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I like your shirt
You like my hat
I like your hair
You like my necklace
It's not mine
But you could be
I'm cheesy
That happens sometimes
I'm not screaming you are.
Where are you right now?
Halfway through
To glassy panels
Sitting alone
Might I find you
Lost in letters
Of things I never wrote

Does the same moon
Rise upon you?
Hoary in the night
Glistening alone
Is my face
Lost in craters
Miles away

Do phantom scents
Haunt your walls
As your breathing does
For me alone
Or am I
For you lost
To be found
Idk man.
Big brother
Where art thou?
In the coiling mess of confusion
Bloodied wrists and sunsets
Have you already forgotten?

Big brother
Feel my pain
Set me free to roam
Bathe me in ecstasy
Or let me fall

Big brother
Love your neighbor as you love yourself
Give your life
Why do you hide from them?

Big brother
What is the veil you wear?
Dancing where I cannot see
Where I cannot roam
Scattered across the globe

Big brother
Forgive me for I have
Lost all hope and direction
Gotten swept away in the current
There is no love

Big brother
Hold her close with starry arms
And metaphysical limbs
Love her in the pages
Spread like a seed

Big brother
I do not love you
The leaves on the trees come to the ground
Is that the last bow of nature?
Or an unspectacular event?
You’re loud
And demanding
Sit on my lap then walk away
Knock over the mail and
Laugh at me
You love to make a mess
And sit on my desk
But you refuse
To make yourself at home in my bed
You are strange
Chew on a strand of grass
And stare at the sky
Run my fingers through your hair
Black and soft like velvet
I’ve known you for years
And loved you every one
Brush the back of my hand
Make me smile
You are the best friend
I could ever know
But you will never speak to me
Because you are a cat
My cat is being a **** so I wrote a ****** poem about her.
My eyes, they weep, from bitter wings of fear
My fate is sealed by torture with no end
My soul, it cries, from icy streaming tears
The angels cry but no good luck they send

My will, it breaks, with harsh and brutal steps
My ears, they bleed, as I witness conceit
My back, it aches, from dread and hate I've kept
The demons shriek but give they no replete

Test fire and heat, as I journey through hell
Hold my head high and sing a battle song
The force I seek, all fear it shall dispel
With one fair cleave, I sever right and wrong

My fevered foe no longer posing  threat
So long, goodbye, none mourn the great sonnet
My English assignment was to write a sonnet so I did.
I'm gonna go dig up Shakespeare's grave now, and beat his dead body with a shovel.
I do not think I am vain
Just naive
And surprised my my own dark eyed
And darker circles
Welcome to AP Human Geography, where I write abominable poetry in between lectures.
It's a funny thing
Looking back
On a moment
That could've been
The last
It's funny when it
All comes down to
That single second
Where the current
To pull you under
And then it lets go
And you can float
Among the broken boards
The damage from
The storm
Drifting in the
Thank god for music.
I want a tattoo
And a bathroom
With nice towels
And some good drapes
The solid kind
You order online
Not the ones
You buy from IKEA
I want a wife
But only
If she wants me
And a beautiful
Dog with a big
Fuzzy tail and a
Heart full of love
I want a trampoline
I don't need a
Big family
Just someone to
Hold me up and
To hold up
In return
I want to shave my head
And pierce my nose
And go to college
Where I want to go
I want to garden
Grow my own food
I want to learn
A lot
I guess
How to dye hair
How to sew
I would have a
Full closet of
Victorian clothes
If I could sew
I'd like to travel
A lot of places
Germany, Russia
Japan, Maine
There's so many things
I want right now
And that's okay
Don't feel bad for knowing what you want. It's worse not to. That's why people **** themselves.
I guess I'm alone again
It's okay
This isn't new for me
That doesn't make it hurt
Any less

I've never heard you laugh harder
Than when you are away from me
I've never seen you smile wider
Than when you're getting ready to leave

