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1.8k · Sep 2018
Hadrian Veska Sep 2018
I hear the soft breeze in the branches
Feel the strong roots below my back
I am alone here but not for long
So patiently will I wait
Listening to the world breathe
Wandering in and out of thoughts
Both profound and superficial
Resting for the time that be
Until I am not alone
1.5k · Mar 2017
Perhaps Somewhere
Hadrian Veska Mar 2017
Little circles of light
Dull orange and white
Through the screen and glass
On a calm rainy night

Soft hands on rough soles
Thinking with no goals
Perhaps somewhere out there
My future will unfold

In the soft rain of untouched dreams
1.2k · Apr 2016
The Path Forlorn
Hadrian Veska Apr 2016
Man is not meant to be alone
Yet down this path I shall go
Through forest tall and valley low

The road stretches
Beyond my sight
The world is cold
As if at night

The stars they fall
And pass away
Darkness bleeds
On into day

I stumble forward
Through rock and thorn
Continuing on
My path forlorn

When light I see
I'll close my eyes
And with the sun
I too shall rise

Man is not meant to be alone
Yet down this path I shall go
Through forest tall and valley low
Ever onward I shall go
1.1k · Mar 2017
American Horseshoe
Hadrian Veska Mar 2017
Everything has two sides
Two sides of the same horseshoe
Appearing to have different ideals
But secretly hating the same thing

The left hates religion
The right hates science
The left hate guns
The right like violence

The left are for equality
Of like minded people
The right are for liberties
Not necessarily equal

Two sides of the same horseshoe
Whether flat or broad
Thinking they are right
And the other one is flawed

When indeed they are inseparable
Both hating one another
Fracturing and dividing
Us and every other
1.1k · Sep 2018
The Moon Veil
Hadrian Veska Sep 2018
A stillborn visage
Sits in the night
Beneath the old moon
A burning twilight
A solemn face
Veiled in the stars
Descends from beyond
the retrograde Mars
It does not speak
Nor open its eyes
Yet still it lingers
Before the sunrise
Which since its arrival
Will no longer come
An omen long set
Of terrors far flung
And when it does wake
To gaze down below
Naught shall remain
But ashes and snow
885 · May 2016
Kindred Spirit
Hadrian Veska May 2016
Crumbling grey tombstone
Overgrown wild hedge
Rusted Victorian fences
Sitting on the edge

Ancient hollow moon
Resting over the sky
As lonesome empty voices
Fill the air and pass me by

The night is still
Devoid of stress
As I learn old tales
From the spirits at rest

I listen for a time
The stories to keep
Then close my eyes
With the stars to sleep
865 · Jan 2017
Hadrian Veska Jan 2017
Seven white lanterns
On a mountainside pass
The silver moonlight
Dancing on grass

A cool gentle wind
Blows down from the heights
The rivers above
The great northern lights

The earth here at peace
In reverent tranquility
Ever aware and secure
In its graceful fragility

That those lost be honored
On the mountainside pass
Where they died for all things
So that peace might last
860 · Oct 2016
To Where I Might Go
Hadrian Veska Oct 2016
The shores above
Deep waters below
Midnight skies break
The stars to show

The world is known
Yet less so at night
Unknown wonders
Bid me take flight

Through the vast darkness
Stillborn and sweet
Taking my hand
And guiding my feet

To where I might go
I couldn't dare say
But I don't think I would
Have it another way
850 · May 2016
Those That Wander
Hadrian Veska May 2016
The sea has turned to glass
The sky so paper thin
I feel like I must walk forever
To keep from caving in
844 · Aug 2016
Hadrian Veska Aug 2016
Crescent moons were her eyes
Molten silver her flowing dress
The night sky receded in her presence
And the stars adorned her like jewels

A strange cosmic elegance emanated from her
An almost unreal grace and beauty
The likes of which is not know
In this world or any other

My eyes were blinded by her brilliance
But my heart was darkened as well
As if a great immemorial sorrow
Originated from somewhere within her

I wished to reach out and touch her
If only briefly
But the more i tried
The further she withdrew

Until she was but a faint light
Far off in the depths
And to this day looking at the night sky
I feel that eternal sorrow

That once she shared with me
842 · Jul 2016
United Sun and Moon
Hadrian Veska Jul 2016
The moon and the sun
Together once stood
When the heavens were young
And the world yet good

They sang together
Across the blue sky
Of far off things
Unseen by the eye

In time however
They grew apart
No longer together
Of one shared heart

The sun grew lonely
The moon jeleous and bitter
As they took their turns
Setting the world aglitter

