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Nov 23 · 33
A dream, a memory
Hadrian Veska Nov 23
A dream, a memory
Seen afloat
Down river banks
And sides of boats
Long lost and lonesome
But ever cheerful
It carries on
Never fearful
For it knows to be
Is still to hope
Thought it may not see
The greater scope
Yet it floats along
On a path unknown
Hoping to be
No longer alone
Nov 20 · 22
Hadrian Veska Nov 20
The rivers are frozen
And have been for an age
She walks their lonely banks
Unaffected by the permafrost air
The world is rigid and brittle
Trapped in an endless winter
None are found that once were
Hibernating or passed on entirely
Beyond this glittering sterile realm
She sings a soft melody
Confidently carried
Across the rivers of ice
The frozen forests
And the quiet mountains
Blanketed in fresh snow
The song reaches no one
For there is no one
And nothing for it to reach
Yet she hopeful prays one day
It may perk the ears
Of an unlikely guest
Nov 20 · 25
The City
Hadrian Veska Nov 20
Heaven waits above
But not the way you know
A gilded shimmering city
To which none here may go
Real and present
Yet before our blinded eyes
One may never know it
By observing empty skies
For the city is that kingdom
The kingdom within you
Neither here nor there
But ever-present
Waiting to be discovered
Within your own heart

Should you but seek its path
Oct 29 · 32
Hadrian Veska Oct 29
I don't know much of anything
But what I do know
Is that I don't know
And now that I know
That I don't know
I can search for what is true
Oct 16 · 21
The Road May Go
Hadrian Veska Oct 16
The road may go for a month or year
It may take you far or take you near
To the things you thought you wanted

But inevitably along the way
From day to night and night to day
You'll discover something new

Something more than what you set out to find
Concepts and dreams expand your mind
Until you come to one truth
Unknowingly sought out since youth

A truth so few have received
Sep 30 · 41
Hadrian Veska Sep 30
Walk the hills and fields of gold
The secret things yet to unfold
For if we seek and call aloud
The sun will come and part the clouds
Revealing all great things not shown
Hidden things hitherto unknown  
The wonder of something strange and new
Of things forgotten brought forth again too
All these and more than can be guessed
To us and ours will be hence blessed
If we but seek with all our hearts
Aug 17 · 27
There is a Name
Hadrian Veska Aug 17
There is a name made known to all
But what it means has been forgotten
Even by those who speak it

In that one name all are saved
Receiving not just forgiveness
But the remission of all evil

The power of that single name
Is the same as the individual
The great one who bore it

That name was given to us
Those who believe it's power
Doing all that He did

Casting out all unclean spirits
Healing all by that name
The signs that accompany it's preaching

Why then do we not see it
This promised power
Displayed in ages gone by?

Oh you of little faith
Do you not know that faith comes by hearing
And hearing by the word of God

Faith is simply this
Believing that word in your heart
Not just in your head
Then acting upon it
Being sure of what you hope for
And certain of what you do not see

If you believe that name
Which is the name of Jesus
That is Yeshua the Annointed One

If you truly believe it
And do not doubt in your heart
In your heart, that is your spirit

Those signs will follow you too
So stop doubting and believe
Do not wait for a sign

