and it's terrifying.
rk Jul 2019
i said never again,
but maybe this time
you would be different.
maybe it would hurt less,
when you handed
my love back to me.
maybe we were still
made of stardust,
desperate for another chance
to make it.
wanting to do better,
to finish what we started.
but you walked out the door
and once again,
i'm left alone
with my ******* heart
and the unwavering need
to love that which can destroy me.
- i can't not love you but you **** me.
Ahnaf Apr 2019

songs hurt

emotions flood my brain
I can't handle it
I used to not feel this way
songs used to lift my soul

but songs hurt

emotions claw at my brain
I can't do it anymore
I don't know when it happened
songs used to bring peace

but songs hurt

emotions metastasize like cancer
I can't even bear to think of it
I don't know how this happened
songs used to give me life

but songs hurt

and I can listen to them no longer
mads Jan 2019
choke it down
don't think don't think
tell yourself it's no harm
don't think don't think
it makes me feel so gross
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