They say revenge, its own reward
Found at the edge of history
Is best served colder than the war
In discourses of mystery
But tasty nonetheless because the flesh
Is what we bless
And what the West will know as Gilgamesh
If sins of father’s fail to see
That prequel tales of Babylon
Still pre-date inhumanity

What I’d give to recall
The name of such beauty
The state of mind origin
She left me in, I’ve been
Thinking about her
Since time it stood still
And now being without her
Still wanting to fill
Every hole in her plot
With my potion in motion
A mile a minute
Spit-swapping emotion
Accented eccentric
She spoke with her eyes
For the roar of the crowd
Stole away my replies
To her pheromone’s modus
Vivendi allure
Flash backing the fragmented  
Memories pore
From my wandering heart
And her long journey home
Such a mystery girl
And still onward I roam

I’ve seen signs of life grow
As they dance within fallout zones
Hunger’s war-waged
Ravaged plains where no Jesus goes
Shopping for happy
And shinier things
A bazaar kind of market
Where real freedom rings
Over cannons crowns used to blow babies to bits
But now lion kings bow in the tigress’ midst
And in piles of shit’s where they let the pigs squeal
But the monkeys as gods still respect what they feel
By the river, the nurturing mother, the giver
Created by Brahma, the people, the mirror
As clear as the lotus blooms Saraswati
With the grace of a swan in my speech therapy
Where the wisdom of elephants steps to progress
And the mercy for mice carries it to success
And the cobra don’t strike lest the mongoose is stressed
For Surya sent her very best from the West
As it sets in a sapphire mango mirage
And it adds to this human collective collage
With monsoonal communal’s resurgent potential
To never change climates on what is essential

And just like that they
Overthrow another democratically-elected
People-powered new direction
For the right to be progressive
In a world of such oppressive
Selfish-serving private interest
In the businesses we model in our images
Unlimited horizons in a modernizing age
Of representative plutocracy
Performing on the stage

Where heroes go I may not know
Not dare I venture even guess
How any of the guilty rest
Within unending Hades woe

Yet wandering the shores of Styx
I’ve written tales of gallantry
Befitting none more valiantly
Resisting this infernal bliss

Still waiting for the veil to lift
On maenads vying for this verse
Compassion is my lover’s curse
To them my empathy a gift

But wicked thieves ensnare my heart
Still stained in shadow’s lyric ink
The instrumental missing link
Is little more than broken art

To after living’s parallel
Bemusing state ecstatic trance
Revealing after second glance
My spirit freed in Asphodel

The outside world
Won’t make me a number
A face in the crowd
A pawn in the game
Of the policy punditry
Posting away
For the only fake news
Is same shit, different day
When you’re still stuck inside
An exceptional sentience
Consciousness prism’s
Illumined life sentence’s
Persona schisms

Finish your thought
And I’ll tell you the problem
It’s shitholes still saying
This nation is great
When there’s so much more human
We have on our plate
Merely trends gender spenders
In ongoing races
To get to the bottom
Of cash system’s classroom
Outcaste standard test
Makes a mess of the cost of care
Valued at less
Then a greeting card, chocolate box life
Kind of rose
When it paints way more senses  
To feel the red prose
So keep toying with nukes
Like your insolent children
I play with the matches of infinite wisdom
As self-absorbed saviors of lovers unhappy
Pretend that they know what “in sickness” could mean
Why define “My Immortal” American dream
When I know you ain’t seen every scene on the screen that I’ve seen
But you know I believe that we both like the show
So keep watching the clock go right out the window
And go head over Helios, stop and then think
As you drink in addictions they’re making you synch
And then spill ‘em in history’s permanent ink

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