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Rhoemeoh May 25
I can barely remember the year I fell in love
with love. She took me everywhere I wanted to go
and home was wherever she was.

I have detailed memories of when Love, fell
out of love with me. I sat in shock as she dropped
me off at my home. Who knew home could feel
like nowhere at all?
Written 4-24-2018
Memories that I still haven't forgotten.
neha yamba May 24
I look at the maps hanging up on my wall
admiring the world for the best it got
yet i see
Poverty swell and trivial refugees struggle
and there are cardinal power wars
destitute crave for food shelter and cloths

O' why lord ?
"Its the beginning of the horror flick, my son
there are copious others , yet unaddressed and unresolved "

However i reckon
how simple it is to conquer despair hanging up on my wall
For today mighty fighter  
stop and sleep a lil more,
cuddle your love and hold her a lil long
refashion your battle cry  to cry of love
Shed tears its no harm
miracle will happen as you kiss her once more .

You are the puppet fighter, no doubt you are strong
they know your strength , they are foxy back stabbers brother
they'll aflame your soul ,
Don't forget you have love back home ...
sebastian ky May 3
he watches me from across the room
he smiles,
i fantasize a dance with him
my chest against his
moving in sync with his body
and as our dance would end
and i might confess him
my fantasy ends
and he dances with his queen
i sink back and remember he and i
were never meant to be
tru tho
Zywa Feb 9
We are embraced in the bath
of our friendship, unharmed
by the curiosity
of my family, caressing

You wander off
to the eyes of my sister
in which we are desirably naked
with a vigorous member

I notice it and revert

You are back, close
Everywhere is your body
adjusting itself softly
to my soul, fulfilled

is my sleeping desire
for your warm body
full of all the years
since we were together
and were not together
Collection “Without reserve”
Jo Barber Feb 7
A light sprinkling of snow
over mountains high above.
The way it's always been,
but not for me alone.
Why can't I return home,
even while standing in it?
Rohit Goyal Dec 2018
Tired and gentle waves of the mighty ocean
receding to the horizon like the slowly setting sun
But even when it's dark, they will come back
and the waves will bring you back home

And when the sun rises again the next day
slowly pushing the eternal darkness away
diminishing it to just the shadows
the dawn will bring you back home

the refreshing smell of the summer breeze
the mild sunlight filtered from the trees
may just make the world a little bigger
the wilderness will bring you back home

the younger self, abandoned and ignored
will replace the ghosts secretly abhorred
and when it smiles in all sincerity
you will see that you were always home
rebecca Oct 2018
ruffled caramel hair you always mess with
eyes with a hundred beautiful blue hues I can't fully describe
a warm laugh that makes your voice sparkle
perfect lips I long to tough with mine
a heart that cares, that loves, that beams
a spirit that loves the Lord
a sort of gritty, not-too-low-or-too-high voice
limbs that dance with her
with her small size and shape
her long brown, perfectly curled hair
in a short, white dress that shimmers in the starlight
her muscular legs that chase a useless sphere every weekend
not with my thick silhouette
my short mom-ish hair
a dress I got in a size 1... from the plus sized store
my short chubby **** self
my fine art passions with meanings and flame
you chose her
she hasn't loved you
I have

for a year you didn't see
"I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself and not to him
And although I know that he is blind
Still I say, there's a way for us"

Zeleyha Mata Oct 2018
Soft melodies of the deep sea echo
Moonlight dances on my pretty scales
And icy bubbles whirl under my vest
Through my slippery hair
And down into my lungs to clear the way for overflowing foam
Laughter splashes behind my lips as my anticipation rises
Waiting for a night of twisted fairy-tales and uncalled for surprises.

Shimmering bodies swarm in spirals
Grinding in unison with the waves crashing at the surface
We're anxious for overflowing foam and hidden treasures
Purple light pierces the dark like shards of crystals
Casting a ghostly shade on bulbous faces
Pressure rises as each wave surges
Whirlpools of hot breath suffocate our gills
But the sidelines are shallow
And stragglers float motionless

Hair like seaweed at the nape of his neck
Unbuttoned linen soaked and dripping
Her hollow eyes glow green
Like the jelly orbs of a fish under florescent lights
She’s pressed against a boy who has hooks for fins
Searching for the parts that are edible
Tender, Scale-less, Slippery
Nothing wrong with being the catch of the day

Bubbles rise and pop as the last melodies drown
Schools of us are begging for shiny hooks and bad decisions
A handsome boy has been smiling all the while
He’s caught in a fisherman’s net
Craving salty lips and the spell to make him a man
But fisherman don't care for little mermaids
With hearts like sea glass and no hidden treasures to steal

Sweaty fins splash and cheer
The fishbowl shatters
Sea glass spills out onto sand
We squirm and flop onto land
Gasping without air to breathe
As our mouths and ***** thoughts dry in the sun
Leaving behind fresh meat without mouths to feed.

Rainbow confetti was stuck in the grooves of my scales
Wet clothes left on the floor of a steamy bathroom
Gasping and moaning into tile
With the face of a handsome stranger
Because this meat shouldn't go to waste
And I'm drunken with desperation
For overflowing foam, jewels, and shiny hooks
But I'm just another fish in the sea
Tumbling in the waves with my rainbow confetti scales.
A school dance
astraea Oct 2018
i am one of those girls.
today, my hair waves softly,
and looks exactly right.
today, my shirt was tied exactly right,
so you could barely see the soft skin beneath.

today, i left.
i walked away from a pedestal
-yes, i would have been good,
yes, i loved it.
yes, i was amazing.

yes, i was tired and
couldn’t do it anymore.

i stand in the rain today,
on walkways where wet orange leaves are plastered to the ground.
i sit inside, scratching my pen on soft paper,
watching the sky darken grey and cold.

i am one of you.

i am the girl, standing on the bleachers with her eyes to lights.
it is friday night.
i am the girl who wears her school’s shirt,
on leggings and with pride.
i am the girl, who relaxes,
stands guard at the pool.
i am the girl who does her homework,
and always asks questions.

i am lost. i miss this,
the glory and the feeling. i miss being that good.
but i am content, my heart is at ease.

and don’t worry, the world’s still gonna know my name.
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