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a m a n d a Sep 13
it’s just true
that the world is different
with no
hope of you.
a m a n d a Aug 1
he can’t hide
the dreams in his eyes.
so i guess I’ll
lay on this flowered couch
and watch the birds
in a hall & oates love song rampage.
a m a n d a Jul 28
why even pretend to decide
whether or not
to lock
the memory
a m a n d a Jul 5
i can play something,
with a certain
semblance of structure.
it is all I can promise.
a m a n d a Feb 2
some kind of constant lurching.
some kind of wildly flailing
forging ahead.
a m a n d a Jan 24
there is nothing like the feeling
of the pen releasing the ink...
so i draw.

there is nothing like
the vibration, the song...
so i beat drums.

there is nothing like
a word falling into place...
so i write.

there is nothing
like this internal fire,
this inescapable light.

wake to dream.
let hips sing.
float in the stream.
a m a n d a Jan 5
Carousel tilt
Hell on wheels
Universe in universe
Lip to lip
A wave a wave a wave
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