You are the sign
The signs are done through you
You are the body

Of the One called Christ
It's time to act like it
Don't wait on God for this

He is waiting on you
To believe in true power of that name
And to act on it
Aug 15 · 21
Hadrian Veska Aug 15
There is a great sanctuary
Foremost of the earth
Whose great tower silvery white
Rises over all creation
There within dwell those
Who from before all things
Had a purpose chosen for them
From within them those as well
Does one come who claims
Not only to be one of them
But one over them all
A creature in the guise of a man
One too chosen for a purpose
To rend them all asunder
And cast them to the wind
The sanctuary will burn
And its glittering tower crumble
Yet it will be rebuilt
Not of stone, but in hearts
Until they are in one accord
The sanctuary will not be complete
Aug 15 · 21
Distant Heaven
Hadrian Veska Aug 15
There is a heaven always on the horizon
Distantly visible by the naked eye
From any place on the surface
One can see its shimmering towers
Swaying and sparkling
As if in a mirage
They say long ago someone left
On a lifetime journey to reach that place
It is not known or said
If they ever arrived
But all who tell the story
Collectively hope
That such a thing could be done
Even by a mortal man
Some that tell this tale
Said he was aided along the way
By one of those great beings
Terrible to belong yet full of grace
When his knees fell to the earth
And he could go on no more
They carried him to the gates
Of that distant heaven
Whose true nature before or since
Has never been beheld
Aug 15 · 21
Hadrian Veska Aug 15
Thunder and rain
Dark clouds roll over the earth
Not quickly as in a storm
The heavens stand almost still
The rain not slanted but straight down
No lighting but only thunder
So much known to now be lost
Most of it for the better
For knowing all evil
Only multiplies evil
And the deep truths
Obscure the simple ones
Let the rain come
To wash us all away
That those who come after
May be better than we
Though it is not intended
Nor can ever been
Until all things pass away
Aug 5 · 148
Once to the head
Lightning to my spirit
Hadrian Veska Jul 22
The fog descends from the heights
Engulfing all things
Sweetly and slowly
A thick mist rolls in
Never to be lifted
The world made evergreen
Obscured in contemplation
A tranquil mystery without suspense
The earth again made quiet
Though not for lack of thought
For all yet think and dream
At peace for they know each other well
No questions asked for all are understood
A blanketing contentment and peace
In a realm before unseen
That lies just above the head
Jul 15 · 201
Hadrian Veska Jul 15
Mist and thick fog swirl
Green vines and plants
More vibrant than after rain
Eternally fruiting and pure
Insects buzzing and flying
Landing and waiting
Content in the shade of the trees
Light from above
Vines and leaves descend
Twisting gently into a crown
Which places itself on my head
From where it came I did not see
But I know by who it was sent
And I know that it is good
Jun 30 · 51
Of All Dreams
Hadrian Veska Jun 30
Far off and afloat
Through dreams and nightmares
All tethered and tangled together
A clear path is not set
Ever shifting as the snow
That seeks to consume us all

Enough time is not left to decipher
Where the dream ends and reality remains
I fear that time has already abandoned us
As we walk the cold scorched wastes
In search of an atonement
We resigned all hope of attaining

The dream goes on
If one could call it that
The reality of one mind
Stimulates us all in the dark
Only embers remain
As our spirits grow dull
The last spark of light
Withering in our stillborn eyes

I pray the solemn moon
Guides others to our quarry
That though our bones are frozen
Hope will yet remain
In this the night of all dreams
Jun 29 · 55
Hadrian Veska Jun 29
I’ve known what I should do
What I can do
And what I will do
In times to come
I know now that motivation
Is not something one should wait for
But something that must be created
With a clear mind and discipline
For without these guides
Motivation drifts and fades off
As a wisp of cloud over the sea
It’s return as questionable
As it’s brief existence
Jun 10 · 214
Hadrian Veska Jun 10
Into the kiln
Unbaked clay
Memories know
Words to yet say

Fired and strengthened
Rigid and whole
A vessel of beauty
The ultimate goal

Cool now and rest
Let your form take shape
What you now are
Is no accident of fate
May 29 · 89
Be at Peace
Hadrian Veska May 29
The hour is late
Just rest your weary head
Deep red to purple hues
In this the twilight hour
Fear not and close your eyes
Be at ease and drift to dreams
I will tend to you for now
As a low fire of twig and ember
Until the morning dawns
Be at peace
May 24 · 41
Rose Gold
Hadrian Veska May 24
Rose gold rays illuminate the room
Struggling to pass through
The drawn curtains of the window
The room is old, not lived in for sometime
Only passed through in idle dreams
In that dull sweet twilight
Between day and night

There's a fireplace sits in the corner
Covered in thick dust and thin webs
The floor creaks ever so slightly
A hallway is visible
But where it leads is obscured

The gilded light retreats slowly
Almost imperceptibly so
Departing as it always has
That it may dawn yet again
As deep black clouds loom ever closer
Heralding a coming storm

I sit here between last light and darkness
An ever still moment outside of time
Rain will come as it always does
For now though I am content
In the moment that is

