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Madeleine Dawn Feb 2015
Get down on your knees, show them how you worship with the embodiment of sin between your lips, and prove to them just how much reverence you have in you – a creature of the ****** you may be, but the angels, in all their splendour, are envious of your devotion to the devil.
You can't fear the Devil when he's holding your hand.
Madeleine Dawn Feb 2015
The howl of the wind creeps into the darkest parts you; finally ridding the dust that lay heavy on your aching bones.

A single bite from her starved mouth envenoms you with addiction – another, and she’s left sanguinary. hungry and wanting for more.

Wait for her night to find you – let it sink its claws into your back; smiling as she watches you bleed.
Madeleine Dawn Nov 2014
A slither of light shone into the dark recesses of her room that smelt faintly like the lingering scent of sweet vanilla and hope.
Madeleine Dawn Oct 2014
Don’t listen to those demons late at night, sweet girl.
They dig their claws in because they know it’s when your worst decisions are made.
Don’t let them trick you into thinking you’re the problem, my darling.
They just want you to be afraid.
Madeleine Dawn Oct 2014
Watch as the colours bleed across the sky.
Listen to the whispered secrets of the night.
Madeleine Dawn Aug 2014
She dipped her fingers in stardust and wrote his name across the night sky, so that each time she felt the opalescent halo burning a hole in her heart that no words could fill, she could find home in him, and drift off into a restless sleep from the silent lullaby of the sky singing his name.

— The End —