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neha yamba May 2020
i wish you turned back
faked a smile to bid goodbye .
it couldn't have been that tough
for you , being such a great actor .
neha yamba May 2020
burn out the dark with yellow flames
burn out the cold with warm hearts
burn the negativity with the spirit of love .
neha yamba May 2020
your eyes besotted seeking
my curves rhyming to beautiful poetry
trying to understand my unsolved
black and white mystery .
I am so done with this monotonous life
i crave renascence
paint me with your happy colors
lips scarlet red , eyes honey brown
my cheeks blushed pink
my nails painted blue .
for i want to see the poetry hidden in me too .
neha yamba May 2020
the grass will grow again
wilder  and stronger .
neha yamba May 2020
i fear no storm of tragedy and loss
i have been broken into pieces before
i know it'll be bad and excruciating
but trust me i know how to fix everything torn
after the storm calms down , i'll arrange and stick
my pieces back
for i exactly know which piece goes where .
neha yamba May 2020
Some nights passages away so prompt
those nights i enjoy deeper sleep
for other un-rushed nights
my chest carries a burden of my heavy breathe

shadow of cold night stabs my chest multiple
times , these nights
are filled with discomfort as
i struggle to calm my unrest mind .

my eyes wide open , i hear bird chirping outside
sun rays tracing their way up the bed , soothing
my hurting chest ,
i close my eyes and pull the blanket to one
side as now i can sleep calmly without fearing
dreams of pitch black nights .
neha yamba May 2020
its good that you left
for spending my life would've not been this
beautiful with you .
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