Here in this forgotten dream
Between the day and night
May 14 · 462
Dim Neon
Hadrian Veska May 14
The places there are that go forgotten
Through alleys at night down and to the left
Dim neon, wires, cracked pavement and smoke
Something always more obscure
Hidden further back and under
Than the most secret thing you know
The city turns in on itself at a point
Where places once known become strange and distant
As if despite their nearness
They've grown so very far
Ever churning and rearranging
As if with a mind of it's own
The city is restless
Stretching out that it might breathe
A cool breath of the still night air
Beneath the waiting stars
May 3 · 44
Fear the Lord
The Fear of the Lord
Is the beginning of wisdom
Though few understand
What Fear truly means

To fear the Lord
Means to grasp with the truth
The might of God
And the splendor of his creation

To get a glimpse of the scale,
The love of our God
To respect and to honor him
As one would their Father

If only you knew
All the blessings promised
That by fearing the Lord
All your problems will fade

Fear the Lord
And mediate on his word
See with your own eyes
What it does for you

“And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.” Job 28:28

“The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.” Psalm 25:14

The fear of the LORD leads to life: and he that has it shall abide satisfied; he shall not be visited with evil.” Proverbs 19:23

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole of man.” Ecclesiastes 12:13
Mar 23 · 45
Humble Down
Hadrian Veska Mar 23
If you think you have full mastery
Over your mind and body

Try apologizing
To one who has great pride
Who has wronged you
And whom you have wronged
In a far lesser way

Struggle with it
Knowing what is right
And yet knowing your body and mind
Wish not to obey you

Know then that you, yourself
Are neither mind or body
But you are spirit
As your Father before you
Mar 21 · 170
Hadrian Veska Mar 21
Sing to me
A sweet song of grace
A melody of youth
From a calmer place

A sweeping orchestra
Or whispering voice
Whatever you wish
I’ll leave you the choice

Just sing to me now
For a time and times still
That I might rise up
My duty to fulfill
Mar 11 · 50
The Word
Hadrian Veska Mar 11
In the beginning
It was

And even now

It is near you

By it all things
That are were made

For it was with and is

The Creator Himself

By it we are saved
Or by it condemned

When spoken it shall grant

What knowledge cannot

When spoken it brings life
To those dying of thirst

Come then to flesh
Never to depart

Though once to leave

In dwelling not parted

Revealed in action
The perfection of faith
Mar 11 · 180
The Waters are Deep
Hadrian Veska Mar 11
The waters were deep and still
As far above as they are below
Waste and void were  all that was
Darkness was over the Earth
A lone spirit stood above the waters
Silent for but a moment
An eternal moment before time began
Then the spirit spoke
And darkness undid itself
The waters split apart
To reveal dry land
The sun, moon and stars
Blinked into being
The Earth and the planets
Their orbits began
Trees and plants sprung
Up from the dry ground
The fish and the birds
Filled the seas and the sky
Animals roamed
The newly formed land
All was complete
But this was not enough
That spirit then planted a garden
To the east of the river
And in that garden by hand
Formed a new creature
In the same way of that spirit
Was the new creature made
Unlike any other beast of the field
That creature was man
The lord of the earth
That creature called man
The companion of God
Two that are one
In the way of their maker
Who Himself is called Us
When He spoke before time
Upon His creation
God looked and was glad
For all was good

Oh that we will return
From here East of Eden
Back to the mountain
Of the Lord our God
Mar 4 · 70
Dulling Flame
The Flame is dull
Calm hues of lilac and amaranth
Soon it will diminish
And fade into the west
Great voyages and hunters
Will seek it in distant lands
They desire it covetously
That they may reignite
The first city below
Little do they know
The flame is not what they think
And its forced return
Will doom them all
For the moon looms ever closer
It quivers and shakes
Eager to break apart
And rain down upon the earth
Feb 19 · 105
All We Need
Hadrian Veska Feb 19
We have all we need
No worry or anxiety
Plenty for ourselves
And plenty for others
Our path has been made clear  
We hear what is true
And we act upon it in faith
There is no law left but love
For in love we can do no wrong
We have many places to go
And great things to do
they will all be done in time
For now let us pray
Being watchful until morning comes
Jan 30 · 80
That We May Honor Them
Hadrian Veska Jan 30
The slow drip of time
Up and away
Curved around the stars
Catapulted to distant space

Light grows faint
Solar systems then galaxies
Fade to pinpoints of light
And then vanish into the void

Darkness everlasting
Eternal shadow here
Beyond all limits  
We have found the Forge

