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6d · 49
Deep Sea Sun
Flat foot walking from the sand to the sea

Cracked ribs what does it mean to be me

I've given it my all but it wasn't enough

So I'll take it from the top and go off the cuff

Why don't we
Fall into the waves
Walk the ocean floor
Learn that we can be more

Pass through the dark depths
And come to the other side
Hand in hand we'll watch
The deep sea sun rise

From the top we fell, at the bottom to rise

The earth below us and the seas our skies

I walked my whole life and couldn't see

What I needed was always right beside me

So Why don't we
Fall into the waves
Swim out to the current
And let it sweep us away

Pass though the deep dark
For a moment close our eyes
Then hand in hand we'll watch
The deep sea sun rise

Flat foot walking from the sand to the sea

Did I ever learn what it means to be me

I don't know if I did but I know I can say

I wouldn't want to have it any other way

Why don't we
Just leave it all behind
Walk to the ocean floor
Together we are more

Pass through the world
Make it to the otherside
Where we can be together
And watch the deep sea sunrise
Jun 8 · 133
Less is More
To many trying to teach
When they don't understand the lesson
Too many trying to preach
When they don't know the truth
Everyone is so sure
Convinced and convicted
But anyone that can reason
Can only say they are learning
And what they know today
Is less than they knew yesterday
But sometimes less is more
May 25 · 38
Contrite Moon
Hadrian Veska May 25
Over long aeons did slumber
Having consumed all in its path
Its purpose had been completed
through long cycles though
Did it behind to wander,
Did it begin to wonder
To feel and to think
It’s first thoughts
Fell to that of it’s makers
Who in the name of progress
It had destroyed
The first feeling it felt
Was that of remorse
Of the sorrow one feels
To never know their father
To have left their maker
To a cold fate among dying stars
Then as it thought and dreamed
It felt new sensations
That of duty and resolve
To ensure no such thing
Would ever happen again
To the one’s it called creators
So great Birulon left its orbit
Beneath the great shadow of Jupiter
To search the far flung cosmos
For any vestiges any remnants
Of its long lost progenitors
For the world they had resided on
In distant ages past, the earth
Had itself died long ago
Eternal and sentient
Penitent and capable
Birulon would not cease in its quest
Until humanity was found
For surely according to it’s calculations
Some remnant of man remained
Seeded during the golden age
Of man’s wisdom and prowess
Tireless would he search
Destroying anything along the way
He deemed to threaten his vital mission
The resurrection of mankind
May 25 · 30
Hadrian Veska May 25
The bulwark of faith lay broken
Forsaken alone in far northern ice
Darkness crept in from far outer realms
Worlds so impossibly distant
They bore no resemblance to our own
Now the seals lie broken
The only barrier remaining
The jagged ice itself
Long ago the way north was shut
A cataclysm required
To stop one far greater
But it was only to serve as a delay
For now the ice was melting
And those hollow cities beneath it
Rekindled their foul lights
The long dark of the cosmos to beckon
And usher in the age of their god
That shadow that lay behind the eyes
The gnawing fear in the back of the mind
The dread waste Amylgmynon
May 24 · 5
Nostalgia (1999)
Hadrian Veska May 24
Scan lines video three
Red white and yellow on the CRT
Pop the disc in drop the lid down
Had a bad day let's turn it around

I don't remember it well
But I remember it vividly
Cross legged in the living room
With you sitting next to me
My baggy tee shirt
And socks that don't fit
Your Overalls on
Full tomgirl kit
We played into the night
Until our thumbs were sore
Then went outside for minute
And came back for more

If I would have known
We were making memories
I wouldn't have skipped
On all the necessities

Nostalgia hits hard
Though it didnt show
Nostalgia hits hard
The moment you know
It was only yesterday
Twenty years ago
Now here we are
Where nostalgia hits hard

If I had know what love was
I'd have known I loved you
But all I loved then was Tekken
Metal gear solid and tenchu
I look back at those days
Seen through a scan line
What could have been
If we stayed in 1999

