Nicole Dawn Jun 2015

If life were a video game,
Then I would totally buy the
'Skip this level'
Because let me tell you,
This level sucks

Miranda Apr 2015


She sits

    And wonders

Does she make

Somebody’s heart


We all wish we could skip our chores like we skip cut-scenes in a video game
Or songs on our internet radio
Trust me, the Bulls wish they could skip the rodeo.
I wish i could skip the pauses in the stereo.

Elaenor Aisling Dec 2013

I skip that song again.
Too many memories still hang on the words,
the notes clang like old glass bottles
the woman with the red scarf tied to the oak tree,
they knock in the wind, fragile whiskey ghosts,
of times to sacred to be remembered now.
So I'll skip that song
till the bottle strings break,
and my someday-daughter asks
about the snowflake shards of glass
beneath the old oak tree.

This is why you DO NOT associate songs with relationships. This one written specifically about "I'll follow you into the dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.
WistfulHope Sep 2014

here's to the kids who skip school
not to drink
not to smoke
not for sex
not as a joke
here's to the kids who skip school
to take care of a sibling
to take care of a parent
to help pay the bills
to feed empty mouths

Cat Fiske May 2015

I want to skip,
Skip class,
Skip school,
Skip life...

Skip around like the inner child in me,
Screams out asking for,

When ever things are bad,
Skipping around my issues,
Like people skipped around me,

I think about skipping out,
If all the bad things,

But what if I miss,
Something good,
Because I was too busy,

The child in me, I skipled down the hallway and wrote this.
Benedict Menda Jun 2014

soft skin,no pimples,cute smile,I see dimples,eyes low not too low but just simple,hair falling over her shoulders, beauty made worthy only for soldiers, baby you're beautiful and I just wanna hold ya..

Barton D Smock Nov 2014

the boy balances a basketball on his head outside his father’s bar.  his mother is somewhere a girl set to play the moon in her school’s version of talent night.  his sister is giving birth so calmly her midwife is a male blown away by the fact that it’s only her second time wearing the blindfold I wore to fish.  his brother is in therapy to process the loss of others who think we’re gods when we smoke.

I occasionally
skip a beat
to watch you falter.

© 2012  J.J.W. Coyle
Scottie Green Aug 2012

She's short.
Shorter than me. About 5 feet and one measly inch. Grant it I'm only two measly inches.

But I'd hug her. Wrap my arms up and around her teeny shoulders and back around her small frame.
I'd hug her. Tight and close.

She is the smallest of the three of us. However, she's the oldest. She will be twenty tomorrow.
I'd hug her like the first time I left her as she went to her decorated dorm room for college.
I'd squeeze her. For as long as she would let me hold her.

At that time she had just wanted to be free. A few months later she cried to me about how she wished she was home, back in bed sleeping beside me the way we had spent most of the last two years.

I miss her. Oh, how I'd hug her.

Skipper. Petit and sad. She sometimes hates the hugs I give her.
My mom always says she is lucky. She needs someone as warm and loving as me.

I'd hold her, keep her there until I had to let her go. Or at least until she made me. Yet, I know she cried too as she walked away and we stood and watched.

I wish I spent more of my summer a long side her. I regret it and I'm sorry I didn't.
It may have been her last summer home.
I didn't even drive her to Colorado. She didn't mind. She was excited for her new life.

If I had spent my time with her I would have made her miss me. She would want to visit.

I'd hug her. My arms around her bony back. I'd hold her.

Keep her for my own. No one could touch her. No one could hurt her. Not even herself.

Peach Aug 2014

Summer breeze coasting through the trees
Wind chimes remind me
I've had better times
But here I am again
Because I can't sleep peacefully
Mary Jane hides the worst in me

As I shut my eyes,
I only see
Liquid black
Like the color of my soul
I was doing so well you see


But I had a crack in my shield
And the nightmares came back
Brutally vengeful
I only had my screams to keep me company

3 hours, and one very hot shower later
And I'm back,
Contemplating life on the patio
Flicking a lighter
Breathing deep
Letting the smoke seep
Back into my system


It's a vicious cycle
Recovering from memories

My nightmare waits for me back home
2 hours and 12 minutes away
I can't put it off any longer
Just thinking about him makes me anxious
And terribly sad
Because people who tell you they love you
Shouldn't hurt you
They shouldn't force and rip their way inside of you
Until everything burns
Make no mistake
Tears don't blur the violence
Soap never disinfects the shame of silence

I think I should be over it by now
Honestly, shit happens
People get raped every day
Anyone who tells you different is a liar
Or perhaps just blind
Either way,
I don't need prayers
I don't need sympathy
I probably need a damn lobotomy
Or maybe just a clean slate

So I continue to breathe
One breath at a time
While my eyes gradually drift close

I am alive
But parts of me are dead
But even Wonder Woman needs a day off

© 2014 Peach

"Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away"
Jeffrey Bustos Apr 2013

Are you happy? You ask
Lately I have had an urge to skip.
I love skipping,
it makes me happy.
Am I happy you ask?
Am implies being.
So I think:
I wish you would skip with me.
Not make.
Not do.
Not think.
Just be


     Last night
          Skip came to the rescue
Damn Pennsylvania state troopers
     No wallet for proof
Called Skip, 1am
          He walked in the snow
Just to help drive us home
      He didn't have to
But, he came to the rescue
          Probably lost about 6 hours of sleep
     But damn if he's not a good friend to keep
         If only I could repay him in some way
       Well, my only talent is poetry
So here's what I'll say...
      Thank you Skip
   So damn much
          You went out of your way
      It must have been tough
   I'm not sure what else to do
       Besides just saying thank you
For coming to my rescue!

Got pulled over for a supposedly blown taillight last night, we had no proof of a driver's license and were forced to call someone to come get us, Skip was the only person I knew in that town so I called him, he immediately said sure, and walked a mile in the snow to help us out. Forever a dear friend, I don't know what we woulda done without you. Thank You Skip.
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