Slavish is lavish, just add the s
To the heaps of your Hedonist hordes of excess
So obsessed with the best that the West has to offer
Democracy scales are just nails to the coffer
Just Madoffs and Adolfs still claiming a stake
In banana republics, so let them eat cake
We can wait as we make a land full of our waste
And with fake as shit smiles we’ll spit in the face
Of their race to the bottom of fortune and fame
Where Satan and Jesus are one and the same
When morals are numbers, and justice is banks
And peace is for profit, compulsory tanks
But without them your life is a third world of grief
And your paycheck is merely a futile lord’s fief
Just a thief would I be, with the speech of a beggar
But I’d own these streets with a cloak and a dagger
As you learn to suffer the absence of self
Dematerializing your hunger for wealth
In a union of monkey gods’ breeding the seeds
Of the gardens of green this earth actually needs

I’m done with your rules
And your laws and your orders
Your half-empty pride
In a country of borders
That spits in the faces
Of dreamers who built it
And re-elects nightmares
Who tortured and killed it
Enslaved it and sold it
For hollow ideals
Then chained it and told it
To swallow the pills
Pay your bills, go to work
Shut your mouth, cast your vote
Buy a gun, beat your wife
Go to jail, end your life
It’s not right, it’s not fair
No one cares to be clear
What you hear are the lies
Hispering in your ear
If it’s real, it’s still fake
It’s not news, it’s a joke
And we laugh or we cry
‘Cuz the system is broke
And the banks rob us blind
And the stock markets crash
And we get so depressed
Since we can’t eat our cash
Just swipe it and like it
And hashtag it lit
Burn it all mother fuckers  
I do not give shit

Today I had the misfortune of reading that the Trump administration plans to revoke laws that have criminalized the importation of illegal ivory into our great nation. This makes me sick, embarrased and ashamed to call myself an American citizen and I can only hope there are some out there who share my contempt and disdain for a nation of united people that tolerates such loathsome, cowardly, and pathetic abuses of power by its so called leaders, without taking more extreme measures against them, for their crimes against Nature. Thank you.

You know it when you see it
When you reach it
When you be it
Do not chase it
But embrace it
You have just begun to taste it
Let it spiral from the heavens
And consume you in its gaping
Mind-erasing, soul-escaping  
Divination of creation
As you sink into the sands
Of a permanent vacation

If from some great well of wisdom
There would flow the truth
I’d drink my fill and wonder why
It’s wasted on the youth
Who have no bills to pay or mouths to feed
Or reasons to suppress their greed
For sharing isn’t caring
If what all you need is what you want
A picture book to read

So serene and tranquil thoughts convene
Philosophy is alien
To you in all your blissful cares
At home with no one there again
Alone inside your little worlds
The ones outside seem big and small
But nothing matters anymore
Except for growing tall
Before you fall into adulthood
And give in to after all

In ruins of the Roman’s greed
Lies my city by the sea
Where as a boy my joy would cry
To count the blessings green
For Mother Earth was me and we
Built cities by the sea

Until the day I came to lead
This city by the sea
Where as a man I vowed to try
To save her shores serene
From enemies of liberty
In cities by the sea

Free trade could not appease their need
For cities by the sea
Where as a slave I live to die
And feed their war machine
Eroding in democracy
Like cities by the sea

The all-consuming nothing of the chaos opens wide
And back I gaze into its eyes with no where left to hide
Yet I take fright in not but nights
Spent lurking in my lair alone
From there my home seems otherworldly
She seems farther gone
For long have I forgotten waking moments
Lying next to her
As fleetingly as dreams escape the loves that never were
But I was sure, so very sure, that I had found it and I knew
That all cosmogony mythology
Realities were true  
As based in fact and artifact
As come to past lives can explain
The meaning of forever
That she left me in the rain

Turn to the tyrants in your desperation
Then bow to the despots who promise salvation
To make a great nation again just be patient
The sickness and hunger and carnage
Is ancient
So just keep on waiting
And praying and voting
For new revolutions
To end the scapegoating
Promoting of puppets who serve in the ranks
Of the NRA super pacs thinking of tanks
Before hospitals, schools and a job on the line
When the self-serving interests know only the grind
Of the country club, mansion and stock-sucking life
And the left is in pockets of whites on the right
And now dark is the night and it never sees dawn
Just a loaded handgun to what’s already gone

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