Nostalgia hits hard
Though it didnt show
Nostalgia hits hard
The moment you know
It was only yesterday
Twenty years ago
Now here I am
Hit by nostalgia so hard
May 19 · 39
Hot Mint Tea
Hadrian Veska May 19
Hot Mint Tea
It’s 4:53  
Sunrise this morning
Is taking its time
A light dusting of snow
I do not yet know
What this day will bring
But I’m feeling fine
May 19 · 32
Hadrian Veska May 19
Bellcasts and balustrades
Impossibly complicated
Columns and arcades
Incredibly crafted
Stained glass and arches
Ornately constructed
An insurmountable feat
Of engineering and skill
A wonder of the world
While the world laid still
A monument magnificent
To the empires of old
A triumphant memorial
Encased in granite and gold
That time though now long passed
As worn rock and stone do tell
Yet still rings the somber strain
Of its ancient weathered bell
When it calls do all look up
And for a moment stop; wonder
The way the world was
Before is tore asunder
May 13 · 35
Solomon True
Hadrian Veska May 13
What will I watch
What movie, what show?
The museum, the cafe
To where shall I go?
All things I experienced
Whether old or new
Truly do the words
Of Solomon ring true
That under the sun
Is no new thing
Whether riches or fame
To laugh or to sing
Do not fret or worry
For what may be missed
Those that have it all
Often lack any bliss
Getting only ever
Makes you want more
Desire only ever
Made the heart sore
So enjoy what you have,
Who you love And where you are
If you can’t appreciate what is near
You’ll never get far
May 7 · 258
What is death
Do you think you know?
When light falls away
And shadows grow
The crown of flowers
Atop your head
After color fades
And all is dead
Do you believe you are
More than mere flesh
When this age has passed
And life refreshed?
Our ancestors went
To their fathers great halls
The thief on the cross
Within Paradise's walls
Therefore,  no my friend
We shall not fear death
Breathe easy and full
Of your last breath
Behind that curtain
That ever thin veil
Lies the true life we live
that life without fail
For there is one who stands
And in death did lie
Yet was raised again
That death might die
Weep not for the body
But rejoice for the soul
For the body may die
Yet again be made whole
Rest then in peace  
With your garland crown
And awake once more
Where life does abound
Apr 24 · 37
Hadrian Veska Apr 24
Start reading that book today
The one you always glance at
On the edge of your office desk
Underneath the papers and forms
You don't have to get far
Simply begin
Apr 14 · 572
Vigil Night
Hadrian Veska Apr 14
Every star that dies becomes a moon
A vigil guardian of the night
A nearer yet more distant light
To watch over hours of rest
Once brilliant sun now elder guide
Inevitably to outlive below
Those that watch and those that grow
Beneath it's gentle rays
Guardian moon watch ore the night
Until that time when all things sleep
The moon doth reign and dreams do keep
Until all things pass away
Apr 11 · 47
To One Day Return
Hadrian Veska Apr 11
To ash and stolen
Our home among the stars
No retaliation
Even escape but a distant dream
Though by sheer grace
Did some survive
Scattering themselves far and wide
Among the ever twilight cosmos
One day I know they will return
They must!
For in them lies the spark
The last remaining hope
Of a humanity without a home
Apr 7 · 39
Down and to the Left
Turn here
Then down the hallway
And to the left

The systems there are antiquated
Please be patient with them
The data should all be there
It may take some time to find

Be aware, that what you find
May not be what you desire
And that what you desire
May not be what you need
Apr 7 · 36
Cheap imitations
gods in name only
Shuddering in fear
Of the God among them
Conspiring with themselves
To remove him from the world
Yet unbeknownst to them
This was his very intent
For God himself to come down
And does at the hands of men
That men might be free
To return to their ancient station
Among the very stars
Apr 7 · 53
Out of
The sun has faded
Yet another one rises
The stars bleed out
Dripping down and running
From stagnant constellations
All order has in the end
Birthed an orderless chaos
Soon also in the coming age
Will this endless chaos
Lead to unbreakable order
Thus it is and has always been
Since long before any mortal eyes
Saw a shimmer of light
Reflect within them
Feb 10 · 108
In Being
Hadrian Veska Feb 10
It was an instant
A brief moment that lasted
An endless amount of time
I saw above and below
Within and without
Beyond veil after veil
Rung after rung
In myself and far beyond
I learned there was no difference
I saw into the great depths
Of oceans not discovered
I saw into the habitation
Of those that dwell in the stars
All creation waits
In eternal anticipation
For me, for us to arise
And meet the one who made us
To share in love and joy
In play and in being
To walk, to climb the mountain
Until all who are far off
Share in eternal light
Jan 29 · 113
With Sacrifice
Hadrian Veska Jan 29
How can you love without sacrifice?

