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Jan 12
Washed moss stone
Guarding turtle shell shores
Down the dirt road
You'll find the giant snores

A small stone house
With thin plumes of smoke
Beasts of burden sleep
Laid beside their yoke

The skies hang low
A dull and overcast Grey
A moment ago I left
Now wishing I had stayed

But I know within myself
That the way I chose is right
That in time the sun will rise
And bring it's brilliant light

For now the rain comes
If only but a shower
Through it I'll go on
Though I lack the power

To make it to that place
Solely on my own
The ideal in my own mind
That fateful seed I've sown

Yet the world about remains
And rests from it's great work
So I in turn will rest
In the belly of the earth
Hadrian Veska
Written by
Hadrian Veska
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