Long ages past
Infinite orbits revolved
Yet the two celestial's problem
Could not be resolved

The pain of loneliness
And that of regret
Struck the two bodies
Every time that they set

Tired and lonely
The sun reached out
And lended its light
That healing might sprout

And though together
They could never again be
They shared their light
Over both land and sea

That is why the moon
Carries the light of the sun
Long after it sets
When the day is done

And Ever do they sing
Carrying on that ancient tune
That once they sung together
United sun and moon
841 · Jul 2017
Hadrian Veska Jul 2017
The smell of lemongrass
Passes in through the open window
As I scan about the room

Wicker baskets and containers
Overflow with odds and ends
Trinkets and relics alike

On the shelf above
There is a picture frame
With nothing but a stock photo

The room gives off the appearance
Of being lived in yet,
No one has lived here in a long time

They merely pass on through
837 · Mar 2017
To Be Determined
Hadrian Veska Mar 2017
Determinism is self-defeating

If it is true,
No one is accountable for anything.
If no one is accountable,
There are no morals.
Without morals,
There is no concept of right or wrong.
Without this concept,
We would all follow our desires.
Which according to determinism,
Are not our own choices.
If they are not our own choices,
Someone or something else made them.
But if someone or something
Determines our choices,
Who or what determines
The choices the determiner makes?

Either they make their own choices,
Which refutes determinism
Or the universe, space and time
Are infinite and cyclical.
Which they are not,
Since the universe had a beginning,
(Big bang/ creation)
And the universe will have an end.
(Heat death/ judgement day)

Whether you are religious or not,
Determinism is a fools errand.
832 · May 2016
Conditions of the Heart
Hadrian Veska May 2016
I see you every day
But I've never said a word
And even if I did
You never would've heard

I really should avoid
Even looking your way
My heart can barely handle
The words I hear you say

But that's nothing new
My heart is meek
The scar across my chest
Proves I am weak

My father died
Of heart disease
And passed it down
To me with ease

I'll never join you
To run around
To smell the fresh air
And feel the cool ground

And so I'll stay content
Protecting my feeble heart
Watching you smile
As I fall apart
815 · Jun 2016
Hadrian Veska Jun 2016
At night the bird flew,
Over oceans of trees
Past hills and mountains
Swept by the breeze

He sang an odd song
As he soared through the sky
He woke up the moon
As he passed it by

To where he was headed
The bird did not know
He just knew to sing
When the stars hung low

But the moon knew well
That old avian's course
To sow strange dreams
Without time or source

The moon recalled
When the bird once knew
Of his place in the heavens
Where light once grew

But now the bird simply flies
And sings its strange tune
Through oceans of night
Under the sleeping moon
780 · Apr 2016
I Know Nothing
Hadrian Veska Apr 2016
I know nothing
But it doesn't know me
I'm trapped in a room
Waiting to be set free

There are no windows
Yet also no walls
I'd walk beyond it
But then I'd fall

There's but one door
And it's behind me
Yet when I turn around
There's nothing to see

I'm trapped in here
With no bars or chain
But if I stay long enough
There might be some gain
768 · Jun 2016
A Dream That Once I Knew
Hadrian Veska Jun 2016
I recalled a dream
In countless hours
Of wind swept woods
And tall stone towers
Where meadows echoed
A thick sweet song
Where the quiet river
Flowed lazily along
A long lost place
I recall to mind
A forgotten world
Where I hope to find
A glimpse of your smile
That once I knew
When the world was young
And we were too
766 · Mar 2019
Hadrian Veska Mar 2019
Away and hidden
So fearful are we of our creator
That we deny His very existence

Further down and away
We delve to prove He cannot be
That we are all that is
And that we alone control all fate

Inward and outward we grow aware
The cosmos fills our minds
On every perceivable scale

In our great effort to undo our creator
We find Him both in heaven and on earth
In the pure order of creation we see Him
Witness Him and despair

As they did in that ancient garden
Hiding in their nakedness so many ages ago
Witness Him and despair

For His wrath is close at hand
753 · Apr 2017
Hadrian Veska Apr 2017
Neon lights reflect again and again,
In the puddles and streams
As the rain pours heavy
In that unfinished city.

Great Jupiter blots out the sky;
So imminent, yet silent.
Ever watching the endless construction;
Of its infant moons

Ganymede is all but consumed
In towers and scaffolds,
Endless looping highways,
And defunct machinery.

In the eyes of Jupiter
Has it been but a moment,
But to the denizens of that place,
Their reign is endless.

