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Shelster Aug 2020
The feeling of doubt weighs heavy on my stomach
Like an anchor holding me down
I try and release it but my arms are too weak
Someone starts to work with me
Pulling the chain up one link at a time
I'm feeling lighter with every pull
I'm feeling lighter with the realisation
that I am not alone
- JGMC Jul 2020
If you see a family member, friend or co worker struggling. Reach out and give them a helping hand, instead of letting them sink deeper Into the quick sand.

- JGMC•¥•
- another short poem from my published book.
George Krokos Nov 2017
It takes some disillusionment and ****** distress
for anyone to abstain from bad habits of excess.
Some people are caught up very early in life and
so can't get beyond them without a helping hand.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Hello goodmorning
Today for calling
So low so snoring
I wonder why we say good morning

Tonight in your place
I help you like im waze
In honesty been daze
I can tell your tired for some days

Get back in bed
Few minutes before Wed
I know it's still a more hours from my bill
But I'll see you right through
Because of my choice of do
So take dudette and dude
Across the globe I'll help you too.
Few days in a new job, hope you guys are doing well across the globe strangers
Keyana Brown Aug 2016
Come on,
say something.
Are you there?
Is there something
in the atmosphere
for you to not hear?

Are you alright?
I'm talking to you,
have you lost your sight?
I know you have eyes
because I can see them
just fine.

Can you speak English?
If you could,it would be kind
for you to speak, that way
we can finally greet.

Please speak,are you sick?
Is there something wrong
with your throat?
Does it burn, or itch?

No, Then what is it?
Are you afraid of me?
I'm very sweet and humorous,
so don't worry about me.
I won't hurt you, you'll see.

I can totally sense
that you're reclusive,
so you don't see the point
in making any friends.

Honestly, you can't
just tell yourself that
your better off alone...

But your not,
people like you
don't deserve
to be alone.

You need to get out
of that zone because
one day you'll end up
all active and grown
with nobody to share
your adventures with,
but your own.

Therefore, it's time
to build friendships
that is worth known.

So don't be afraid
to say anything
you seem like
a good person

Now tell me, what's your name?


Thanks for speaking out.
I thank God that I've overcome my shyness. When I was in elementary school, I had a hard time talking to people because I feel like people will make fun of me. My mom always tell me that I'm brightest person she ever know and she always told to have faith in God. Until this very day, due to my mothers advice, I had the confidence to talk to people.
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
I'm fighting hard for a reason to stay
I'm trying hard my demons to slay
But my swords are all broken, turned to rust
I'm afraid I'm all hollow, I'm but a crust
I'm striving to see the light, in this inky thick darkness
But to my screams and pleas, only the demons harkens

Where is my guardian angel
I'm in danger
Where is my knight in shining armor
I can't find a safe harbor
Where is my sweet dear friend
I'm afraid it's close to the end

I'm trying to save myself, it's not working
I'm trying hard, I'm not shirking

I need someone to care, I need a helping hand
Before my hourglass runs out of sand
I'm running out of time
Worthless is this life of mine
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
I see that you’re alone
In agonizing pain you groan
Now I don’t know the cause
But I’m willing to help for a long pause
You see I’ve been there
Backed up into a corner
The only way out forward
I’ll give you a helping hand
I’ll create a foundation for you to stand
I just ask you do not forget this
You help someone else without a wince
Simply because they need it
I know your action will transmit

— The End —