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neha yamba Jun 2019
why isnt it normal to be single ,
why dont we talk about being on our own ,
i want to tell each one of you that you are enough ,
you are what you want
you are not incomplete at all ,
you just think you want something more ,
lets change the definition of love,
and term it as continuous growth
we grow we nurture we
love and we care  ,  
and just be okayy with being single
and absolutely fabulous all by ourself .
Ek Feb 2018
It was 8:45 after my bathe
I dried my *** and put my favorite moisturizer
Looking at my reflection I’m feeling ****
So I put red lipstick on and decided to wear my see-through lingerie

I went to distract my husband playing virtual game, PUBG specifically
He drew attention to me — his hand is caressing my face, you’re gorgeous he said
He then pressed his lips against mine and started talking...
Talking back to his playmates about what strategy are they going to use
So I went to bed to write this lol
It’s the funny reality of being married. It was his last game for the night so I decided to eat chocolate while waiting. Haha just love!
Ash Feb 2018
This generation is toxic
it is filled with the poison of hate
we hate on others to make ourselves feel better
We are scared of change just
because we know noting about it
all we know it the poisonous touch of hate
we can change
we just choose not to
because we are cowards
We say that we don't mean the mean things we say
but in all reality we do
No one cares anymore
all we want is to be liked
It doesn't matter what it takes we just want the attention
we crave the taste of those delicious words
but not
or "kind"
We need to learn to care a little more
and to care about the opinion of others a little less
no one needs the validation of another being
If you are happy then you don't need to change a thing.
maybe one day our generation will love a little more and hate a little less.
Anisah Nov 2017
Those who adhere to the sturborness
Of those little hurtful words
Will be blinded by their ignorance
And by hatered of their cause
Those who scream hallalugieh
as the tears escape their eyes
like the water flowing down their cheeks
is the evidence of life
they’ve proven guilty of those deeds
and now they wash away
how dare those few who look and laugh
then come and expect to play
They cannot play their games with us
Then play our games with them
How dare they insult the broken pride
And live without it again.
Call me a  thread about to break
But I know I am unlike it see
I  am not what you call
An oppertunity
I am not as fragile as the glass that smashes on the floor. I am not as fragile as the waves that crash upon the shore. I am not as breakable as you who cries when I ignore. I am not mine nor yours nor his nor hers. I am simply on the floor. But that’s not the thing that you should be scared of. Its when I rise from fall. I will scream and shout and laugh and cry.  From my lungs fury high. And some fury more. The passion dance will ignite and explode upon the core.
I will not be below your feet.
I am not inferior.
I am whoever, watever, whenever.
So let me steer my own course.

-By Anisah Mariah
S C Netha Sep 2017
I yearn for it to control my heart
I thirst for it like I do water
It's  the one thing I can't seem to find
If I do I'll pour it out like a shower
And free us all from this monster.

My mind is an instigator
It always remembers what they did to me
And I wonder how many of us are actually prisoners
To the brain's manipulative power and ability
To forget that love conquers all.

I pray forgiveness invades my heart like a settler
And makes resentment forget it ever owned me.
I pray for hate to be purged out of my system
Because all I want to be is a true witness
To beauty and love in the form of human beings

So hateful  but so loved
So underserving yet so forgiven.

Replace rain with forgiveness
So I can grow my garden of love
In gorgeous hues only you can create
White, black, brown and yellow.
I want to love them all.

I yearn for forgiveness to control my heart
I thirst for forgiveness like I do water.
I don't want to be bitter. So many times our anger and vulnerability is used to exploit us. Wouldn't we be better off if we just focused on love?
erik lubbe Nov 2016
She sees me not through me
She hears me but I'm not loud
She feels but I'm not to rough
She trust me as I for her
She feels a little hate
But don't we all
For no one is perfect
My poems may not make sense but they have true meaning to me.
xmxrgxncy Oct 2016
i'm going to start a tally
of things i've done wrong
but i need you to tell me
what it is i'm doing
before i can know how
to change...
Audrey Marie Apr 2016
As I sit here and do nothing but wonder,
how could I let it get this far...
I wish I could've just told him how I felt about him still..
maybe im not in love with him, maybe im just in love with the feeling...
What if he still loves me...?
Do I really want to risk saying I need him back wall he's dating her?
Could I ever say I didn't mean any of it and that I hate him?
No, I could never hate him...
I could never hate you, Brown Eyes.
To my first, Love
Tea-ful Aug 2015
Stretch marks are the body’s equivalent of the face’s laughter lines.

I just really wish that we could see the body for all its beauty rather than hating it. I truly hope that more comparisons like this can be made to make people feel good about themselves instead of trying to tear their confidence to shreds.
Nicole Ashley Jul 2015
I hate you
but i can’t say that
because I hate the word hate
It sounds destructive
in its own way
And that’s why i can’t say
It’s too mean
Too loud
Screaming so many sounds
and for a girl that doesn’t want to be seen
it’s cataclysmic and obscene
I find it more creative
to think of other things to speak
For I am so meek
but when it comes it you
Maybe that’s where that word
should be
even when
*it goes against all I’ve ever believed
There are multiple people I could tell this too and no one would care
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