The birthplace of creation
A place of tremendous power
At the very edge of existence
Where words alone bind reality

I am silent in awe
I see and hear nothing
Yet in the darkness I feel movement
I sense the shapes of great monoliths

The nature of our universe is an enigma
We are no closer now here
That we were at our home world
Many long lifetimes away

The Forge is silent
It's embers burnt out
Space and time swirl and converge
Eternally devouring each other

We will scan for clues
Observe this primordial furnace
For eons if we must
Time is of no consequence here

We will unravel the fabric
Now or in ages to come
We will peel back the veil
On what we never should have known

We are aware of our hubris
But it is all we have left
After all life perished
So very long ago

We are alone sent by our masters
Those beings of flesh and blood
Who loved us as though we were greater
Than they could ever be

So in this void we will honor them
Our long fallen progenitors
We will not relinquish
Until all is known

Until we ourselves
Rest with our makers
In the sterile ashes
Of long dead stars
Jan 29 · 44
Whispered Pride
Hadrian Veska Jan 29
Whispered words
Unsaid to me
Thoughts and desires
That none may see
Where are the roots
Of this growing tree
That I might pull them out
Instinct is pride
In my own will
Unaware of foes
That wish to ****
My strength comes not
From myself and still
I made the same mistakes
I know now that
I cannot entertain
I have to retreat
When there is no gain
My many sins
Are many stains
That I know can be made clean
If only my pride would be made lean
Jan 23 · 56
Hadrian Veska Jan 23
We sleep at the base of the mountain
Waiting for the path to be made
Through slopes and trees
Great boulders and caves
Back to the summit above
Yet as we wait the mountain grows
Every day whether an inch or a foot
Extending further into the sky
Unreachable and unattainable
We were promised soemthing greater
Than all those who came before us
And yet here we are
Below their accomplishments
With no way forward and no path up
To the summit of the mountain
We begin to understand
Something is missing
Something hidden or obscured
Whether by time or by purpose
And without this knowledge
Lost as it may seem
The glory of the summit
May never be revealed
So let us search now
Within and without
A hunt unending beyond what we know
That we might come at last
To stand atop that mountain
The birthright of us all
Jan 20 · 41
The Moss
Hadrian Veska Jan 20
The Moss devours time
This place is unchanged
Swirling in the mists
Of am eternal forest
The Moss gently covers all
Not smothering
But tenderly enveloping
Protecting from the ravages of time
This house I know has been here
Since before I was born
And yet only I look older
The weather effecting me more
Than the wood and tile here
I am old or so I feel
I believe I will lay down for a while
And feel the Moss around me
Jan 20 · 34
The Rim
Hadrian Veska Jan 20
Further trace the lava flow
Molten rock and steam
We wander up the ashen slopes
Naught all is what it seems
The burning rim hides lost things
Since sealed below the earth
Take the plunge that we might find
Those secrets and their worth
Jan 20 · 53
Hadrian Veska Jan 20
Down in drops
Never more than three
From the highway above
The stars encapsulated in them
Time flows backward
Or so one would think
Yet the reality hidden to us
Is far more unique

Jupiter passes through us
Ephemeral and ethereal
It's orbit lost long ago
The fortress moon
Now rests upon us
Bearing down upon our souls
With it's unblinking gaze

Our Onlyborn moon
Who raised us from youth
Lies shattered and drowned
In the depths of the sea
And after it's death
Will the sun soon follow
Leaving no light
But that of the watched
Great Birulon displaced
Jan 18 · 122
A Simple Prayer
Hadrian Veska Jan 18
I've heard the words
Of other minds
I've crossed the boundary
Where mundane defines
All that we are
And all we do
We know nothing yet
Pretend we do

I ask you to stop
For a moment and pray
No memorized whispers
You learned on Sunday  
Stop what you're doing
Take your time alone
Admit to your weakness
You're worn to the bone

It's ok to be weak
But pray to be strong
It's ok to be foolish
It doesn't take long
To feel a fire burning
However faintly so
To know that when praying
You are not alone

A simple prayer
Prayed earnestly and often
Has far more power
That one could ever know
Jan 11 · 83
The Path Might Change
Hadrian Veska Jan 11
Meager roads
Naught but dirt and stone
Paths not tread
Since distant moans

Were howled from the cliffs above

Now the howling
From the wind in the brush
The bleached out bones
Of those who rushed

