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Tulsa Apr 22
Gentle muzzle
velvet soft
lipping at my palm
searching for the treats,
sugar and molasses
a rich combination
only a good horse

Supple leather
worn smooth
over years of dedication
and application
that comes from
this sport.
already promised ahead of time,
three months earlier,
hauling to deserted fairgrounds
a dusky sky setting the tone
for lead ropes
through stock trailer slats
cow dogs
up down sideways
trailing owners between horses legs and rusty pickups.

Tacking up
underneath floodlights
set to the soundtrack
of jangling spurs
and soft nickers.
Younger kids
hanging on the arena rails
drinking syrupy sweet
a tradition
root beers before your run
good luck
in our community.

Foot in the stirrup
old braided reins in hand
broken into submission,
under years
of use.

Slapping hands
with other riders
who already went
slick with sweat
foaming at the mouth
ready to go again
with rippling muscles
still taunt in the sticky summer night,
aching for one last run.
three turns
and a gallop home,
don't care about the money
unless you beat your last time-
your only competitor

Hard packed dirt
pounded down by hooves,
tails swishing at flies
as you wait
for your turn.
Adrenaline and happiness,
an addictive cocktail,
these are the nights
the bull riders came
from near and far
to try and conquer
Chainsaw's elevated bar

he'd buck them off afore
the eight second crack
none would last upon
his awesomely built back

around the rodeo circuit
this bull had a legendary status
for beating they who'd do
battle with his feisty apparatus

the goading spur of rider
not disconcerting him
he'd show them that he
was ever potent in trim

of an immortal bovine
we'll never see again
so celebrate the elan
of Chainsaw's grain
Neville Johnson May 2018
It’s an eight second partnership
The bronc, an angry participant
And me, I’m just trying to keep my legs in the stirrups
My hands on the reins
My wits about me
In one piece
Welcome to my world
It’s a family affair
Me and my sons, Troy and Dusty
Traveling day and night just to fight
For a living, one unforgiving
But exciting as the day is long
And to keep that ranch in Utah going
200 head of cattle and worries about enough rain
Are in our thoughts as we live the literal ups and downs of rodeo
We’re in the saddle for good
For life
Living our destiny
As we should
As we want to
As we have
The crowd is loudly cheering
For that is what crowds do
But, I only hear my heartbeat
For now, it's just us two

There's clowns in the arena
There's four barrels where they hide
But, it's me who faces danger
It's me that has to ride

They joke about the battle
They tell tales of my ex-wife
How I said "I did your sister"
Then I held on for my life

The truth is much more dangerous
The truth is what I know
The truth is underneath me
The truth is set to go

My boots are on the sideboards
Beneath me is the bull
A hurricane in waiting
With his anger set on full

The crowd still cheering loudly
I lower myself down
the rope around my right hand
Eight seconds to the crown

I'm not here to fight him
Just to hold on and be one
He'll try his best to throw me
I'm the bullet, he's the gun

I try to match his breathing
Slow mine down just like my heart
In a heartbeat it is over
But, right now, I'm set to start

I signal that I'm ready
It takes forever, but, it's quick
I now hear both our heartbeats
While I am waiting for the click....
Gabe Ouellette Oct 2017
Reading words we don't understand, won't understand,
walking down halls in every state of mind,
anxious thoughts for fear of these expected surprises,
like standing together in the rain to the very last minute only to get scolded when we get home, but

it was worth every second of forbidden time, time taken from the future,
hypnotic relaxation, that chewy feeling as she passes but wont look knowing exactly what's occurring.
Have you ever been in love?
Andreas Simic Oct 2017
Growing up country...A day in the life ©
I lay on my bed awake staring at the ceiling
No need for an alarm cause I have two
One is brooster the rooster and the is
A holler I call “father”

And then there it is the shout from below
“Get up you slugs we have things to do and places to go”
I leap out of bed toss on some clothes no need to be picky
For we ain’t likely to see nobody this way today

The race down the stairs is on, only three brothers to beat
Getting to the kitchen table to get a seat and grub to eat
The smell of bacon permeates the air
And mom is at the bottom stair to give a hug right there

As we chow down we all look around at each other
Knowing full well the list and which one we druthers
There’s tillin the garden with a ***, muckin the pens with its stench,
Fence mendin with barb wire or ridein that metal steed named Deere

And on this day through luck of the draw or Dad’s decision
I create furrow after furrow with precision and after awhile
And many circles complete the mind tends to wander into a haze
As you slide from side to side on that hard seat amidst a glaze

What will this fall harvest bring after the chores are complete
A trip to the fair and rodeo to compete and there I will be the winner
In that girl’s blue eyes as I lift up that grand prize
She’ll notice me then, that pretty little thing and proudly wear my ring

The old John Deere will transform from a metal steed to a pickup I will need
For those kids who will be taught to heed, respect their elders and lay seed
We’ll live on a farm just like this one built on strong backs from generation
To generation hoping to build a better nation

Andreas Simic©
Wolftrax Jun 2017
Strawberry Kiwi makes makes me queasy
I know it's a bit crazy, and a bit cheesy
But this place has me so confused, so lost
Sometimes I feel like I'm owning it like a boss
Drinking Green Tea and ******* on a Jolly Rancher
Knowing that the taste is pretty far out there

Been kicked off a horse, been kicked in the nuts
I've seen the sun go down, seen it come up
It's safe to say, I've been running on a lot of luck
My mind is clear, and I'm ready to ride this buck
Don't stop me now, don't get in my way, here I go
I've been working for this, I need to do this, let's roll
Decided to have a little fun with this one, hope you like it. :)
We all wish we could skip our chores like we skip cut-scenes in a video game
Or songs on our internet radio
Trust me, the Bulls wish they could skip the rodeo.
I wish i could skip the pauses in the stereo.
Everybody knows
Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
as the Three "R's" you need
Without them
you'll go nowhere
and never will succeed

Writing...that's a W
and Arithmetic an A
so, who ever came up
With "Three "R's"
was having a bad day

Now, go and ask a cowboy
what the three "R's"
are to him
You'll get a different answer
I'll bet you
one to ten

Ropin', Ridin' and Rodeo
The cowboy's three R list
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic
the big three that I missed

But if they do not have the first three
They are not a cowboy
not a chance
they're just another townie
just another fancy pants

So, to be a proper cowboy
there's six "R's"
they must know
the first three
along with
ridin', ropin, and
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