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May 2020 · 151
well acted
neha yamba May 2020
i wish you turned back
faked a smile to bid goodbye .
it couldn't have been that tough
for you , being such a great actor .
May 2020 · 86
neha yamba May 2020
burn out the dark with yellow flames
burn out the cold with warm hearts
burn the negativity with the spirit of love .
May 2020 · 72
happy colors
neha yamba May 2020
your eyes besotted seeking
my curves rhyming to beautiful poetry
trying to understand my unsolved
black and white mystery .
I am so done with this monotonous life
i crave renascence
paint me with your happy colors
lips scarlet red , eyes honey brown
my cheeks blushed pink
my nails painted blue .
for i want to see the poetry hidden in me too .
May 2020 · 52
neha yamba May 2020
the grass will grow again
wilder  and stronger .
May 2020 · 1.0k
i fear no storm
neha yamba May 2020
i fear no storm of tragedy and loss
i have been broken into pieces before
i know it'll be bad and excruciating
but trust me i know how to fix everything torn
after the storm calms down , i'll arrange and stick
my pieces back
for i exactly know which piece goes where .
May 2020 · 257
its 3:25 am
neha yamba May 2020
Some nights passages away so prompt
those nights i enjoy deeper sleep
for other un-rushed nights
my chest carries a burden of my heavy breathe

shadow of cold night stabs my chest multiple
times , these nights
are filled with discomfort as
i struggle to calm my unrest mind .

my eyes wide open , i hear bird chirping outside
sun rays tracing their way up the bed , soothing
my hurting chest ,
i close my eyes and pull the blanket to one
side as now i can sleep calmly without fearing
dreams of pitch black nights .
May 2020 · 66
Good that you left
neha yamba May 2020
its good that you left
for spending my life would've not been this
beautiful with you .
May 2020 · 144
neha yamba May 2020
I've heard this somewhere and
i sense it to be true , that
   trees can communicate
in some bizarre language
   and they feel the pain
when we cut them through .
Mar 2020 · 164
how can i let you go
neha yamba Mar 2020
You should've taught me how to LET GO ,
I stood dumb frozen without a clue, on
how to tackle your practical overlook .
You kept explaining that we weren't meant to be .
How could i grasp ,without bursting into tears.
You felt fine after you emptied your heart,
you played my emotions and conveniently left .
And i stayed back not knowing how to move ahead .
You should've taught me how to LET GO , beforehand .
Mar 2020 · 640
neha yamba Mar 2020
you took away all  that i had
you knocked my heart down
sharp arrow of destitution pierced through my chest
slashing my heart into two pieces of junk
which meant absolutely nothing to you
for this very end .
Mar 2020 · 58
neha yamba Mar 2020
suddenly i can not relive the taste of your lips
and for once in these past years i feel relieved .
neha yamba Mar 2020
i've been talking to the stars lately ,
they know my secrets now
they're aware of my embarrassments  
they know i stutter when i call you mine ,
i believe they like our story 'cause
they twinkle bright when i speak of you ,

i am asking for a vow and i hope you keep it this time
a vow to not mention our broken love story to the stars .

for they shall remember us for evermore .
let us stay in their world as two agapornis
and not as two terribly broken hearts .
Jul 2019 · 83
neha yamba Jul 2019
never held your hand
never kissed your lips
never been so close to feel your breath
is it stupid to say ,
i feel your warmth when i go to bed .
Jul 2019 · 364
They say , i dont talk much
neha yamba Jul 2019
if i tell them  all about me
will they understand me for once ?
if i cry and complain
will they empathize with my past?
if i laugh and burst into tears
will they uncover my masked fears ?
if i point right and wrong
will they embolden me for being bold ?
what if i verbalize and don't pause
how long will they tolerate me ?
Jun 2019 · 92
neha yamba Jun 2019
your timid vision can't see my vast horizons .
Jun 2019 · 357
hey moon
neha yamba Jun 2019
hey moon , lets be realistic
are you the same moon poets and lovers compare
to as the limitless beauty , of obviously their beloved one's

why do i see you and think of you ,just as a star
isn't that exactly who you are ,
a star close to me , bright enough to radiate a shine on my face
making me fall for me again ,
i see no scars with your shiny light ,
you make my skin glow ,
even though its rough and has marks  ,