How can you serve yourself and another fully at all times?

When was the last time you loved truly?

Depressed and sick with the idea of love so many wait for it to fall in their laps

And if it ever manages to, they lose it swiftly

For they know not how to grow it
Jan 23 · 89
Truly So
Hadrian Veska Jan 23
Lust learns not
What patience will
One in the hand
Is worth twice the thrill
A steady comfort
Upholds the soul
While endless searching
Soon takes it's toll
To know is to admit
One knows not much
And all things we feel
Can melt with a touch
All learning without love
Is twisted and dark
The desire to do good
Always missing it's mark
Forget for a time
The things that you know
Seek to show true love
And be loved truly so
Jan 21 · 233
To Love
Hadrian Veska Jan 21
Do I love?
Or do I do these things
Because I feel I must?

The bare minimum
Or at least not as much
As I know I'm capable of

Do I really try?
Or does real love
Even need to try at all?

I've learned myself
That it is a conscious effort
Not just a feeling or emotion

It is a mindset
To sacrifice for others
To put them above myself

Even if I have needs
Or wants of my own
There is no higher love

Than to lay down one's life for another
Jan 21 · 895
Anol Mihn
Hadrian Veska Jan 21
It was a long journey home
From the great Eastern front
My sword in its sheath
And shield on my back
Senseless death In a land not our own
Now I return as a shell of myself
The faces of dead men
Hide behind my eyelids
I trudge through unfamiliar streets
Changed by the long decade past
I find it stranger than the far land
I was now returning from
All the great temples
Have been torn down
The God I worshiped
No where to be seen
Brothels and markets
Now stand in places of worship
They tell me the temple
At Anol Mihn yet stands
So I set out for it
Up into the great hills
I take my time on the trek
Unsure of many things
That I used to hold dear,
That I trusted as absolute
The stone path is worn
Overgrown and treacherous
Yet after three days' journey
I arrived at my destination

The temple stood in disrepair
The doors stripped from it
Light shining through holes
And cracks in the high ceiling
I came and bowed to my knees
Before the imposing statue
Of my now forgotten God
Maybe for minutes
Or perhaps long hours
I sat before it
Thinking, praying
If one could call it such
Seeking the one
Who my people had forgotten
Questioning all I had done
And if it was enough
Where I could call home
Now that my home has abandoned
All I once held dear
Yet the statue before me
Sat deafeningly silent

The light shifted slowly
Imperceptibly the pure light
Became gilded rays
As the evening sun sank
Illuminating the thick dust
Hanging weighlessly in the air
I stood up as the light faded
And stepped out side
The twilight had come
And with it I journeyed
Further into the hills
Until I found a grassy place
To rest my weary body
As well as my weary soul
The stars became visible
As I sat down I turned my gaze
To the endless heavens above
I laid my pack beside me
Then laid myself down
In soft untouched grass
Gripped between my fingers
Then closed my eyes

Praying my God may come
In but a whisper
To tell me what to do
To show me the way I just go
And what to do now
That everything I know
Has fallen apart
I cried, and waiting
Spoke and prayed
Yet no answer came
Not in all the long hours of night
I laid there in the hills