It's okay
It's okay
I'm okay
So my crush is best friends with the new girl. And my only friend is leaving. I'll be fine though.
Can I be outside
Trapped in a toilet chamber
And it's funny
To everyone but me
Nobody knows
I guess it's not funny at all

I don't like to be alone
I'm scared of people
And I'm wondering
Who locked the door on humanity
When I was still outside
Lost in this garden
Smelling the roses

I'll knock but there will be no answer
See my people through portholes
Pray for someone else who
Likes nighttime walks
And midnight talks
To come outside
And see me for once

Sit back down on my throne
Hunch over
Resign myself to being alone
I scream into the void
Of the night to no answer
There is no hope in opening a door
That I locked myself
Being antisocial is really great... Also yes. This is about being alone in a bathroom. Kinda. Literally, that's what it is about. I also wrote this is in a bathroom. My life is very exciting.
Cold evening
Setting out late
By the water
Who knows what lies there
Buried by waves
Thousands of moon
I run and
I run alone

The wind is a frightful thing
It dribbles through my fingers
As I run
Cold legs kicking up
Not quite numb
The air is a tangible thing
In my hands
Try as I might
I cannot grasp it

Water laps gently
Like a stately cat
In the sunshine
At the edges of my mind
Sometimes I think I’m dreaming
I’ll never wake up
It is not a bad fantasy
To be running alone
On the edge of the earth
Went on a run with my dad and maybe this happened somewhere else.
Or maybe I'm a dancer
Just for you and me
My pirouette
Might well be poisonous
But I'm sure you'll
Fall for it anyways

I'm an art to your
Lovely bones and parasols
When I strike water
I really strike blood
And my self harm tattletale
Will never be enough

My chemical heart
Is just one nick I'll sew
Into your patchwork of scars
Don't worry about the
I heal wrong no matter the day
I can never find the right words.
I laid down the stones, one by one
Laid them out with care and love
For you to walk all over them
But did you not see!
It was not a road that I paved
But a mosaic masterpiece
One night I was delivered
Birthed from the womb
Of a hospital car
Into a dark room
With a chipped wooden desk
Where I sat to cry
Without light
Without hope
I read the walls
And quieted

"Love you will be okay"
Scrawled above my bed
In jagged strokes
As jagged as the edges
Of my broken mind
Sharp shards that cut me
Loose from my family
Stitched together
Only by the words
Of the walls

Crude were the scratches
That held me together
For so many days
They were borne of the same desperation
That I was
Sometimes, just knowing that
"You are not broken"
Was enough to keep me sane
When the doors screamed
And the moon kept me awake

How many times did I break
Behind thin and lapsing walls
With only the comfort of
"You are enough"
To beat out the chill
Of frosted windows
And Portland rain
With red eyes
And chapped lips
I turned to face the wall

Building up a broken will
Packing bags
With papers
Of a journey not so much travelled but
Fought I laid for the last time
Upon that bed
Taking pencil to plaster
Trying to let them know
"Someday you will read these words for the last time"
"This is not the end"
I'm still writing poetry for English so why not post it here?
Laying down
Spending my time
Reading books
Browsing the internet
Watching the sun
Finally set
As my family
Sits outside
In a proper family circle
While I wait
For the night
Yay... I guess this is happening again.
Something has changed
Since I last was awake
Sounds are wrong
My pulse is unnerved
My limbs are sitting strangely
The world blurs
As rain twinkles down
Crouching outside
On the edge
Of a field of weeds
I am not wanted
I do not belong
Some space is being taken
By me
That is not mine to take
Hahaha something is wrong.
Get up
Make my bed
Shave my legs
Eat actual food
Put on real clothes
Clean out my whole room
Do what I'm supposed to do
Be a good daughter for once in my life

I'll get around to it eventually
But not today
I wish I could just go back to sleep and forget about everything.
You are the one
Breathe red and gold
Into my lungs
From a thousand stars
Falling prettily
On your hair

