Who have I become, I don’t like this version of myself, the version of myself that you have pushed me to become.
We spoke 24/7 let me say that again 24/7… twenty-four hours seven days a week for nearly a year and then it just stopped.
Did you get bored?
Did you finally have enough of messing with the feelings of a girl who was completely and hopelessly devoted to you.
You moved on and I hated you for it. I hated you because I was still completely and hopelessly devoted to you, I still had hope that it was all a bad dream and I would wake up to sunshine and glow instead of the clouds of grey that now “shine” over my life.
I saw you for the first time the other day since, well since, that day when time stopped and I stopped dead in my tracks when I got the message “this girl I’m seeing.”
Those four words tore me and I could feel the physical pain of heartbreak. That’s when everything changed, I became a person that I look at in the mirror and don’t feel anything towards.
I used to look every morning and hope.
People have an ideology about hope that it looks and makes you look beautiful and youthful, almost innocent, but hope as far as I’m concerned can go and take a hike.
Hope was the shackles that caged me from being the true me. Now I said at the beginning that I don’t like this version of myself.
This is still true but I’ve grown comfortable with being her and that ones on you.
Anne Jul 10
I’ve waited for you,




i’m tired now. but I hope
one day you remember me.

all those,


               ­ texts,

There's no such thing as love
I heard her say
Your love for me's a distant bloom
That never found its way
As I stare in the darkness
Her words seal my fate
The foolish,foolish dream
That love can find a way
Love was a treasure
That I never got to learn
Love was a joy
But my soul feel's its burn
Where do broken hearts go?
A lonely song goes
To the pit of hell and back I'll go
But her answer to my heart was, no
medjed Apr 17
It takes love to twist a heart,
It takes love to break it,
It takes love to mend part by part,
And love to make the pieces fit,
You see, love can really tear you apart,
Love shatters you bit by bit...
But it takes love for a fresh new start,
And I promise you, love will be worth it---
For lovers both broken and complete
Little Bird Apr 12
How come ,
All I want is you .

How come ,
You don't need me the same way.

With you,
my heart is full of joy,
All I want is for you ,
to feel the same joy.

Yet ,
you don't see me that way.
As much as I know it's not my fault,
I can't help but wonder why?

Ain't I strong enough,
Smart enough,
Pretty enough,
Young enough,
Funny Enough.

Was it that I did too much
or too little.

Was it that I was independent ,
and it was hard on your ego.

Didn't I put you first,
Didn't I try enough.

I know I can't blame myself,
how come,
how come,
You never loved me back?
Emi Mar 29
"I'm laughing, I'm crying
It feels like I'm dying"

All the times
I sit at the edge of my table
Thinking I'll be able
To break my face on it
My cute prepared outfit
White turned red
Like they said
I should just die
No one would show up to my party of tears
Three cheers for broken hearts
a melanie martinez inspired poem
Pity Party - Melanie Martinez
KMH Mar 22
At first, there is nothing,
Then a blossom of light
It brightens your day,
And glows in the night.
A wonderful feeling,
Puts warmth in your chest.
And for a short while,
You feel strangely blessed.
But then, there are those things
That just will not work.
They try and fit together,
But both are just… hurt.
So one says goodbye,
The other says it doesn't matter,
But in actuality,
Both hearts are shattered.
Like broken pieces of glass,
They cut and you bleed,
But both visions are too clouded
To see what they really need.
A little bit of warmth
To melt and to mend
A new kind of glow
To see you through to the end.
There will be many ups and downs
There will be sunshine and rain
There will be love and heartbreak
They will always be the same.
Someone will shatter you,
And you’ll feel
there’s no way to be fixed,
But broken isn't unfixable,
And someone new
is thrown into the mix.
All love may not be eternal,
But some things will last,
And heartbreak only lasts,
As long as it is asked.
This was the secomd poem I ever wrote for myself (years ago). Not my favorite but it gives me a nice, soft feeling in my chest.
© KMH 2018
Please be careful. I know his intelligence is intoxicating, and his presence is a drug that refuses to leave my system and in return give me side effects. Wonderful, wonderful side effects

But stomach, you will ache for days at a time. Pounding wings against your sides send sharp tinges of amusement through my body. He's not the first boy to give you butterflies, but he is certainly the first to let lose a zoo.

Arms, stop pulsating for just a moment please! I know you need to soak up his embrace, but it will only leave burn marks on the skin. He is a hot coal, brutally beautiful, and it will only leave you with a scar.

Oh, but eyes! You see him so differently. An elegant light surrounds his frame, and every imperfection is that much more entrancing to you.

My poor brain. Thumping emerges and the blissful images of his smile refuse to dull. I beg you to stop thinking. Of him. Of me. Of us. Stop thinking of him, when in the brilliant ocean of his mind I am not a single wave.

I just need to close my eyes and forget...drift off .... but it's hard to sleep when your mind is at war with your heart.
           Heart please stop buzzing at uncontrollable rates. His enthralling outlook is no reason to go into cardiac arrest. I promise you, as much as you hope and pray, brain is right. He'll end up being like all of the others, and I don't know how many more times I can pick you off the ground.

His presence is a drug, and I'm addicted to every part of it

Update: I overdosed
deatheater Jan 15
I stared long and hard at our pictures,
Eyes filled with memories that we had create.
Heart aches and there is only so much I can take,
I miss you, I miss us, I miss all the memories that we make.
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