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Paul Hardwick Dec 2019
Who did this
What son?

There is a crack in my universe
What son?

O mom it s not whole
What son?
Paul Hardwick Dec 2019
Man of little statement  at all
Just this surreal man called Paul
One foot in life
The other dragging on the ground
pulling me left more than I like at
This season makes me think more

******* MERRY Christmas ONE AND ALL
Paul Hardwick Nov 2019
Eyes bleed I am told
I blink once or twice
Am I just old
or Blinking the new in thing
they say theses days
it shows your soul
Or am I just old
Did not like to think
I did not blink
that means
my eyes are old
or maybe dry
I do not cry men never do
not even for you
F**k shot myself in the foot.
LOve You Still Even Though Your Much Older
Paul Hardwick Sep 2019
So Limp Wristed
and for me wanked twice
that is somthing to say
Girls do not read on
but you will.

Knew all will come somday
be on my own
to be with life now so far gone
love I have
of my own.

Love that nags me everyday
somedays I tell my self
this must not go on
this day that ***** is gone
Paul get that woman out of your life.

New day is born
all questions ask what did the **** did I do wrong
going along with everything
how did not see, you from the start
all the joys we had meant nothing to you.

This woman played you
from the start of everything
Paul now be yourself
be a king of your own realm
Hi my name is Paul I hurt at times.
For all my Exes who ever they are.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2019
Age is a such a special thing
Learning from the past yes it is
You don,t believe
Then read on today

Messing around with my time today

That's what I did today
Sun was out and brite today
Working on cycle show

I was stop 2
Not where they rested there heads
more just like to past though
them people so new

Just catching there breaths
I am  in the woods
Maybe a fly or two but nothing else

For I am security
If I told to say then I do
and believe me noting around me, will go missing

Got all first age training
In my smart Shoes
Polished to a shine so need some shades

Feet so brightening
Bownancing of my eye brows
Then straight in my eyes

It feels so wrong but so right
The rich do this ****
to make us blameless

And Do I LoVe  [email protected]***.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2019
hold your own heart
tale care
you will need it
love it its you after all
look for the colours in words
hold yourself first here on a page
your own hands
spell me than kari on spell anything
then you will become one of us
know what is
what was
then you are the man
Paul Hardwick Aug 2019
nice day today

Tonight getting cooler
And that
is aright with me
helps older people sleep
and I am only 22
kiss my anckels while I sing
and what you get, is up to you
any rymtheme
any note
up to you
people be new
private some olagy
ask and will report back
more than one becomes a problem
I will do my best
Al Symers
Told me that
By the way you ankles
taste kind of salty
you need to wash your feet
some feeling they  show you should be there
but when you find them
they mean so little to you

LOve. You, You know,
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