Green as those eyes
Too aggressive
Yet shy
Playing chicken
In the sun
Burning up

Forest fires
Clumsy hands
Was never your style
I was
I was
I started this about ten million years ago and now I can finally finish it.
She's something
So tall and
So pretty
They say that she's skinny
And so special
With big dark eyes
And crooked smiles
Yes she's just
So pretty
If only she
Could see the things
That everyone else sees

But even if she isn't
It's okay
Because she's strong
She can hold her own
In a fight
She doesn't back down
She doesn't give up
She survives
The worst fights
She tears herself apart
Then picks up all the pieces
I wrote this a while ago and for some reason I don't hate it anymore, so I'm posting it.
I never did
I mean
I just didn't
I'm not the sort
To believe in
I'm just
On the cusp
Of unforgivable
Never pretty
And barely funny
More like laughable
At the best
Of times
But I'm older
It hasn't changed much
But I guess
A few years
Can be more
Than it
Would appear
Because I think
That maybe
Those words
Might mean something
And the things
That they say
Are not to placate
Maybe I am something
Maybe I can create
As well as
Perhaps somewhere
In the years
Of self destruction
I learned how to live
Do you ever get that feeling that something might be coming together, and that you are a part of it?
Early mornings
Apple in hand
Staring out at the fog
I'd like to think that
Things would be better with you
I wish I was
A blank page
So perfectly clean
Nothing to see
Nothing to fear
No disorders
No skeletons
In closets
No dusty corners
Filled with secrets
No quiet tears
No sleepless nights
Just a blank page
Ready for life
Things aren't going like they should.
It’s crazy to say
That I once believed in God
He seemed so real to me
What happened?
Did I fall
From imaginary grace?
Was something there
At all?
Searching for answers
Imbedded in my skin
All I find
In the lines
Are more questions
I did. I don't think it was to do with me though. I really don't.
Cold eyes wither me
Cold mouths touch my skin
Sweet words no longer reach my ears
Am I no longer kin?

Bitter tears streak my face
Midnight gathers on a page
Silence is the only solace
They only battle against the rage

Red runs like water
Blood thick enough to tear us apart
Maybe I’m a daughter
But I do not know their hearts
Oh early morning dream
Who's going to stop me
From bending down
And throwing out
All the things
That got me this far
I know it's never worth it
And my mind
Doesn't know what's right
But minds can be so deceiving
Especially mine
Cool afternoons spent
With ocean skies
That don't compare
To your wildfire eyes

Lay back in the grass
Your dog on my chest
Daydreams and sunscreen
Of all my fantasies
You are the best
Almost half a year now.
Cloudy in August
Couldn't be better
Burning dumpsters
Near crowded highways
This inner city squalor
Is my lifelong muse
Leather jackets
And scuffed up boots
Patients give me
Patience sticking
Needles in our veins
Dynomatic symphonies
Pounding us
With ecstasy
Drinking in the
Sweet smoked air
At bus stops I've
Never seen before
I'd never it give it up
That politically incorrect
Temperamental judgement
I'll live forever
For the idiosyncratic
Enigma I call
My not quite home
Sweet summer sun
Hidden by clouds
Rain pours down
Puddles forming
Where dog feet splash
Plants growing up
Tangled in the light
Feeding on the rain
Beautiful days
Wild strawberries and
Huckleberry trees
Dark eyes
Hidden by shadows
Buried under roots
Idk I guess I felt like writing about something other than myself for once.
Cold days and
Cold feet
I just don't
Want to get up
Right now
Don't be sad
Or think that
I am
I'm not
I'm just tired
And frustrated
And I want to be alone
In the world
Doing what I love
I hope that's not
Too much to ask
Today isn't one hundred percent stellar, but at least it's cold where I am again. It'll only get up to 77° F today. It won't rain though. Shame.
I'm so alive
With your face
Next to mine
I see you
In dreams
Feel your breath
Against my cheek
You're just so green
Beside me
And I'll never see
Anything besides
Those colours
Stained inside
The back of
My eyes
A thousand times
While a hundred
Springs fade
Into summer
And a hundred leaves
Tumble down
Around me
You're so green
I'd give
To watch you
Burst alive
Into bloom
Music makes my dreams come alive.
Come home
Go through the door
Nearly collapse
On the front steps
Slip off shoes
Crawl into bed