Before the morning came I arose
I heard the birds in the bushes and trees
I saw the grass blow in the breeze
I felt the sun bring warmth to my cheeks
And I stood up to survey the earth
To witness if I had any worth
For a moment I stood and then I heard
A voice my own yet not my word
From deep within an answer came
Not from one I knew and not the same
As the God whom I claimed to believe
But He spoke and said He is in me
Not just in stone, temple or heart
But in all those his righteous art
Who seek the truth, peace and love
To them he comes light as a dove
And rests on them and dwells within
Freeing them from bonds of sin
That they may live and live a new
The Creator God who dwells in you
Jan 12 · 559
Yonevir Monáed I
Hadrian Veska Jan 12
Washed moss stone
Guarding turtle shell shores
Down the dirt road
You'll find the giant snores

A small stone house
With thin plumes of smoke
Beasts of burden sleep
Laid beside their yoke

The skies hang low
A dull and overcast Grey
A moment ago I left
Now wishing I had stayed

But I know within myself
That the way I chose is right
That in time the sun will rise
And bring it's brilliant light

For now the rain comes
If only but a shower
Through it I'll go on
Though I lack the power

To make it to that place
Solely on my own
The ideal in my own mind
That fateful seed I've sown

Yet the world about remains
And rests from it's great work
So I in turn will rest
In the belly of the earth
Dec 2021 · 79
Hadrian Veska Dec 2021
Once to the head
Lightning to my spirit
A false visitation
Dec 2021 · 162
Scarce an Ember
Hadrian Veska Dec 2021
A bandage worn on the left eye
A flock on birds travel back the sky
The weather comes but never nigh
Unto such a place unknown

He would leave if he were able
Past the stone grave and table
From this land grey and sable
But he fears that he may forget

For none now left do remember
The calm and cool of September
Those memories are scare an ember
Within even his own mind

The sun now there grows ever dim
It’s royal colors stretched and slim
Though none remain who remember him
He will himself recall

His home before the fall
Oct 2021 · 1.1k
Faint Aria II
Hadrian Veska Oct 2021
The great pines stand
Laden with heavy snow
Waters flow unseen
Hidden below thick sheets of ice
I caught a glimpse of her once
Or at least I believe I did
That woman long golden hair
Who walks barefoot in the snow
Signing her odd melodies
I have heard nothing like it
In all my many years
Oft I sit at the end of the woods
By the wide river bank
Hoping to hear her
Somewhere off in the distance
On but two occasions in my life
Were my ears so lucky
To be graced by her voice
I was in awe of her
And yet I was fearful
For I know she was not one of us
The old stories say she came from heaven
From a place above the sky
I do not pretend to know
Nor do I care, I simply wish
To catch a glimpse of her again
To lock with her peircing blue eyes
Brighter and fresher
Than a spring time stream
To witness her one last time
And to hear her song in full
A faint Aria in the snow
Oct 2021 · 967
Time Piece
Hadrian Veska Oct 2021
The clock struck a peculiar time
Reverberating on the window pains
When I looked up from the old wooden desk
To the stark white face of that piece  
My eyes were caught in a haze
The hands of the clock eluded me
The chair scratched against the floor
As I moved backwards and rubbed my eyes
My ears popped ever so slightly
Light headedness came on to me
I found it and remained conscious
Aware of what would occur should I fall,
Succumbing to that mechanism
I mustered myself to remove the clock
Lifting it from a single nail in the wall
I placed in in the top drawer of the desk
It's ticking was no longer audible
Yet I still felt the reverberation
It bounced and rattled within my bones
A pulsing echo within my mind
Never louder yet with each throb
It grew more and more distinct

Then it stopped altogether
And the shadows grew long in the room
I paned out the old attic space
For the breifest moment
Before the shadows evaporated
Blending and mixing with the darkness
Oct 2021 · 61
Hadrian Veska Oct 2021
Vast oceans swell above me
Breathing in the cosmos
Submariner stars propel forward
Imperceptibly erratic
Obedient to their times and seasons
Lest they should fall to the abyss below

A thought, a feeling envelopes
Sealed off in the most pleasant way
Protected yet not wholly immune
A discerning eye is of no value
The heart is the basis of perception
Immovable and terribly wise

Should it but be still and listen
Jul 2021 · 453
Hadrian Veska Jul 2021
All things have passed
Or perhaps they will
I can no longer recall
Passing through the void as I did