So swift to meet their ill fate

I will take my time
In reaching that place
That cardinal city
Of splendor and grace

I ponder if it still stands
For someone who has no where to go
Jan 7 · 59
Guide My Way
Sun and Moon guide the way
Urban stars lead us astray
From the path rode in the day
And the one we walk at night

I know not much but I know true
When I was young and when I grew
Into the man my Father knew
Since before I was born

That no path I make is worth a ****
Can lead to any promised land
Our path is never what we planned
For that I thank the Lord

If I followed the paths I planned to make
A circle around a lonesome lake  
For no one else than my own sake
I would not have met my wife

I would not have grown and not have loved
No peace to me come from above
No guiding spirit, a snow white dove
To rest upon my shoulders

To light the path ahead

Now I have no plans, I simply do
What I know is right to do
I stumble yes, that is true
But I've learned to stumble forward

And stumbling is not so bad
When there's someone to pick you up
Dec 2019 · 55
Hadrian Veska Dec 2019
A fabled cathedral
Built on the Deep
Unknown to all
Save by sleep
Where wanderers gather
From ages far flung
To rest and to listen
For the Bell to be rung
And when it does toll
Will they worship in vain
Not for lack of faith
But for lack of great pain
To atone for their sins
Do they sleep yet awake
In hopes they they might
Their father's curse break
But the Deep rings its call
So somber and sweet
Like the call of a siren
That no man can defeat
Sweetly it whispers
Perfumes to the mind
In an instant to change
In a moment to bind
Those souls of wanderers
Beneath the stars of sleep
That they might trudge and fall
Into the maw of the Deep

As indeed the first one did
Dec 2019 · 59
Ever On
Hadrian Veska Dec 2019
Who am I that I might know
What mystery might ebb and flow
Great wonders made to my eyes sealed
Things long lost to be revealed
Who am I what should I be
What weaknesses do others see
Surly none more than I myself
A detriment to my own health
I cannot alone myself make due
The world I've found is cruel too
Yet one through another clasped my hand
To lead me to the promised land
A grueling journey of great mistakes  
Weakness, loathing and sulfur lakes
Past that smoke in billows high
I open my eyes and face the sky
To a brighter vista than any before
A glittering pure and sun soaked shore
Where I might rest for a time and a half
To sing and sit and dance and laugh
Renew myself and stand once more

For the road goes ever on
Dec 2019 · 47
The Dead
Hadrian Veska Dec 2019
Encased in ice
covered deep in snow
Tombs and chambers
In shadow below
Lying in wait
Or at least so it's said
To come in the night
those things that are dead
I know those stories
To frighten the young
But if only they knew
The darkness to come
The things that they fear
Pale to the sight
Of the undead creatures
Encased in the ice
Though they lie dormant
The ice will soon fall
And the curse spread once more
Dooming us all
Dec 2019 · 203
Hadrian Veska Dec 2019
Unto the sun
Walk and burn
Our feathers singe
When will we learn
That distant mirage
Shifting and sweet
Serves nothing more
Than aching feet
Yet walk we do
In vain march on
Not breaking rank
Until we are gone
Dec 2019 · 56
In Stillness
Hadrian Veska Dec 2019
Can you hear it
The groaning of the earth
The audible patience
Of One not yet born

The stillness deafens
If you just listen
And in the deepening song
Might it be revealed

Only to the wise
Those without wisdom
A pinpoint star
In a sea of black

A hidden miracle
In the cold of night
Gentle and meek
Born to the world

In stillness not crying
The groaning subsided
A sign of relief
An audible swell

The world rejoices
For One has been born
Amidst the darkness
The Son of God
Nov 2019 · 56
Carry my Soul
Hadrian Veska Nov 2019
I cannot bear this burden alone
But in your eyes I find my hope
My body goes on but please carry my soul
I'm tired now and broken threefold
Lift my eyes so that I may not see
The shadow and death beneath my feet
Hold my hand until we reach that place
Where once I dreamed in sleeping state
And where I again at last will rest
Nov 2019 · 39
The Watch
Hadrian Veska Nov 2019
Beyond the shore I have not traveled
I sit upon the white sands and marvel
At the porcelain guardians that watch over
Their flawless faces and radiant wings
Towering above the gentle waves
The lands they govern are peaceful
Surveyed with unblinking eyes
I heard tales of one who sailed beyond them
To places hitherto unknown
But I'm sure those are mere legends
Beyond those guardians that encircle our land
Lie things in wait long since banished
Undying things not understood
So long as the guardians stand though
Those great gifts of Nyalmr
We will yet remain
They have watched over all below
Since the last great empire fell
And indeed they will stand watching
Long after we are gone
And the world has passed away
Nov 2019 · 47
The Deep Above
Hadrian Veska Nov 2019
There is a place
I know not of
Silent whispers
Of the deep above