how do you stay so calming and positive
even though you own nothing , not even the light
isn't it true , you borrowed it from the day star ...
Jun 2019 · 737
I am enough and so are you
neha yamba Jun 2019
why isnt it normal to be single ,
why dont we talk about being on our own ,
i want to tell each one of you that you are enough ,
you are what you want
you are not incomplete at all ,
you just think you want something more ,
lets change the definition of love,
and term it as continuous growth
we grow we nurture we
love and we care  ,  
and just be okayy with being single
and absolutely fabulous all by ourself .
May 2019 · 713
escape love
neha yamba May 2019
i want to love
the waterfalls i cross by ,
the mountains that stand high
the clouds that talk in a sign language,
and me , who is good enough for myself ...
May 2019 · 504
its never too bad
neha yamba May 2019
some bad experiences leave a good impact
i went through **** and found
so many beautiful souls to mend my broken heart
May 2019 · 331
neha yamba May 2019
He dreamed of her in a hut by his side
Unassertive to the end of time
She had no clue ,what was coming towards her . A proposal of love , with a promise to be with her for eternal .
May 2019 · 394
Note for self
neha yamba May 2019
I haven't been writing lately ,
just not to make it about you
poems have been my possession
i don't want to pen down you ,
for i know you'll take this away too...
May 2019 · 116
neha yamba May 2019
I want my heart to be empty
Empty from False tales
Empty of hatred
Empty of all expectation
yes, of pain....
May 2019 · 419
Gen Z
neha yamba May 2019
Old lady cradling a baby
make it home
"where did you get this baby " granny
"nursery " the old lady note
Solicitous for baby
she hassle alot .
Her senility got her sick
She was frail as lamp for epoch
Through the window , solos tot
watched her fade away
Fine morning she laid lifeless ,
leaving a note which elucidate
"Care and water this little tree , it will bear my blessings for gen z "
May 2019 · 416
neha yamba May 2019
I look at the maps hanging up on my wall
admiring the world for the best it got
yet i see
Poverty swell and trivial refugees struggle
and there are cardinal power wars
destitute crave for food shelter and cloths

O' why lord ?
"Its the beginning of the horror flick, my son
there are copious others , yet unaddressed and unresolved "

However i reckon
how simple it is to conquer despair hanging up on my wall
For today mighty fighter  
stop and sleep a lil more,
cuddle your love and hold her a lil long
refashion your battle cry  to cry of love
Shed tears its no harm
miracle will happen as you kiss her once more .

You are the puppet fighter, no doubt you are strong
they know your strength , they are foxy back stabbers brother
they'll aflame your soul ,
Don't forget you have love back home ...
May 2019 · 490
She was ocean
neha yamba May 2019
I fathom
she was Ocean
she had her own waves and tides'
i was a boat , small though
but determined to stay up with her vibe ..
May 2019 · 251
neha yamba May 2019
Shutting the window close
He insisted her to sit near the fireplace
He knew this time the winter wind was ice cold

Silence was whooshing his ear
He long for her to sing , Her song ..
The same song which sparked their relationship so strong ..
Her song which brought life to this brick-wood home
He longed for her laughs .. his sunshine

Her cheeks were numb
and hand shivering as she picked the chair up ,
He quickly held her hand and rubbed them with warmth
He said a silent prayer ,
for summer to come soon
But somewhere deep he knew the warm weather
neha yamba May 2019
when the world was cruel
and you impair

you were alone
and had no give back

when you were bulldozed
for aims you never had

your personality was rescind
and disguised to regular

when you had no choice to
leave and move ahead
you bore the odium of nugatory pack

when you were so good
and gave all your best

you were loathed
and clepe as bad

times when heartbroken you cried to sleep
your head under pillow
words unavowed bide

You turned cold with FIRE inside
it would have been better
May 2019 · 848
neha yamba May 2019
i solve the tangled beads
chaotic sequence of anxiety

each bead has a peculiar ding
some are noise
and some are euphony

i bought this chain years back
it was less tangled then ,
however i entwine it bad

shop fortune smuggled me this chain
gave me deal , to untangle this chain
And live eternity ....

— The End —