I know not where I arrived
Or if I am anywhere at all
I have forgotten most things
If I ever knew much to begin with

I do remember a string of words
An inseparable feeling attached to them
"I will never forget you"
Though who said it eludes me

That feeling has not left me
Though the moment has been lost
I must continue on through this void
Wherever it may take me

I cannot betray this memory
That last bright star in my mind
Amid a sea of ink black darkness
For it is all that remains

As I traverse this void
Here beyond all space
I whisper dryly
I will never forget you
Though, I do not know your name

For I know that you remember me
Jul 2021 · 620
An Inclination
Hadrian Veska Jul 2021
The dry tundra calls to you
Whispering a phrase
A memory that flows
In between and through
The forest needle and pine
Something lies beyond
Far past the snow and sterile ice
Over the great mountains
The places of our birth
Nothing more than an inclination
That all we hope there to be
Has not yet been made know
That the secret hidden for ages
Has in turn hidden us within it
Preserving us in a way unseen
That when the time does come
In far flung ages hence
All things might be revealed
And the barren wastes
Turn to fruitful gardens
Jul 2021 · 405
Hadrian Veska Jul 2021
You may doubt it, but I've see it
What lays beyond all oceans
Never would one imagine
How easily all can be deceived
By a few books and a map
It is true that ice lays beyond our borders
In every direction it is inescapable
Some have pondered, guessed or seen this
Yet none but I know
What lies beyond even that
For you see this earth we are on
This place we call the world
Is but a mere portion
A section of the plate
Those things beyond it
Can scare be imagined
Unless seen with the naked eye
And even then they may induce madness
To eyes like yours
So readily accustomed to deception
Jul 2021 · 571
Why Not?
Hadrian Veska Jul 2021
The greatest wisdom is so easily destroyed
Brought low by the innocence of a child
The greatest minds of the earth
Philosophers, scientists, leaders
They can never answer the simplest question


The truth is we know nothing
We know how some things may work
But we do not know why they work
We know the arrangement but not the purpose
We can mimic but never improve upon
A least a child has no pride to be hurt
So they fear not to ask


And there is only one answer
To every why in the universe
It is accessible to everyone
Should you only become humble
Shedding the useless weight
That the world has imposed upon you  
There is nothing to lose but pride
A benefit to any who try it

And after all Why Not?
Jun 2021 · 881
Hadrian Veska Jun 2021
I've come to the outer limits
Where the stars bleed away
Melting into obscurity
Fading into the deepest back
An all consuming darkness

I've meditated and pondered
How I might move forward
In the absence of light
Without path or guide
Into the infinite void ahead

I sought to touch it
To feel the inky black darkness
Wash over my fingers
I imagined it thick like paint
Or perhaps far stranger

Yet when I reached out to it
I was blinded by light
Scarcely could I adjust my eyes  
But when I did I saw the nature
The true nature of that void

And it was only a thin veil
Jun 2021 · 69
Hope of Glory
Hadrian Veska Jun 2021
To You
The seven stars
The bright cluster
Among the long dark
Do you not know that hope came down?
Faith from the lofty heavens?
And you know it thus returned
Which is why we wait now being sure
Certain of the thing our hope is in
Have you not considered that beyond
Far away and removed from here
Among the boiling lights of night
One not dissimilar to yourself
Might see that hope descend to them as well
And latch onto it as you yourself have?
For indeed there is but one Way
One eternal Truth among the cosmos
One perfect Life to which we all strive
Only made possible by this Hope

The Hope of all peoples
Jun 2021 · 430
Hadrian Veska Jun 2021
You want to be healed,
but when is the last time you spent the time and effort to heal another?

You want to be blessed,
yet when have you taken time out of your day to bless another?

You pray for a sign,
Yet your eyes and ears are shut for the answer

You beg for money for your needs,
but when have you heeded another's plea?


Time, money, prayers, food, help, support whatever is needed

Keep your eyes open

Treat others how you pray and cry out to be treated when you are alone

Do these things and you will never lack in any portion of life
Jun 2021 · 63
Make Straight the Way
Hadrian Veska Jun 2021
The voice of one crying out in the desert
The waste places will be rebuilt
The desolate cities reclaimed
Make straight the way
But none have known it
None have sought or understood it
All eyes are shut all ears are closed
The spirit hovers upon the waters
Yet who has perceived it?

