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You're not lost, just because you didn't comb today
I see you here, yet your thoughts are drifting away ...
You rake the leaves, with your bare hands,
You try to see, where your future stands.

You're not lost,  just because you need a break,
I see you smile, while trying to hide your heartache
You collect the dirt, under your fingernails,
As you walk barefoot and cover your trails.

I still see you, underneath the falling leaves,
I hear your voice say "thank you"  and "please"
I see your true smile, glowing in your eyes,
You're the only reason, my soul survives.
You say your not religious
Well neither my friend am I
It was man that made religion
It was Christ that came for us to die

He came to earth with a purpose
And that purpose was to set us free
From the guilt, the sin, the daily shame
All chains of captivity

It was the religious leaders of his day
That used their power as a tool
It was Jesus that came to do away
With all the man made rules

Rules that held the people down
The same as they do today
Invite Jesus into your heart right now
And let freedom have its way

You say your not religious
Well neither my friend am I
It was man that made religion
It was Christ that came for us to die
 Nov 2018 Hadrian Veska
I think I may search
Every passing face for yours
Until my last breath
You're the person I automatically scan faces for in a crowd..
A man who:
Takes pictures of himself
Won’t have the time for you

A man who:
Leaves love notes on
Underneath your coffee cup
Will love you when
You have nothing

A man who:
Declares he’s a great father
For all to see

A man who:
Tells his children
Over the phone
Next to their bed
Kisses them good night
Where no one can see or hear
Truly is
A decent man

A man who:
Doesn’t make promises
But shows over
His worth
His character
Is someone to know

A man who:
Makes mistakes
But tries his damndest
To make amends
May not see
Eye to eye
With all
Respects the process
Of understanding
Each other

A man who:
Writes poetry anonymously
Posts it for the world to
Is an enigma
Take all the wealth from everyone that has it and give it all to the poor. Change government officials every four years regardless of if they want to leave or not. Assign everyone a job based upon their abilities. Give everyone an equal chance. Train everyone to go to college, so no one is left out. Make every home the same size and dictate that no one can have more children than another. Set retirement for everyone to be the same if they want it or not. See that the bureaucracy works like clockwork and that no one gets left out. Let's give liberalism a try, I'm sure it will work out just fine.
And if you are to love,
Love as the moon loves.
It doesn't steal the night,
It only unveils the beauty of the dark.

And if you are to love,
Love as the rain loves.
It doesn't wet the bodies,
It only washes the sad dirt of the souls.

And if you are to love,
Love as the wind loves.
It doesn't drift away,
It only cleanse you to the core by invading through each pore.

And if you are to love,
Love as the sun loves.
It doesn't radiates heat,
It only pours its warmth on you to enlighten your way.

And if you are to love,
Love as the star loves.
It doesn't delightfully twinkles,
It only reminds you that not even death can separate two hearts.

And so forth,
if you are to love
Love as the whole universe
& not just a part of it.
I am going to Trust Christ, even if it seems hopeless on the earth.
Because Christ went to the Cross for us , so that his People will Live.
I am going to Worship him , even when my Life is upside down now.
Because the Christ our Lord and Master deserves all the Praises here.
I am going to Live Life for him, even though I would rather be with him.
Because this here Life may **** at times, I shall still persevere here.
Allowing him to use me to Minster to those that really needs him too.
I may not always seem like the Perfect child, but I know that he is Perfect.
So I shall obey him, for he knows my Future and everything else as well.
For He Loves us, even when we may not seem to be Love-able to others.
 Mar 2018 Hadrian Veska
Ciel Noir
We are such            clever creatures to divide
Most everything             into its different sides
With chaos versus             order, dark and light
The stark duality of         wrong and right
We even split the very        world in two
With human versus human,       we and you
But still no matter how much      we divide
Each thing has infinitely many      sides
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