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JT Nelson Jun 27
Cool cool floor
Of smooth hard tile
Barefeet slapping in
Successive taps


Then onto carpet

Just observing the almost silent moments of someone stepping across a tile floor and then onto the carpet. Mostly mundane... definitely not something ever thought of as magical, this is something going on all over all the time. Sometimes things like that blow my mind.
JT Nelson Jun 26
Blank and holding breath
Holding paint... shaking
Projected from my mind
Holding my hand back

Taken in and exhaled
To steady my eyes
Of hand and brush as one
Look back... just create.
After long periods of not creating any art, the first jump back in can be daunting.
JT Nelson Jun 26
I love Vick’s Vaporub
Even when I don’t need it.
It’s a smell down
Memory lane
Sometimes just “because”.

It’s like my blanky
Snuggled up against me
As I shiver from a storm
Tapping my window
And the blanket soothes me.
Sometimes it’s Mentholatum... but that didn’t sound as good!
JT Nelson Jun 25
Three boys
I was the youngest
A family of five
In a big old house
With ONE bathroom

I learned the valuable lesson
Of waiting
How to hold

And getting ready for school
Was a choreography
Of hierarchy
And I would wait
And wait

Until the yellow tiled room was mine
And I could brush my teeth
In peace
Then spit

Then look in the mirror
Comb my hair
And grin at that kid
Smiling a crooked smile at me
And say “good enough for a small town”
I was so happy when dad added a second bathroom to our house. How we did it with one still amazes me!
JT Nelson Jun 20
I bet that sunsets taste
Like sherbet ice cream
On a warm summer day.

I'll take two scoops
And enjoy it right here
On my front porch.
I simply love sunsets on perfect summer nights while sitting on the front porch
JT Nelson Jun 19
My Dakota plains
Broken by clusters of trees
That surround farms
Connected by black thin lines
Draped between poles
That follow roads

Or a shortcut across fields
On giant steel mannequins
Standing watch over
Corn, beans, sunflower
Or cows or horses
Or sheep

On My Dakota prairie
With rich black dirt
That feed crops
And sustain our towns
Our clusters of life
Our family and self.
While South Dakota is so much more than agriculture, our ancestry that came here generations ago dug their roots in deep and nurtured this place in our hearts. It is a beautiful place... sometimes harsh, but a glorious place to take in.
JT Nelson Jun 18
I was taught by a man
That smelled heavily of smoke
Of the difference of certain
Brands of cigarettes
And the place to smoke them

I don’t remember much of that lesson
As I quit over twenty years ago
Except that Lucky Strikes should
Be smoked outside... alone...
In the park.
I think I only bought one or maybe two packs of Lucky Strikes. Those filterless suckers were a tough smoke.
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