It'd be nice
To watch a movie
Or read a good book
But I'm drained
And tired
So I'll go to sleep instead
I'm so ******* tired I'm gonna cry and I still have stuff to do someone shoot meeeee.
It's almost funny
The way I fall
In love with anyone
It shouldn't be this way
It shouldn't be you
But it is
And how am I
Supposed to help it
I'm just a kid
With a head full of clouds
And a heart full of dreams
That I can't quite reach
I love my guilty pleasures
But you aren't
Even guilty
You're just a man
That I don't know
You're just a man
That I'll never know
And I will daydream
About meeting you
In separate places
I could be your doll
You're not
A work of art
And darling that's okay
Let's keep it that way
You'd think I was crazy...
She's cute
She has purple hair
She bought a Jesus pen
For some reason
Can't wait to see it
She likes bands
Bands that I actually know
She compliments me
Even though I'm ****
And she's a witch
Who speaks Spanish
Apparently, I can't stop writing bad poetry. Leave me alone.
I don't know if I'm lonely
Or just falling apart
But I'd love to fall apart
In your arms
Your summer hair
Glowing gold and brown
Wild eyes
2:00 AM in your bed
With the window open
Rain outside
Cups of tea in hands
Watching your smile
Idk man sometimes the feels just hit.
I'm crushed
By the weight
Of my own
I'm not
Sure what
I really
But it wasn't
I didn't
Want to
Come back
I didn't
Want to
Be here
Choking down
That I know
Aren't true
Trying not
To cry alone
In the corner
Of my room
If nothing
Around me
Will break
Or bend
Then I
I will
This is trash but it's fine.
Long night of flashing lights
Dark bridges
Your feet and mine
Tangled together
While we pass over wet pavement
Do I miss you yet?
As rain trickles down
Heavenly tears
Wet my face
Wash away my fears
Time is sand
Dripping through my hands
I will sit here awhile before I
Return to you
Meet me at the edge
Of the field where we met
I’ll see you a thousand times again
A thousand quiet touches
Infinitely in your embrace
Feel your hands against my back
Do your fingers ink my skin?
Leave marks on me
Where you used to be
Please become real to me
I don’t want to forget this
I need to say this
I know I've stuck
To the funny stuff
But it's not enough
So please don't feel
Like you owe me
Literally anything
As much as I care
For you my dear
I would do this
For anyone
I couldn't turn
You down even
If I wanted
And I don't want to
Trust me I'd love you
But it isn't you
Not true
It doesn't have to be you
It could be but love
You live hours
Away from me
And I think I'm more
For your idea
Than I am for you
So please
When you read
My soliloquy
Know that I
Am not asking
For anything
Days and
I'm ******* tired
So close to falling apart
When did I become such a disaster
Wow this isn't ****** at all what are you talking about?
If I write you
Enough poems
And send you
Enough texts
About the stupid
Dreams I have
And send you
Enough pictures
Of alpacas and
My pets
If I let you
Know through
Online poems how
Much you really mean
You'll come
Back home
And call me
That night
And we can
Meet up at
A ****** movie
Watch that new
Horror movie
Walk down to
A park and sit
And talk about
Our lives
You can show me
Khoshekh and
I'll show you
My new bangs
I know that
Will never happen
But I'll still
Dream it anyways
I know I'll
Never love you
And I know I'll
Never see you
But the world is
Getting colder
My faith is
Slowly dying
But I'm not
Giving up on you
Like they
Gave up on me
I'll keep on
Can I drown
In your familiar blue
Travel across the miles
Climb up to
Your window
Make myself
A home with you
Let's build up
A pillow fort
Close the windows
Lock the doors
Shut away the sun
And watch our
Flowers grow
Somehow nocturnal
With only your eyes
To light me up
There's no need
To worry though
I'll forever bloom
With you
Technically, today is day six. Whatever.
A full two weeks
How does it
Feel like years
It's nothing
To some one
Out there
But I guess I'll
Still write
