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Yet even now
Still hope you’re reading
Even if it’s just a fleeting
Skimming of
The haunted house
Within it ghosts
Still boast about
Priceless possessions
How they dig
The grave reflections
Like Narcissus
Smoke and mirrors
Darkly lit
Yet starkly clearer
Oddly somehow
All makes sense
A cosmic joke
At my expense
Dispenses with
Unfinished business
No illusions
Left to witness
Just remains
And acid rains
The single mind
In many brains
Dissolving in
Dearest one
Wasn’t one
Single mistaken
Heart breaking
It was even us
It up as we went along
Somehow connected
And unburdened
From system schismatics
Too ******-frenetic
Forget it
It’s better off
Dead and regretted
Can’t be changed
Without action
‘Till then it’s just words
Movement gains
Create traction
By practicing verbs
But perhaps paradoxically
Both coincide
If you think about doing
In all forms of rhyme
For the pen, like a sword
Is a weapon you wield
And to foes of the former
The latter revealed
Inspiration to wage
The just causes belie
That you don’t need to ****
To still powers defy
When it really comes down to it
Instinct is key
Solutions you don’t conclude
Although naturally yield
An appealing
Popularity contest
To racialize hair
That the struggle
Does not even care
When it’s hungry
And pushed to brink
Of extinction
In a cage
Like a subhuman species
So why try to train
What does not want to learn
Your new tricks
Why insist
Making it
Your concern?
Opted out
Got back in
Couldn’t live there again
I chose racing with rats
Over ones on my skin
Crawling off its embrace
Of my gaunt skeleton
Gnawing at my subconscious
Insomniac guilt
Where fecundity blooms
It shall soon enough wilt
And what built its decay
Domicile exile
Expires, erodes
No abode is worthwhile
Eventually I
Would abandon the home
For the first opportunity
Onward to roam
Be it so
Upon continents
Drifting away
Or domestic tranquility
Muted and gray
From rock bottom
Leech feasting
Has my vanity swelled
To where deities weep
And it watered the earth
With vitality tears
And then salted its worth
In a graveyard of fears
But availed no tomorrow
Unveiled in the fog
Just foreshadowed the ashes’
Aghast acrid smog
Some would laud
As if progress
Need darken the sky
As if flawed by design’s
A commodified lie
Yet another price tag
On a plastic bag
‘Till the last human
Life bullet
Empties the mag
And dragged into
A sooner
Or later
The maker you meet
Is a fake
Mistaken for an older
Closer to
Collapsing over
Almost over
Final chapter
Not coming after
Nor the sequel
Just forget it
Savor desperation
Let it
Push you to the brink
Of sink
And make your alter-ego
Relinquishing the hero’s tale
Accept that by the end you failed
To draw your perfect dreams
To scale
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