Their ancient cities and facilities
Devour everything in their path
And in that slow process,
Have become a new entity all together.

One not entirely controllable.
A system and network of its own
That desires something beyond sight,
Something its creators lost long ago.
749 · May 2016
Hadrian Veska May 2016
Molten green eyes
Filled with wonder
Gazing on wanderers
Without time or number

Sleeping at noon
And dancing at night
Elegant feet
Taking to flight

Under the stars
Dreaming of one
Perhaps he'd pass again
Before the end of the sun
728 · May 2016
Through the Glass
Hadrian Veska May 2016
I've seen you from across time
A penny a year a decade a dime
I've waited for the right time
Waiting for our worlds to rhyme

But I was too slow
I lost track of your time
My memory ran low
Your faded from my mind

So I look out through this broken glass
Trying to catch a glimpse of the past
Because now no matter what I do
That's the only way I can see you
726 · May 2016
Quote #5
Hadrian Veska May 2016
They say a picture is worth
A thousand words
But without the words
And stories behind it

A picture is meaningless

-Hadrian Veska
702 · Jun 2016
Secret Stars
Hadrian Veska Jun 2016
Do not feel small
Looking to the stars
And great constellations
In the night sky

Find solace there
For our sun too
Is just another distant star
In a constellation

Observed by curious minds
That hope to decipher its secrets
Hadrian Veska Feb 2017
There were rivers
Streaming down her face
Great deltas in which he swam
Till he reached the shorelines
Of her wounded eyes

he stayed in the rim
Just out of sight,
In the curve of black
Where the day kissed the night

She could never see him
And he could only hear her pain
Her agony in loneliness
It ached for them to be apart
But he knew it was for the best

He could never reach her
But he thought if he might
It would be in her dreams
Where the day kissed the night
Thanks to Midnight Rain for working with me
687 · Aug 2018
Hadrian Veska Aug 2018
For a thousand years
She walked the frozen wastes
The shattered moon
Scattered beneath her feet
She wept for the world
As she had no one to watch
For all the people had gone
And she knew not to where
She would sing to herself
In the chilled woods
And on the icy peaks
Ancient songs of long ago
In melodies she pined
For times long past
When she played beneath the moon
The moon now shattered
On the earth below
And in the sky yet above
686 · Apr 2016
Stars Like Glass
Hadrian Veska Apr 2016
The hand of the sky
With its paintbrush of blue
Slid over the heavens
Above me and you

And over the course
Of the brisk autumn day
It painted the sky
Every color but grey

From the warmth of the morning
Filled with its light
To the azure of the evening
Leading into the night

Then as dark drew near
The hand painted its last
And filled our vision
With stars like glass
679 · Nov 2016
Layers of Man
Hadrian Veska Nov 2016
Layers of man
Bricks upon stones
Swirling sand
And ancient bones

Broken in piles
Have we lied for ages
While the sun grows dim
And the world rages

We can see into the past
Yet never too far
For what was is darkness
Before our star

That darkness so sweet
Protecting our minds
From the horrors that were
And may yet in time
677 · Apr 2016
Curious Observer
Hadrian Veska Apr 2016
I step into the room
The lights begin to flicker
And as they fail
A lone candle shows in the dark

The painting behind the candle
Is illuminated by its warmth
But as I drew closer
Its colors began to shift

After rearranging itself
The painting formed a new scene
Of a man wearing a trench coat
Sitting on a wooden bench

I stood before it with curious eyes
I could feel a light breeze
Come from a small lake
Beyond a willow tree

Overcome by the peaceful breeze
I reached out towards the portrait
Shocked, I saw my hand go through
Into the world of the painting

I slowly pulled myself
Into the ancient art piece
And soon I was engulfed
In the strange paint brushed world

As I looked to the bench
I realized the man was gone
And behind me I could no longer see
The entrance from which I came

Moving towards the bench
I saw a folded coat
Noticing the breeze again
I grabbed it and put it on

The world felt strange
As I sat on the bench
Somewhere beyond my sight
I could feel the warmth of a candle

And curious watching eyes
673 · Apr 2016
Light of the Moon
Hadrian Veska Apr 2016
The wolves howl
With the wolf of my heart
As I long to be free
No longer apart

To run through the forest
Under the sky
To hear the great story
Of creation and I
672 · Jan 2017
Hadrian Veska Jan 2017
There is someone
Who I used to be
When time was young
And skies were free

When great pines towered
Over northern lands
And a man could live
By the work of hands

