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a m a n d a Sep 10
( sweet corn | work zone ahead | do not pass )

i think everyone is everyone.
i simply can't help it.
a m a n d a Aug 10
some days
you hit every red light
and get stuck behind
a literal **** truck
for miles on end
when it's 85° and
the a/c is broken.

and i'm pretty ******* certain
that if you don't want to hear it,
you're not gonna hear it.

and if you don't want to learn,
you're not gonna learn.

and it's not my fault
you can't attune your
listening ears.
a m a n d a May 18
there is no
what should be
there is only
what is.
a m a n d a May 11
sometimes i get the edges
(the glimpses of a dream)
the moment you think to r e a c h
that thing is already
- gone -
a m a n d a May 9
the thought was conjured,
for a moment, just_
that i am already anything
i could ever need to be...
and better than even
i thought i could be
(in this backwards time.)
a m a n d a May 9
you don't even realize
the seconds turn to stacks
and what you thought was new
now is old old old
and yet here you are
and the only clear thought
is a new thought
a m a n d a May 8
(deepdeepdeep in the cut)

beautiful girls with long braids
quiet boys with tears in their eyes
yellow birds
and pink trees

flutes and drums and haunting strings
drifting smoke
sleepy cats
blanket on blanket on blanket
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