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a m a n d a Sep 17
“i am going to
get what i want,”
she said,
a m a n d a Sep 13
(lunar impact)

i looked up silently,
and i f e l t
her see me.

mind imagine mind life

i told her my dream
and i knew that she heard.

and then i saw the spoils.
a m a n d a Aug 25
i like living life
on this side of dreams.
a m a n d a Aug 24
i feel sorry for you
since you don't even know
i am a golden lion
swimming in pink petals.
a m a n d a Aug 22
thank you kindly, gentlemen,
for the notice.
a m a n d a Aug 22
what could be better
than finding the prototype
a m a n d a Aug 20
so so real
it feels like a fiction

here to
take me somewhere

perhaps i imagine
this life of dreams.
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