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acm Mar 25
i dream often
that i cannot move
or move s l o w l y
unseen and
breath a
acm Feb 14
if i said that i would
then i will.
acm Feb 7
When you abruptly feel the absence
You know it’s bad
But that’s no way to go about
Living a life?!
And if gold circles
Are the weight of wealth
Well then you, sir, are barking up
The wrong tree.
acm Feb 6
this song
   moving me both backward
and forward simultaneously
and i feel the pull
of a thousand moons
   toward you.
acm Feb 2
if you crave a taste
of the finer things
get yourself a seasonal man
he does what he wants
whenever he can
and though it may take
a fortnight
or two
his flame burns
the brightest
the reflection
of you.
acm Jan 15
you are the best love i ever
i m a g i n e d
acm Jan 10
trust me, it's a thing.
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