And dream about
You sometimes
If that's okay
With you
I hope you're well. All of you.
It's too sunny
To think about you
I'll do it anyways
I'm too busy
To be so worried
I'll do it anyways
So many places
I've got to be
Yet I'm in my head
Dreaming again
About your Colorado
To my east coast
I'm obsessed with
The promise
Of a letter from you
I just can't wait
Never knew
Depression could be
So **** happy
It's really selfish
To be thinking
About dates
When your head
Is being erased
And I'm doing
But it's too late
You're already gone
And so am I
So please write back
I'm in love with
Your ideas and
The sight of your face
I skipped a day like a little ***** but I might as well keep going for her sake.
I'll do my best
To think a bit more
I'll stop by the
Post office again
I don't doubt you
Please don't doubt me
She's so lovely and I don't want to read our old texts because I might realize that I'm the only one who cares.
I feel you
Slipping away
I know you'll
Write back but
Will it be too late
Eating pecans
And thinking
Of your face
Wishing I
Could talk to you
But not sure
What to say
Idk man.
I took a bath earlier
I didn't think about you
I read for a while
I laughed
I hit my head on a space heater
And I didn't think about you
But now I am
And I'm sick with you
It took me ten days
To figure it out
That I can't wait
To forget about you
This isn't even a poem. Anyways, I'm still not leaving her behind. I'll support her to the end. I just want her to be able to stand on her own two feet again and move on.
I'm not losing hope
In you
Just me
It's always me
Please write back. I know I can't go to the post office until Wednesday, but I need you to write back. I still dream about you.
Please write back
I can't save you
Until Wednesday
But please write
I still have dreams
About seeing you
And it breaks me
I saw you last night
At a Panic! concert
You were hurting
Even there
My mind is reaching out
But I don't think
I can reach you
This time
It's been thirteen days
And I swear
I'll never stop thinking
About your purple hair
And your bands tees
All the reasons
I gave you my number
To begin with
I want to sing to you
With my awful voice
To make you laugh
To draw on your hand
Is all I need
You're beautiful
And funny
And I'm nothing
If not a cliche
I guess that's okay
As long as you are
Still with me somewhere
Things aren't easy but I'm starting to look forward again.
Don't you dare
Think that the miles
Matter much
You're my
And I'll
Never stop
Thinking of you
Your face
Will always
Be in dreams
And there's no time
That when I close
My eyes
You won't be
On my mind
Maybe it's a bit exaggerated, but not by much. I care about her so much. Her hell is so much like mine.
Please write back.
I'm such a disaster. What is wrong with me?
I'll send out
A newsletter
For you
And you alone
With pictures
Of me
And the dogs
And the fish
And the things
We once
Might've shared
If only you
Weren't hiding
In Colorado
I know
I put
The blame
All on you
And that's so
So not fair
But I can't
Deal with
The fact
That you miss
Me less than
I miss you
Is it so
Wrong to
Want you to
Miss me
I want you
To kiss me
At night
In your dreams
I'm begging
You please
Give me a
Sign that
You could
Be mine
Don't ask
If that's
It is because
You don't
Have the time
To listen
To me whine
You've been
Inside for days
Your world
Is surely
A haze of
And remedies
To things
You don't want
To fix and
I understand
The pain
Of being torn
Away from the
Things that
You've lived on
For so long
But I've
Been there too
It *****
It really does
But please
Come home soon
I'm in love
With your letters
There's no
Promise of
Forever but
I at least
Want to see
You before
You go for good
I'm not
Just ashamed
Of the things
That I've done
And the things
That I'll do
But not of you
Never of you
I went to the post office and now I am ****** for a multitude of reasons, most to do with myself and the **** institution.
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