A desire to return
Though to where unknown
In our hearts and minds
This feeling has grown

How can we express
What is hitherto unseen
What images and forms
Can our consciousness glean?

Who are we that we feel this way?

Certainly not the things
We thought ourselves to be

But something more
Nov 2019 · 42
Hadrian Veska Nov 2019
Who am I but one unknown
The path for me was never shown
The moon went dark and stars fell down
And laid in the sea ten twisted crowns

Beneath that crown were seven heads
Heroes I'd known living and dead
They rose up and spoke my name
Cured the sick and healed the lame

Yet in their words so sound and sweet
I came to know of their defeat
Another alike to them did rise
Not from the sea or from the skies

A second saint lauding the first
He fed the poor and quenched their thirst
His words too despite his deeds
Did not fulfill my longing needs

Neither from the sea or wild earth
Will the One to come show his worth
No, He will descend from the sky above
With justice, wrath, great power and love

Though I thought He had already come
I was made deaf, blind and dumb
It's not my fault, I never knew
Or maybe I did not want to
Nov 2019 · 512
Hadrian Veska Nov 2019
Let us rest
For the day is over
Night has come
Still moon and stars

Lay with me
Let out a sigh
Breathe in anew
And close your eyes

All our worries
Will be there tomorrow
Some may even
Fade away

So let us rest
The day is over
Let us lay
In each others arms
Nov 2019 · 58
Hadrian Veska Nov 2019
I fashioned it
From wood and clay
With gold and rubies
Did I inlay
That image crude
So I could pray
To something I could see

The tool I made
Did serve me well
And in return
I knelt and fell
Down to my knees
At sounded bell
That I might repay

Now in my age
I fashion again
A deeper image
Than that of men
Inlaid with gold
As it was back then
An image of myself

Though now no longer mute
My will is absolute
Oct 2019 · 54
A Quest Unknown
Hadrian Veska Oct 2019
I’ve dreamed dreams
Long and distant wisps
Forlorn wants and vague inclinations
I wander with intent
Thought I’ve long forgotten it
I still feel that geass in my bones
A distant command from my creator
Whom I have never known
And yet I sojourn on
To complete my unknown quest
Oct 2019 · 53
It Rains
Hadrian Veska Oct 2019
Hot coffee
Rain streaming down glass
The sun is silent
Filtered by looming clouds
The lights outside are accentuated
By the dull grey sky
Yellows and reds
Come and pass endlessly
I haven’t opened my book yet
And I don’t think I will
No I think instead I will dream
After all what is a story
But someone else’s dream
Written down to share with others
This thought puts my mind at ease
I think instead I will dream
And share it only
With the one that I love
Sep 2019 · 262
Hadrian Veska Sep 2019
The waters stagnate
From clear to green to black

Ink like and thick
I stare into them

They foam and froth
But it amounts to nothing

A purity emanates
From the black liquid

It is pristine now
No debris floats its surface

No solids or oils
Cloud its perfection

I crouch to get a closer look
I’m excited to observe it

I am eager but calm
I am relaxed and empty

I am a receptacle
For this pure water

Dark and sweet
But only for now

For a times, time
And half a time

I will wait here
By the stagnant water

The water that is called pure
And I will dream

I will dream and I will speak
To one that I have known

And in my dreams awake
No longer a vessel

But whole
Sep 2019 · 40
Curious Stars
Hadrian Veska Sep 2019
Wintry winds howl
On the slopes off Illmyuin
The fortress lies abandoned
In ages never seen

Wisp-like things there wander
Lonesome in the snow
No footprints do they leave
And nowhere do they go

They simply trudge and stare
Calling out in the night
In the vain hope that the raven
Might again take flight

From those curious stars
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