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jane taylor May 2016
hitherto i naively challenged
my decision to enter an ominous existence
a vicious maze veiled in obscurity
inconceivable to navigate without the accumulation
of bruises, heartache, and psychic mutilation

the torment’s ache so unfathomable
i begged to evaporate beseeching death’s arrival
and with the dexterity of a masterful wizard
i magically spun threads of my shredded soul
into a mangled ball of mental lacerations

then stealthily in the opaque of the night
i rushed the frigid black ocean’s high tide
and deluging myself in the ebony water
i buried the battered ball
now deeply eclipsed in the onyx abyss

it sapped all my strength to hold it under
drowning in the wave’s of sea motion
stinging salt alive on my pours
gasping for air i surrendered my grip
releasing my marred orb of élan vital

capitulating to the sand on the beach
i ceded the fight and watched the sphere roll
unraveling it glistened against the white sand
an opalescent tapestry lit by twilight
mirroring the stars against the coal sky

in the lustrous lunar midnight
reflected back by silver moonlight
littered with specks of fluorescent insight
astonished i drew in my breath as i read
words interlaced in the untangled web

the wounds are there
creating a looking glass
peer in
and you will heal
your own consciousness

AmeriMav Oct 2018
Light of the stars
Your radiant glow
Is quite opalescent
Glorious shine sets ablaze
Heart and soul in a dizzy haze
Fine as porcelain your soft white skin
A masterpiece like a pearl prized by men
Michael Marchese Sep 2018
Technical issues
Malfunctioning wires
The power sporadically
Comes, then expires
As quick as the rains
In cascades upon town
Serenade to me sleep
As they crash all around
And depart to the chirping
Of crickets in thickets
Of dense foliage
As the canopy glistens
Bejeweled in the dews’
Opalescent sun rays
As the colobus leap
To and fro as they play
On display is a wilderness
Otherworld bliss
And the people as natural
Components subsist
Off the land that has nourished them
Centuries old
Now a part of their story
Mine set to unfold
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

Her opalescent wings unfurl under the
clear skies, glittering beautifully under
the golden glory of the sun
As she opens her jaws, lances of flame
covers the green, ravaging life with scalding
kisses of red and orange and purple and gold
Her breath has grown hotter over the years -
now able to melt steel and stone, flesh and bone
But her eyes, molten suns are always wet with
affection when she looks at me
Her claws are curved, sharper than Damascus
steel, the shade of deep obsidian.
Her tail long and spiked; a dangerous whip
Her scales drinking in sun as she watches
me dip my feet into the sea. From it, rises smoke.
Like the water, its's rising and receding into
A clear blue and it seems so vast and endless
Just looking at the horizon makes me feel so

My head is hurting so I just let my imagination wander...
Thank you so much for 236 followers!! It means so much to me!
Lyn ***
Farewell, farewell, farewell unto thee,

Hands of time; 'Tis time to run free.

Though Sun is burning bright to behold

Her sprinkling ripples of opalescent gold

Through trees bedight in robes of green,

Evoking wild lonely leaves to preen

To the sussuration of zephyr's whispers

Sweet as of nymphs beside rollin' rivers,

Nevermore in a pit of thoughts to hide

But far deep in Mandeville Canyons ride.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
      Los Angeles, California.
Penned today on riding through Mandeville Canyons. I wish we had an option of sharing poems with pics, only then ye wouldst have known how beauteous Mandeville Canyons in Los Angeles is.

#Mandeville Canyon #Ride #Adventure #Pulchritude
'I Have a Dream'

I have a dream.
I feel, in every part of my being.
My mind plays games, while my heart lives a fantasy.

I want to save the world, but I can't even save me.
I want world peace, but first, it must reside within me.

My soul begs for clarity.
I am conflicted, always feeling restricted.
Yet, I am bewitched by curiosity.
I have a dream, that my pieces will reach out to form one body, and that every fiber of my being will be in unity.
Reality or fantasy, this is not something I could've predicted.
And in destroying the world, the world of my imaginings, I lay it to rest, may this ink show an eternal epitaph - for the death inside of me,
I dream, in opalescent pools of complexity
In order to dream, and to live completely free ~
I am now embracing anarchy.

'Cause I want to save the world, but I can't even save me.
I want world peace, but peace,
         it never held residence within me.

By: Ashton Conor Amstutz
'Twas in the eventide of June
Whilst he didst lay in a pit of despair
When a lass fair as a silvery moon
Stately sailed his way as a zephyr
Yet majestically as drops of dew
Rollin' upon boughs of emerald fair.

Heaven's ever fair golden eye
Had sprinkled her very last ray
To pave way unto night maidens
That evermore bedight heaven's bay
With luster that in perpetuum gladdens
***** eyes in a way i canst not say.

Radiant hope in his eyes shone bright
To potter beside a beauty queen
Whose eyes thrice brighter than light
Fair like as sails of diamond hewn,
Opalescent as robes of Sirius in the night
Whilst decamping at the fall of dawn.

Euphonious lullabies into her ear
Mellifluously he didst sing and sing,
For her to know she's all he did revere.
A fair diadem unto her he did bring,
For her to forevermore hold it dear
Queen unto him she's, and him her King.

But yonder stars in lone splendor
Coveted him and the beauty queen,
For her effulgence surpassed their luster
That as passes a fiend with eyes unseen
When the wind is hushed into slumber,
So did spy upon 'em with eyes keen.

Alas! As we all know naught lasts forever,
The looming veils of night began to vade
Whilst stars in a splendiferous cluster
Upon celestial shores coyly didst wend;
And his visage grew pale by dawns luster,
For far off with his queen they'd eloped.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
#Tales Of Nineva #Swain #Maiden #Fairy whispers #Imaginations

— The End —