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Why the **** did I loved you so hard
That it became hard to forget you?
Why the hell, we met on that day
And I gave my heart away when I shouldn't have let you?

Why on Earth is it like this
The more you love and care for one
The more they choose to torture you
and become of someone's

The ******* *******, tears of mine
Stop spreading
He isn't worth it, my dear
Stop caring.

" Someone who will truly love you
Will always find his way to you" They said
Why the **** did I found the wrong one
Why the hell did I break my own heart?

He simply walked off, as if nothing happened
I wonder if he could do the same
to someone he truly loved?
So, I told myself
Darling, Know your worth
Pen down your thoughts
Let the anxiety release
He is never coming back and it's okay
It's okay to be alone, rather than begging someone "Please"
smiling through the depression
Javeria Mar 22
Master doll maker!
What if you can fix broken;
Human hearts as well.
Henri Coetzee Sep 2020
A friend once told a girl I liked that I was obsessed with death
and I yelled and screamed as I denied it but it must have
too much for her as she walked away and never talked to me again
that night I punched the wall till my hand bled
it was that or the knife
that’s a lie I never cut myself why would I write that?
I was probably looking for attention that’s what they say isn’t it
it’s only for attention not because I don’t know how to feel
or how to deal with my emotions not because
I can’t talk to my friends
I’ll never say how much it hurts and so they’ll never know
Sometimes they do know though and they ask and I lie
Saying everything is fine when I just wait for them
to go so I can cry
but I’m just looking for attention so what do I know
now I wonder if my friend was right
the day he told a girl I liked that
I was obsessed with death truth be told
the thought of death does bring me comfort
Not suicide gods no but the idea of an
eternal sleep free of anxiety or emotions
to trouble me does seem quite tempting
and now I write poems about my emotions
trying to put into words what I don’t understand
and hoping someone relates
truth is I never liked that girl all that much
and my heart is dead but not quite
and life is grand I mean horrible and  
love is everything but also a lie and this poem
is like my mind:
a chaotic cacophony of thoughts and feelings all mixed into one.
First time I've ever written in this style, it was fun
"Follow your heart, " they say
But don't they know, it's too broken to take the lead?
How does one follow scattered, shattered pieces, they're all over the place, so where exactly should she follow..
EpiPen May 2020
If I cry baby would it make you stay?
My Tears and I
We’re pieces of the game you play.
Baby why , why does it have to be this way?
My Tears and I
Are pieces of the game you play.
If I
gave you my heart
It wouldn’t be enough .
The things ... The things  you make your trophy’s of .
broken... Broken hearts and long lost loves.
Decorations on the walls that you put up.

Baby if I call your name will you come to me?
If I let desire get the best of me?
Can I , hold you tight
Until there’s ecstasy?
Baby if I call you  will you Come to me?
And If I ...gave you my heart
it wouldn’t be enough.
The things ... The things you make your trophy’s of
broken ... broken hearts and long lost loves.
Decorations on the walls that you put up.

Baby what If I Scream Out for you?
I had a bad night
waking up without you
And you’re not here
So I fear
I have to face the truth
You were never here
My Love and I have no proof
And If I ...gave you my heart
it wouldn’t be enough.
The things ... The things you make your trophy’s of
broken... Broken hearts and long lost loves
Decorations on the walls that you put up.
Rozana Feb 2020
I would tell you that it was a ghost cage your wings fluttered against.
There is no ruse darling, no intent to capture you, my dear.
There again, when your restlessness disrupted our peace.
In an unintended moment, I assumed you were trying to leave me.
When harsh words ensued, amidst strategic insults, into your wounds
I dug my fingers in deeper as my own shield.
Refusing to relent, I pressed until your lips ushered
the words I thought I needed to hear.
But before you tell me to go, before I turn to leave.
Understand my fragility.
Know this resolve was not easy.  
Believe that I loved deeply, shared secrets untold.
Brought you close to my heart , imprinted you unto my soul.
In prospect that fate might never lead you back to me.
In a world that denies most their happy ever after endings.
My love.
I knew I had to let you go. I had to set you free.
neha yamba Mar 2020
You should've taught me how to LET GO ,
I stood dumb frozen without a clue, on
how to tackle your practical overlook .
You kept explaining that we weren't meant to be .
How could i grasp ,without bursting into tears.
You felt fine after you emptied your heart,
you played my emotions and conveniently left .
And i stayed back not knowing how to move ahead .
You should've taught me how to LET GO , beforehand .
Francie Lynch Dec 2019
The broken heart cries,
But leaves visible scars.
Mudashi Sep 2019
Loving me will be your loss
for I am just a dreamer with hopeless thoughts
So don't be too naive to love
for I may not save you when you fall
amreen Jul 2019
'Place me to your skin,' Robert says
As I continue to contemplate.
'I'll give you the satisfaction
And the pleasure,
That he failed to give.'
My dear conscience begs me not to
While I asked her when I needed her, what did she do?
My heart silently weeps,
Tells me I will regret it.
Oh *******, what of it?
It's a little sting,
For an eternity of peace.
The devil of a mind that I have congratulates me.
Says that people like me deserve it,
People who are not good enough.
I am a disgrace honestly, it continues
Because if I can't be good enough for the people I love who choose to leave,
I'm not good enough for anybody at all,
Not even for my own ******* self.
I can't even prove to myself,
That further gives proof that I'm not good enough.
Gives validation
That I'm a waste of space, a failure
And an annoying piece of trash.
But I have to hide it though,
To keep what's remaining
So they don't slip away, you know.
I don't have the courage to end it all, sadly,
Til then, Robert will be my hidden company.
try guessing what Robert is
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