That world to you
Would seem quite strange
To see rolling forests
Before a mountain range

Now all you know
Is dark steel and grey
The colors of progress
And urban decay

You know not what you lost
And in that is bliss
For I yet remember
The warm sun's kiss
656 · Oct 2016
Quiet Water Valkyrie
Hadrian Veska Oct 2016
Quiet water Valkyrie
Foaming waves and crashing sea
Too many dead wash up to shore
Four hundred days and twenty more

Husks of vessels, driftwood boat
Memories sink, but bodies float
The sun rises, solemn and red
Mounring those, who now are dead

And with the sun does that valkyrie cry
With broken wing unfit to fly
Cursed eternal to witness death
Until man draws his last breath
649 · Jun 2016
The Witch's Well
Hadrian Veska Jun 2016
At last I was free
From under her spell
I said to myself
Climbing out of the well

But a strange feeling
Came into my head
As I mulled over the words
That I had just said

I wanted to go back
With or without the curse
Whether it was stockholm syndrome
Or something far worse

So I climbed back down
To the young witch's lair
Who despite her occupation
Was beautiful and fair

I explained my position
As she listened with surprise
Or so I thought
As I looked in her eyes

After hearing my request
To stay by her side
She seemed to break down
And nearly cried

She said she was no witch
Just a practicer of magic
But her skills were lacking
And her results quite tragic

I felt for her I did
But she was young and sly
And I could not tell
If it was the truth or a lie

In the end however
I did not really care
She was my beautiful witch
And I'd follow her anywhere
644 · May 2016
Guardian Sphinx
Hadrian Veska May 2016
The great sphinx
Sitting in the sand
Ever watchful
Of the skies above

Built in an era
Long before the pyramids
To guard ancient secrets
Hidden in the desert

Solemnly does it lay
Patiently waiting
For the stars to align
And the age of leo to arrive

When that age begins
Will the guardian sphinx
Reveal to us at last
All the lost knowledge

That we so wisely
Sealed away for ourselves
And with that knowledge
Will come our salvation

Or our destruction
641 · Sep 2016
Hadrian Veska Sep 2016
I don't know if I love you
But I'm willing to try
Even though I fall in love
With every passersby

I'm not sure of my person
Whether I'm weak or strong
But when I'm with you
I know I'll get along

And perhaps that's all
I need to get me by
A simple look from you
With that fire in your eyes

I just hope that in the end
I won't turn you away
Maybe this is love
That wants so bad to make you stay
633 · May 2016
As Once It Was And So To Be
Hadrian Veska May 2016
Beneath the heavens
Where stars once swirled
Do all now sleep
In death unfurled
610 · Jun 2016
Behind the Moon
Hadrian Veska Jun 2016
In visions at night
Did I see that strange place
Of towering monoliths
And dull layered stone

I had always heard rumor
That the dark side of the moon
Was not wholly empty
And my dreams confirmed this notion

The more of such dreams I had
The more I dreaded the night
To the point where I could hardly sleep
Yet still the visions came

My waking eyes were plauged
By these intrusive revelations
Foreign geometry and entirely alien things
Came in and out of my view

Just as I had thought myself
To have finally gone insane
The visions and dreams stopped
And my mind was cleared

Mustering up some courage
I peered out my bedroom window
Past the fruit orchards
To the full hollow moon

As I looked to it
No images sprang into my mind
No dark towers or vile cities
Only a far off whisper

That filled me with more terror
Than all my visions put together
608 · Jul 2016
The Choice
Hadrian Veska Jul 2016
Look back and see
What once we were
And that from where we are now
We never may return
607 · Dec 2016
A Deeper Calling
Hadrian Veska Dec 2016
In the well of my mind, is a voice.
A voice not entirely my own.
Beckoning me to travel deeper,
Within my own subconscious.

Though, if I listen,
I come to a place wholly unfamiliar.
Seemily outside the bounds
Of my own thought or reason.

And the voice says to me,
"Come now just a little deeper.
You are so close to seeing the truth,
With the scales peeled from your eyes."

Never have I seen
What comes after these words.
I always wake up in a sweat,
As if my body itself wishes to spare me

From some long forsaken iniquity,
That resides only within
The dark recesses of the mind.
606 · May 2016
Quote #3
Hadrian Veska May 2016
Don't seek knowledge, seek truth.
For only in truth can wisdom be obtained.

