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And as they moved through me
Subdued me
Removed me
From me
I was dying to be,
They renewed me
Imbued me with latent
By rhapsodies
Was I
To the fragrant
Effulgent ephemeral
Flashes of brilliance
In clashes of titans
And gods of Olympus
Divining themselves
From ethereal epics
Extant in their shape-shifting  
Adventure to find
Where the sea
Meets the sky
Where a pure inspiration
Beholdens the eye
How quickly a year
Can elapse
Is astonishing
Make every moment
To be actively present
And pleasant
Each second
Or live to forget
The remembrance
In remnants of memories made
In sustaining
Begrudgingly forcing
Facades of equating
Superior intellect
Deigning to feigning
This greeting sincerely
A matter of act
To surpass the harassing
******* in class
In Cacophonous braying
Displaying a crass
Disposition of *******
Herd-mindless en masse
Merely falling in line
Until their turn to die
Comes as natural to me
As the killing of time
We try to sound
As we
Not meaning to
We contemplate
More often end up
Convictions we assert
Of righteousness
And rectitude  
Conflating faith with certitude
In provenances
We conclude
Consensus from the misconceptions
Answers to subsume
The questions
Even if the faintest doubt
Still lingers on each word
Of mouth
And furtively betrays
As easily
As Death reveals
Itself to all of those in time
Who claimed in life
Divine design
More absolute than its unmaking
Their awaiting
To resurrection
On hypotheses
Of heaven
But nonetheless
Is man in all his arrogance’s
Gods upon a pedestal
Love is like
A house of cards
A work of art
That falls apart
What nobody else sees
Or can know about me
I divulge to the shadows
An unvarnished self-portrait
Devoid of redactions
An honest account
Of my crooked transactions
A pact with the demons
To spare me from their
Maledictive libations
And impish fanfare
That befall me
When I try
To ask god why we die
And receive no reply
Only silence do I
Spy with my little eye
When I lie awake
Counting the ghosts
I descry
When I can't seem to sleep
I can write
Like a maniac raving
In slavish delight
To the barking mad
Loneliest night
Where I moonlight as me
And upstage other parts
That I keep under wraps
And entombed in the dark
Like a heart in a jar
On display in a bleak
Show museum
When I can't seem to sleep

And what secrets I keep Are all leaked to the public
But no one one among them
Would durst to be cursed
By my hex of depressive
Confessions immersed
In abysmal residual
Remnants of past
Strewn and scattered memories
Shatter like glass
From a cracked-mirror fist
Of what does it all mean
Still attempting to piece back
Together a dream
Just as broken as ever
Awoken to greet
The deceit I delete
When I can't seem to sleep

Merely reach for the pen
And allow it to speak
For the creature contained
In this well-mannered freak
Where by day it maintains
An illusion defusing
Conflictual bombs
All around me before
They explode into qualms
That I have with a world
In despair,
And dismay once again
My disguise will betray
The real self
I withheld
But I'd like you to meet
The complete version counting
The seconds like sheep
In my true nature form
When I can't seem to sleep
There is just too much possible
Human capacity
Shrouded in secrecy
Sealed in mendacity
Boxed away, locked
In a crate
Where it waits
To reveal itself to
Unsuspecting primates
Unprepared to see through
Panicking panoramas
Of primitive man
In his going bananas
Default modern setting
Upon the discoveries
Later regretting
Forgetting mistakes
Of the past
As we make
A genetically-engineered future
At stake
Is the current world order's
Next failed
Nation state
And the fate of a species
Contingent on how
We all lose track of time
Living here
In the now
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