To suffer with the world again
To feel each ounce of human nature
Channeled through the great beyond
Into the single consciousness
Of earth supreme in lordly stars
Conceiving of the one I love
Far out across the universe
The journey can begin at last
And now I come to live again

You go to work
You cash a check
You tie the knot
You snap your neck
You fill your life
With empty holes
To fill the void
Of empty souls
You wonder why
This happiness
Walks hand-in-hand
With loneliness
You wish this bliss
This universe
Was your rebirth
And not its hearse
You blind yourself
Until you see
A perfect vision's

Forget the way she made you feel
As mighty as a mountain
Throw away the memories made
Like pennies in a fountain
See her face begin to blur
And fade into the distance
Never reach her rising sun
That powered your resistance
Tell yourself you weren't worth
An ounce of her serenity
Change your mask until she sees
Your ugliest identity
For somewhere in the wilderness
You've both yet to discover
Could perhaps in waiting lie
Each others' truest lover

In the heart of the forest
My evergreen eyes
In their luster and shade
Ever-dream of the skies
Above clarity's glade
And the peace that surrounds us
Connecting us all
As it hangs in the balance
I just waterfall
Into wind-chiming whispers
And mountain stream songs
As they carry my mind
To the realm it belongs

Allow me to dine on your palate of fears
And I'll let you drink from my tempest of tears
Surrender your soul to my spirit's dominion
And I'll let you tell me your worthless opinion

On states of the union and feminist lit
I am fucking immortal, I don't give a shit
I was born to make peace and be one with the winds
I'm the tyrant king lizard still shedding his skins

So if cold my visage, and disheveled and dark
It is only because I am building an ark  
For extinction is rising, and still we're disguising
The beasts we became when we were synchronizing

We're so far left, you think it's theft
We are the blind man's ego death
We see the abstract poverty
In all of its cosmology
Humanity is Mother Nature
We are but her nomenclature
Poets with a love of wisdom
Burning down this fascist system
Classist, cashist, racist pigs
They step to us with oil rigs
But we got dreamers of all sizes,
Colors, shapes and symbolizes
Universally diverse
Rehearsing every universe
Test our patience is a virtue
Justice will be swift upon you

By egalitarians
Who guillotine these Aryans
That D.A.R.E. to limit our fair share
Of ways to rock this crazy hair
And break this shit down to the truth
As we explore the realms of youth

Our architects will span the seas
On odysseys of Pleiades
Our psychics will make obsolete
The news-feed ticking time bomb tweet
Our rebels will revolt in peace
With furies reigning Ancient Greece
Our sorcerers will cast their spells
And grant each drop of wishing wells
Our Appleseeds will grow year 'round
Upon the fields of common ground
Our leaders will be yoga teachers,
Open mics, and bleacher creatures
We will obligate these morals
Or white wash these dying corals
We will all commiserate
Or drown ourselves in selfish hate
It's not too late to save this place
Our fate rests not in distant space
But in the permanence of ink
Now step aside and let us think

Seep into every last pore of my skin
Then swim through my veins
Like a viper within
Fading back into black
Where I sharpen the senses
And spear-tip my heart
In the venomous lenses
The darkest dimensions
From volcanic ash
And a mountain of doom
I have watched the skies burn
Now my tomb is the moon

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