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Always something
Missing there
Standing in the way
She’s gone
And gone
And gone
And gone
They either drag
Or lead me on
Attraction always
Missing piece
Their outlook always
Lacking peace
As I
Have reimagined it  
They’d rather stare
In silence sit
As if I was
Somehow amusing
Like some crass
Class clown
What I wanted
Out of this
With someone
I goodnightly
But seldom miss
Or long to hold
Growing old
Cadaver on the shoreline
All I’ll ever be
All I ever wanted
With you
Was my former love
And it’s weighing
Like an anchor
Of the memories
But we’ll always have the pier
And moonlight beach
To tie the knot in
But it’s not in some
Delusion funeral
Where people wed
It shall remain within
The hanging
From the days
For which we bled
Wanted you
To be happiness
Be my way out of this
Give me a reason to try
Be the song that I sing
Be the tears that I cry
When you’re gone
Hold you close
Keep you sheltered inside
In the nights I can’t see you
Or see you replied
I would strive
To keep strengthening you
Building me
To the man that I always knew
I’d proudly be
But this image
Contingent on you
For too long
And contentment
On nothing is wrong
Never once
Not a moment
Of discord or strife
Not an ounce of the pain
We’ve been chained to in life
All too soon
Comes to be
Nothing more
Than illusion
In shambles,
In ruins,
In shattered conclusions
For perfect girl
Was the most damaged he’d met
And with worthless boy
They only drank to forget
Cease your dream
Go and forget her
Again in disharmony
Build yourself up
Diminished to ashes
Like self-immolations
And hatred invades
Mental illness pervades
And we wade through
The witch of us
Got the best grades
There’s still slaves
At these raves
And you’re trying to change me
Still people in chains
But you’re trying to save me
Reframe me in some
More idyllic potential
But I only bend
If this ****’s elemental
A level I’ve weathered
Like severed headstone
In empyrean storms
Never further from home
So prescribe,
What is flawed
I’m a human conditioned
To be the outlawed
For my presence alone
Lingers on like a clue
And my resonance
Still plot the coup
Valiant effort
Best attempt
Most often
Only yields
So I write again
Why try
To make some sense
Before we die
Regardless of how monumental
Were our triumphs
Or potential
All in time
All will fade
No impact made
Equates the cost
Or justifies
A moment’s sorrow
Nor invigorates
Even if I wake
Walking dead
Dreadful curmudgeon  
Is what I’ll appear to be
Embrace the all-encompassed me
Decline the sky,
Embrace abysses
Where the squids
And whales
Do business
All the riches,
Hell beneath us
Cracks and boils
Shores erode
Before my eyes
And deeper still
My shipwreck dives
Alive, but cold
I shiver in
The maelstrom’s
Unrelenting spin
It’s been so hard
To find the one
To bask beside
Beneath the sun
But kingdom comes
For me
No queen
Save for
My consort
Seven seas
She remains
But an image
The once again
Just the pen’s
Favorite for instants
Insistence on trying
Just seemingly fails
Every time
Love eludes
And unbalances scales
So confusing
How one day
Your path and hers cross
And the next
Couldn’t care less,
But I grieve the loss
And bereave the departed,
The fallen
Once fond
The no longer beside me,
The physically gone
Still remind me
In eternity
I am the drifter
Through rifts in absurdity
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