Built atop the promises
And broken in the lies
Then stolen from the peasants
For the gentrified disguise
The thinnest lines dividing pledges
To the people whose allegiance
To resenting oppositions
In petitions of their grievances
Elected under shady deals
Revealing just how similarly
Secrets are concealed
And normalcy is petty bourgeoisie
And bureaucratic tape
And the electorate is in on it
Complicit in the rape
It’s inescapable, two-faced and dull
The trite remarks and punditry
The policy dishonesty
The everything is free
And then perception is distorted
Knowledge power is withheld
And mass consent is manufactured
By the votes they buy and sell
To stretch the cyclical stagnation
In its literal translation
To the nation separated
In each origin creation
Still scapegoated by the pet issues
They prize as consolation
Maybe somewhere long ago
Perhaps the demos had foreseen it
Now the future generations
Hardly care enough to screen it
Just believe that it’s the only way
That progress is ensured
So keep diplomacy expendable
War-profiteers insured
For there are some who see
Both points and sides
Leave no rights left
In house divides
Given to mortals
To spark a rebellion
They used it instead
To drop napalm oppression
Reducing to cinders
And smoldering ash
Their symbolic salvation
And piles of trash
Unabashedly brazen
Emblazoned in races
Their banners and books
Conflagration hate nations
The forests consumed
In the climates of change
As the engines of war
Dragon hunger pangs rang
Like the rockets ascending
To bring them to me
But they crashed and they burned
And returned to the sea
Guess the truth is
I don’t know how I feel
Some days I still want you
Others, I don’t care
Just tell me we don’t have to talk
About us
I just want to be worldly with you
And discuss
How two people together
Could actually change
What one drifter alone
Simply couldn’t arrange
But they got’chu quiet
They program your voice
Automate your decisions
And tell you it’s choice
You can go to the store
Or just one click away
But it’s they who decide
Whose to die on D-Day
And it’s war that they want
So the fear sells consent
Then they bury your rights
In 4 walls of demented cemented lament
With their power, their privilege
Their laws they’re above
So I write like a hawk
And I speak like a dove
In service to causes
Too hard to believe
For a thoughtless prayer nation
Still bending the knee
Type caste system arch villain chillin’ like Ivan
The terrible chemical weapon describin’
The end of the world vibin’ lionized Mayan
Still skyin’ as high as a Lucy blood diamond
Fine dinin’ and winin’ with sabhines and sirens
Declinin’ these Roman Republican tyrants
A stubborn jackass beast of burden survivin’
Like ghosts of the guillotine dreamer revivin’
Enlightenment vivid with livid land minin’
Kaboomin’ Mt. Doom when I see these kids dyin’
Just tryin’ to weather this Stormy norm climate
A violent sea risin’ and still you deny it
The science, in favor of implicit bias
Your nation-hate patriot swastika riot
Your ravenous consumer media diet
Your guns and your slaves, all your property private
Your for-prophet poverty trap spreading virus
Your silence of lambs in the face of Goliath
My sting with that sling got’chu feelin’ defiant
Keep your money worship plastic idol
Out of my face
Out of my oceanic,
Coral bleaching,
Unhappy place
Go take your sacred spaces
To the crushing depths of doubt
Your fame and fortune are as hollow
As the love you are without
You value paperweight success
Define your peace of mind with war
And whore away your peak potential
Till you curse the skies for more
Of what indifferent gods provide
Be of they science or compliance
To a prophet-motive virus
Spreading on to cover all the land
In codices of Cyrus
Sooner spend eternity
In awkward silence
Learning me
Than speak pretending
I could teach you
All the poetry
My speech do
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