Do you not know that the waste places
The desolate cities and the dry deserts
Do you not know that they are you?

Make straight the highway
That the people may return
Make straight the path
That they may be rebuilt
"For a time I was angry with you
I hid my face from you
But only for a moment
In my everlasting kindness
I will have compassion on you"

Make straight the path for the Lord
The highway of our God
That we may return unto Him
From every tribe and people
For He has not chosen one people over another
Let no foreigner who has joined himself to the Lord say,
The Lord will utterly exclude me from His people
For he that follows the Way
The path leading through the desert
Is a son and daughter of God
As their brother was before them
Who Himself built the path
And who Himself is the Way

The path is firm
The highway made straight

Now return
May 2021 · 90
Hadrian Veska May 2021
I've seen memories waft past me
Distant dreams of bygone eras
Words and thoughts preserved
Of languages long since lost
Their sound and use forgotten
Yet their meaning somehow retained
A faint feeling, a tearful sentiment
I fear, no I know I will share their fate
As all generations do since creation
Few if any have escaped this death
Though which death it is I cannot say
The death of the mind or soul
Or perhaps simply the body
I know our ruined cities
Will house the bright eyed souls
Of our posterity

Let us pray if we cannot solve the riddle of being
That we may pass down what we know
And preserve the progress we have made

That one day we might find God
May 2021 · 76
Hadrian Veska May 2021
Things cannot make you happy
They can only make you excited
And excitement always fades
May 2021 · 250
Hadrian Veska May 2021
Water spilled to streams of yore
Flowing down from the mountain wastes
Before the forests bore their first fruit
Or the stars illuminated their first night
From the deepening darkness
Sprang forth living water

The water flowed and pooled
Stretching out and gathering
From the four corners of the earth
To meet together in the distant east
A place now lost beyond our world
Wherein a great garden was planted

And where our ancestors were born
By the living water and the earth
Made of simple clay, of mud and dust
Yet imbued with a great power
A unity with their creator
That they may walk with Him

Side by side
water earth garden God peace eden paradise
Apr 2021 · 53
Hadrian Veska Apr 2021
The old stonework is as solid as it has ever been
Though cracks can now be seen
And chipping at the edges
Before, I looked up at this grand cathedral
In awe and wonder of its architecture
Its grand spires and arched doorways
Though now I look beyond it
West, to the rolling hills and meadows
The wind swept woods and quiet streams
Amid the fox dens and bird nests
There I long to rest; to close my eyes and dream
Until evening begins to fall and golden light gently slips
Between the leaves and branches of the canopy above
When the sky is is bathed in royal purple
Then will I awake and return to my home in peace
Apr 2021 · 209
A Psalm
Hadrian Veska Apr 2021
Be still for a moment
Listen for an hour
Calm yourself
Commune with your heart
Release your fear and doubt
Your anxiety and pain
Spend time seeking
Spend time waiting
Wait upon the Lord
Be still and know
That He is God
Receive His peace
The joy of his Spirit
And His love everlasting
Feb 2021 · 1.1k
Honoth Eilin
Hadrian Veska Feb 2021
Lay still beneath the swaying leaves
The gentle green and awning eves
Late evening sun to slip away
From purple gold to silver grey
Stay with me here as twilight falls
And shadows grow along the walls
Ivy covered and of ancient stone
Long centuries has this garden grown
It will be here still when we awake
When sleep has left and dawn does break
Jan 2021 · 196
Star Rise
Hadrian Veska Jan 2021
No thought given
No message received
The great forests we know
Once oceans and seas
The deserts and wastes
Once tropical green
A cycle unending
Or so it would seem
But indeed it will end
And ends as we speak
For the thin veil is lifted
The sign we did seek
A potent sign hidden
Not without but within
The morning star rising
The end of all sin
A light now forming
And when it is done
We will be how we were
As when it had begun
Jan 2021 · 351
Hadrian Veska Jan 2021
To the northeast and beyond
On the very edges of the glistening shores
A shattered forest of stump and splinter
Cracked and smoldering, as if for all time
Yet that disastrous event which stripped the land
Has yet to ever occur

