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Hello, Nothingness.
In all your glory.
I feel like drawing.

into nothingness.

Wherever that is.
It has been a while since I wrote a poem; no wonder I have been sad.
Little girl lost,
found her way Home.
Hello, Poetry.
In fairytales and fantasies,
My parents would always say,
That a Magician so talented,
Would someday find his way.

And what way should he seek?
In fields of dust and harrowed meek,
And in his path he should depart,
Into my beating heart.

But he is a Magician after all,
A bewitcher, a deceiver, a devil at the ball.
Who tricked and hoaxed me,
By the time of nightfall.

So curse you Magician,
And the lies you have said,
After all your trickery,
Was that you never cared.

the old priest shuffles
pages of crusty memoirs
in the silence of the temple
he has forgotten how to speak
breaking Me
is Patience-
bounding across
white peaks of snow
to Nirvana
floating away-

flotsam and debris
of what could have been
if you had been mine,
Water Lily
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