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Judy Ponceby Jul 2015
Mother Nature
that wise woman
threw a storm the other day.

It nearly took out Florida
with its raging rains and
tempestous winds.

She's been a bit tempermental of late,
what with the radiation pouring out of Japan,
the plastic clogging the Northern Gyre.

Coral reefs dying off are really
rocking her boat.  The rising carbon dioxide's making her itchy,
just look at how she's growing that poison ivy now.

Monarchs are starving.
Bats are dying off with the sniffles.
She's **** near had enough.

Makes me tremble in my boots,
just thinking what she is truly capable of
if she decides enough IS enough....
Day 5 of the 5 Day Challenge.
Judy Ponceby Jul 2015
Teardrops fall gently,
gently to the earth.
Grief soaking into the soil
that holds those loved
ones. Their lives given,
given by choice
to a greater cause.
The call of their country,
their country's freedom.
May we, one and all,
Honor them this day
And always.

My thanks to those
that serve.
Belated Day 4 of the 5 Day Challenge.
Judy Ponceby Jul 2015
Wizardly wisps of
waspy mists
mingle and tingle
amongst the twists
of gnarly ropes and
knurlish boughs
flung amidst the
whys and hows.
Day 3 of the 5 Day Challenge
Judy Ponceby Jul 2015
It is not "giving up"
It is not "giving in"
It is not "the end"

What it is
Is the acceptance of
the cycle of Life.
The appreciation of a life lived.
The celebration of that life.
The time to examine the meaning of one's life.
To revel in the joy and the sorrow of living.
To find the peace one needs to move on
To whatever the next realm brings.

Hospice to me is life.
Day 2 of the 5 Day Challenge
Judy Ponceby Jul 2015
Planets align
Don't malign

Elliptical simplicity
With rhetorical duplicity

Minds engage
While hearts do rage

Beyond the sources
Of controllable forces

Span the continuum
In search of equilibrium.

The Lost are found
Yet questions abound
5 poems in 5 days Challenge, Nominated by Rene Velez
Judy Ponceby Apr 2015
Lighted sentries stand guard
Over slickened steel rails

Rails that reach into the painted skyline
Traversing life's trail to the clickety-clack of time

Time's learn-ed history passes by
Enlightening life's travelers at every bend.
Judy Ponceby Jul 2014
To think and wish what ifs...

To look to the past for what might have beens...

To gaze upon what once was and what could have come to past.....

Leaves one's heart tender and aching

Until you realize, what is

Is good and true and joyous

In its own right.
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