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Burst Sep 2019
my beautiful Bonnie
my blue/brown eyed baby
my bright light
my blossoming lady

our love
our care
moments we'll share
we'll show the way
we'll take you there
we'll reach far
we'll catch near
we'll play with the stars
we'll conquer our fears
we'll laugh and play
and play and sing
we'll walk together
we'll push the swing
we'll climb mountains
we'll swim in the seas
we'll explore the world
and push the boundaries

Bonnie my bear
Bonnie you are free
we'll Love you forever
two becomes three
three becomes one
one family
Bonnie my baby
you make us happy.
My first daughter to be born end November
Burst Jul 2018
Megan Casey
My liefste meisie

You make my heart...skip a beat
Skip a beat
Skip a beat
If you were a song, I'd play you on repeat

You are delicate and true
Luminous, through and through
My sunshine in the morning
My sky so blue

You're the rhythm to my happiness
The tempo, to my flow
Pulse to my heartbeat
And your melody is so.....
So, so sweet
You force my feet
To dance to your tune
In a trance so complete

Your voice is the harmony
I'm the listening ear
Without your frequencies
My hearing would disappear

I truly do
Really really
LOVE you.
Burst Jul 2017
Smart and sly
In a suit and tie
Passing by
just to say hi

Luring me in
with all happiness money can buy
Deceptively friendly
Sly sly sly

Slithering snake
Moving smoothly
Slow it down
I see you, truly
Through the grass
Behind the scenes
Slow it down
You've been seen!
Burst Jul 2016
Stupid again
Long lost friend
How do we reach
the light, at thee end?

Take my hand
I'll show you the way
I'll break your shackles
Im here to stay

Slay the dragon
Beat the fear
Pray that i'll drag you
into my sphere
Burst Jul 2016
Drawn to me
I can not believe
Repeat repeat
We will never be free

Stop change
Hold on tight
Enjoy the ride
Win that fight

Remember the sorrow
I will not follow
Burst May 2015
Switch off
Deep down
Into the ground

Switch on
High above
Into love
Burst May 2015
And so we try
To say goodbye
To all our sins
Deep inside

Acting alive
That's a lie

Wondering why
You cannot deny
The the truth in the sky
The splinter in your eye
Your suit and tie
The **** you buy

Your tears wil run dry
So keep your head high
Correct the mistakes
And one day you'll fly!
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