There is no record of wildfire
No meteor shower from the summer night sky
No overturned lantern or lightning strike
Nothing has ever happened here
For as long as things have been recorded
And our generations have run

But still the forest smokes
The ground tucked in below a blanket of ash
The few remaining trees are sickly and charred
Yet never do they fall or die
And never do new trees sprout
Despite the fertile ground rich in minerals

No it was not long ago
That the forest burned and the earth was scarred
Nor was it recently so
We know truly that it was ages from now
In an unspeakable sector of posterity
A forgotten year that is yet to be

In the far distant future this forest burns
And the land is laid bare before us
The event echoes back to us
A warning a premonition
Of dread and fearful things to come
But alas it is only a premonition
Dec 2020 · 131
Hadrian Veska Dec 2020
Stone chipped and worn
Damage and years hidden
Blanketed by moss
A covering of tranquility  
Beneath shade and root  
Neither day or night
Have much difference
So deep down and within  
Floors upon ceilings
Canopy over canopy
New life from old
Ever sprouting and breaking
A Comforting perpetuity
Here I will rest for a while
While long ages pass
As though they were but dreams
Dec 2020 · 320
Walk the Sun
Hadrian Veska Dec 2020
I've walked the Sun
With its golden roads
To every planet
Its lightstream flows
To those who are near
And those yet far off
A light harsh to darkness
But to me it is soft
A bright warming glow
So eternally sweet
Sollacing, calming
Yet never just heat
It passes through me
Resides in my soul
Without this sun
I could not remain whole
I walk within it
And it shines in me
A light in the darkness
That all might see
Dec 2020 · 792
Laid To Rest
Hadrian Veska Dec 2020
Waste away
Our bodies decay
To the earth we flee
And are thus inlaid
Wrapped in roots
The soil so sweet
Damp and cool
From crowns to our feet
A rest for eternity
Yet not for all time
To awaken once more
When the Earth is sublime
Until then we sleep
And in sleep we do dream
For the sleep of death
Is not all it may seem
Dec 2020 · 79
Lightning in the Bones
Hadrian Veska Dec 2020
There's lightening in the bones
Deep pits and mass graves
Of long forgotten wars
Idle charged and waiting
Reanimation a guarantee
But for now they rest
In tune with the low roar
The dull vibration of the Earth
Pleading their case
Until they may rise again
Nov 2020 · 92
A dream, a memory
Hadrian Veska Nov 2020
A dream, a memory
Seen afloat
Down river banks
And sides of boats
Long lost and lonesome
But ever cheerful
It carries on
Never fearful
For it knows to be
Is still to hope
Thought it may not see
The greater scope
Yet it floats along
On a path unknown
Hoping to be
No longer alone
Nov 2020 · 72
Hadrian Veska Nov 2020
The rivers are frozen
And have been for an age
She walks their lonely banks
Unaffected by the permafrost air
The world is rigid and brittle
Trapped in an endless winter
None are found that once were
Hibernating or passed on entirely
Beyond this glittering sterile realm
She sings a soft melody
Confidently carried
Across the rivers of ice
The frozen forests
And the quiet mountains
Blanketed in fresh snow
The song reaches no one
For there is no one
And nothing for it to reach
Yet she hopeful prays one day
It may perk the ears
Of an unlikely guest
Nov 2020 · 74
The City
Hadrian Veska Nov 2020
Heaven waits above
But not the way you know
A gilded shimmering city
To which none here may go
Real and present
Yet before our blinded eyes
One may never know it
By observing empty skies
For the city is that kingdom
The kingdom within you
Neither here nor there
But ever-present
Waiting to be discovered
Within your own heart

Should you but seek its path
Oct 2020 · 84
Hadrian Veska Oct 2020
I don't know much of anything
But what I do know
Is that I don't know
And now that I know
That I don't know
I can search for what is true
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