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The rusting
The worker
The whip
The upgraded
A slave trade
I saw
How the world
Felt without her
The unbridled temptation
To soar through the sky
At the end of the earth
Where I still hear the chirping
Of never come home
And I never knew less
Than an age made of stone
But despite how I roam
Like a satellite phone
And the void beckons sweeter
Than her pheromone’s
Ceremonious coaxing
My psychosis
Into melding together
Its empathy ghost
With her most
I couldn’t quite overcome
Why I still fear it
Perhaps you’re expecting
A spectacle
Puppet show
Thespians falling in love
With the undertow
And rowing
Your boat down a stream
Always merrily,
Living the dream
And now
All that’s left
Is to think
And to choose
How we liberal
Can ignite the fuse
How we took two together
And made them engage
How we sparked curiosity’s
Discipline blade
How the purist
Of privilege
Could all come together
Discuss it,
Debate it
And make it all better
The logic and reason
Over ails
And the ancient philosophy
Still never fails
Don’t ever presume
To the depths
You met me
Don’t assume
I can be
Anything that I see
I am nothing but dust
In the tranquility
I have given up hope
And emotion
And woke
Up upon
Other sides
And beside myself
Of the furthest recesses
Of what
I once wrote
As a token
Of broken
Out the words
Say it all to my face
I betrayed you,
Unmade you,
And sought to upgrade you
A waste of time space
But I needed you more
Than I care to embrace
Though the yearning
To turn with you
Catching the glimpse
Like omens
Of bliss
I wanted to tell you
What I really feel
Wanted it to seem truth
Wanted it to seem real
Wanted to
See the sand
All around us
At hand
Wanted you to be more
Than I don’t
How the everything happens
And here
Still I am
We all want more
No idea
What to do with it
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