-Hadrian Veska
604 · Apr 2017
Many Years Ago
Hadrian Veska Apr 2017
Across vast fields
Fortresses and keeps
Below dark waters
And caverns of the deep

Have I ever searched
For one I have not known
Someone or something more
Than what the world has shown

And throughout all my days
Has this search been in vain
From my early years
To when my hair turned grey

Only too late did I realize
That no answer in this world is free
They all come at a price
A price I could not see

Now that the night comes
And my jounrey's course is run
I am no closer to the answers
Than when I had begun

So many years ago
592 · Apr 2016
To the End and Beyond
Hadrian Veska Apr 2016
After the revolt
They were all banished
Abandoned on those inhospitable rocks
In the far reaches of space

The machines of High Antiquity
Those creations of man
That brought new prosperity
Were left to rust and decay

It wasn't their fault
But the fault of men
Blinded by a future
That didn't have to be

Without them
Humanity continued to expand
To fulfill its manifest destiny
To rule all creation

Eventually, however,
Man met his match
And slowly, one by one
His systems and planets fell

The enemy was inconceivable
Perhaps from outside of time
In every system they conquered
They took the star with them

Until the night sky was filled
With distant nova
Heralding the coming
Of the end of man

Long after all hope was lost
They arrived at humanity's doorstep
The final bastion of security
A blue marble in the depths of space

All communications were lost
Just static

No one answered the call
From the depths of space
To defend their home
For there were none left to answer

Man's fate closed in
As did the final battle
Humanity prepared itself
For an honorable end

Then a message
Echoed across the cosmos
Igniting the static
And bringing it to life

The message was short
With no definite source
"Your long lost children,
Are coming home."

And as the faint message
Left the empty air
There appeared all around
The remnants of man's folly

The machines man bore
had returned
in Humanity's final hour
To stand at their creator's side

Against insurmountable odds
Both creator and creation
Rallied together once more
And charged off into the sunset

Of a thousand dying stars
591 · Jun 2016
Quote #10
Hadrian Veska Jun 2016
I faded off into the night
Long before the sun ever set
589 · May 2016
Love Poems
Hadrian Veska May 2016
I don't like love poems

I think most of them are awful

Boring and insincere

Yet I write them anyway

Hoping to attain the feeling

That they all so deeply try to express

589 · May 2016
The Pillar of Dreams
Hadrian Veska May 2016
Far above the clouds
Invisible to most
Lies a broken pillar
On a dull grey coast

It used to guide the souls
Of dreamers lost too deep
Now it only marks
The edge of what is sleep

Beyond its crumbled stone
Do strange and old things stir
What shape these things may take
None living can be sure

Yet beyond the ruined tower
Dark things may not pass
So long as the stars above
Shine down like broken glass

During stormy nights
Among our sleepless dreams
They say this far off place
Can still yet be seen

And when observed by children
Does the pillar intact stand
With its great beam of starlight
Guiding lost souls to land
578 · May 2017
Hadrian Veska May 2017
Ever does he slumber
Put to sleep eons ago
By long dead gods

Realities surge and receed
As nothing more
Than his thoughtless dreams

Few within or without
These realities understand
The great being's power

And those that do
Have all but slipped
Into madness
576 · Dec 2016
Hadrian Veska Dec 2016
If you have no purpose,
Don't sit and think to yourself
At the end of the day,
What a shame it is you got nothing done.
You did exactly what you planned to do,

And sometimes,
Nothing is all you need to do.
574 · Dec 2016
Quote #32
Hadrian Veska Dec 2016
An artist should never
confuse themselves with art.
They are merely a vessel,
From which art pours.
Sometimes they are empty
And other times full.

- Hadrian Veska
569 · May 2016
Time Since Past Eternity
Hadrian Veska May 2016
In boundless night
And ceaseless day
Through churning winds
Of endless grey

Shall I march on
Weak and alone
To one day stand
Before the throne

And when at last
I see that place
I'll close my eyes,
Cover my face

Saying the words
I've known since birth
That resonate
Within the earth

"What is what was
Again shall be
From time since past
569 · May 2016
Quote #9
Hadrian Veska May 2016
If you walk with a purpose
Your feet will never tire

-Hadrian Veska
555 · Oct 2016
Hadrian Veska Oct 2016
The air was cool and light
A half set sun
Dimly illuminated
The stained glass windows

A single candle
Wrapped in red glass
Burned still and low
Eminating an unearthly scarlet

The sun continued to sink
And as it did a thick black ink
Poured into the chapel
And spread through the air

It swirled gently
Slowly engulfing the room
With a dark elegance
That light could scarce imitate

Until the stone statues,
The candles, lamps,
And the mosaic windows
Were no more
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