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Paul Hardwick Feb 2021
Do some drugs
Fight against the corona virus
Jab and go
Stay safe
21 days pass is
Do the same
All to gain
Love is.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2020
But to where
Up there
Up there is no wear.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2020
Getting old
In the winter

I cry from up my nose
My eyes always , red and blurry
If I get cold my toes fall off
Where they go I am at a loss
Never find them in my shoes
And my boots rub my ankles
Feels like rubbing them with sand paper
To a lovely rose gloss
In my day
I was. Road runner baby
Iā€™m a road runner
And you sweet
Are the one I like to use

Not sure I will write more.
Love P@ul.  ***
Paul Hardwick Aug 2020
Keep your distance
Two metres or more
I miss that hug

Not seen you in long time
Not much happened still the same
Still miss that hug

Is this how earth is now
Yes and will continue
I miss that hug

See you soon.

Love P@ul.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2020
Up fell down
The other day
Did not land well
Now he is known
As upside down.

Love P@ul.
Paul Hardwick Dec 2019
Who did this
What son?

There is a crack in my universe
What son?

O mom it s not whole
What son?
Paul Hardwick Dec 2019
Man of little statement  at all
Just this surreal man called Paul
One foot in life
The other dragging on the ground
pulling me left more than I like at
This season makes me think more

******* MERRY Christmas ONE AND ALL
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