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neha yamba May 24
I look at the maps hanging up on my wall
admiring the world for the best it got
yet i see
Poverty swell and trivial refugees struggle
and there are cardinal power wars
destitute crave for food shelter and cloths

O' why lord ?
"Its the beginning of the horror flick, my son
there are copious others , yet unaddressed and unresolved "

However i reckon
how simple it is to conquer despair hanging up on my wall
For today mighty fighter  
stop and sleep a lil more,
cuddle your love and hold her a lil long
refashion your battle cry  to cry of love
Shed tears its no harm
miracle will happen as you kiss her once more .

You are the puppet fighter, no doubt you are strong
they know your strength , they are foxy back stabbers brother
they'll aflame your soul ,
Don't forget you have love back home ...
I looked into the eyes of a crying child.
I saw a longing look within this child's eyes.
This is the look of the world when,
all is lost.

I looked into the eyes of a crying woman.
I saw a soul fading into darkness.
This is the look of the world when,
hope is lost.

I looked into the eyes of a crying god.
I saw a master losing hope for this god's creation.
This is the look of a parent,
when their child dies.

I wish for a world where,
nothing is lost,
and nothing ever dies.

I wish for an existence where,
we can look into each other's eyes,
and we can lean in to a hug.
And instead of sobbing to ourselves alone in our bedroom,
we can sob into the shoulder's of one another.
As the sun slowly fell,
I looked upon the world.
I saw destruction,
and I saw chaos.

As anarchy rose,
I looked upon myself.
I saw self-doubt,
and I saw weakness.

As the dying light of day decayed,
I looked deeper into that chaos and anarchy.
I saw strength,
and I saw power.

This power come from within,
but not within individuals.
Instead it came from within,
the world.

The same world that stood by and,
watched the aches,
and watched the pains of others.
The same world that helped the aches,
and helped the pains of everyone.

We stand strong in the midst of chaos.
We stand strong in a losing battle.
We stand strong in the wake of a riptide.
We stand strong in the dying,
of the light.

Together we stand,
together we fall.
बुद्धका आभास करोगे भरि दिलसे
बन्दुक, बारुद फेँकोगे अप्नी घरसे

शान्त मनहो ,हो शान्त दुनीया
शान्त कर्मोमे मीलेगा फल बढियाँ
शान्तीके नामोमे लडेथे पिछ्ली दुनीया
दुखः.के  सिवा कहा मीला उनहे चैन
बुद्धका आभास...............बन्दुक बारुद.........

दया  करणा हो सारि जनमे
मर्ने मारनेका न होगी  वातेँ
जुल्म रोको अब शान्त मनसे
उठोगे उपर दुसरोके दिलमे
बुद्धका आभास...............बन्दुक बारुद.........

लहु लालका मोल लो जानो
बगाकर  लाल ,  मिला फल क्या, सोचो
आँएथेँ  तुमभी, यहाँ हाथ  खाली
मिलेगा तुमेभी, जगा, पाँच फुट, खाली
बुद्धका आभास...............बन्दुक बारुद.........

लालसा, जब छोडोगे, तुम मनसे
शान्त होगा मन, होगा शान्त घर भी
बुद्धको, दिवार नही, मनमे, बसालो
अह्ङकार मीटाके, शान्त, साँसे बढालो
बुद्धका आभास ........... बन्दुक बारुद
Genre: Inspirational Gazal
Theme: Let peace be with you
s Willow Dec 2018
A world of peace,
sounds nice doesn’t it?
To Bad we’ll never have that.
Language barriers
All this and more leaves to discord.
Sorry to say,
Hope for this is dead.
Dirk Salimus May 2018
I see the world as it is and the whole beauty and endless potential of it
A potential where no people is diseased,Fretting not if he could even eat
Battling each day,like everyday is a battle of survival
Hungry for God's mercy,each drop of hope is in denial

Where the worries,fuss,anxiousness are thrown away
A decade has passed and I am still hoping for that day
There is a slew of people starving to reach their dream,
Wars and chaos from the median unto this Earth's rim.

Earth being as a better place,I'll keep on waiting for that to happen
So I'll help to achieve it using my paper and my pen.
Someday where you can just relax and lay.
Without the fuss and worries for the next incoming day.
Let's make this world great. Not only america.
Is there anybody out there?
When I'll shout to the cosmos
Will someone reply?

Let me out
Let me out of this world
Drenched in blood
Stormed by bullets
Drowned in violence

Will someone rise?
A hero, a knight, or god maybe?
Will they here what I have to say?
Will humanity change the way it is?
Emma Q Mar 2018
Cannons set!
Guns loaded!
Backup ready!
We're ready, Commander!
Oh look, they're coming!
Bullets fill the air
The valley is a deadly quiet
Until the war.
Men fall to the ground.
Medics rush in from both sides.
We need help, Commander!
Call the backups!
More men join the chaos of the clashing soldiers
Cannonballs fall onto the enemy
And it seems possible, for a second.
Wait, no!
My ammo ran out!
The enemy has no mercy
Guns still shooting
Until there are no more.
And the valley is deadly quiet again.
I'm ten now sooo........Well,you can raise your expectations from my 9-year old poems.A little.
Clive Blake Aug 2017
One day I dreamed …
There was no longer any 'Third World',
Just a united 'First',
Famine clearly vanquished forever,
And no-one died of thirst.

Power was never used to enslave,
And wars were fought no more,
Man's resources were pooled together,
To help aid all the poor.

Man respected his fellow creatures,
Living in harmony,
The oceans free from all pollution;
Helped by 'green' energy.

People didn't need to live in fear;
Crime a thing of the past,
A planet no longer fragmented;
A one-peace world at last.

I awoke in time to catch the news;
News of crime, famine, war,
Moist-eyed I headed back to my bed,
To try and dream ... some more!
Paul Butters Jul 2017
Oh for a world without wars!
Free of terrorists.
Where each and every one of us
Can go about our daily lives
Without any fear.

But I read somewhere
That there may be a price to pay:
Loss of Freedom.

Think of the USSR, or better still, Yugoslavia.
Ruled by rods of iron
These counties showed us facades
Of calm.

But once those dictatorships disappeared then
Those underlying differences emerged.
The Balkan States were a case in point:
When Yugoslavia went
All hell broke out!

So when I suggested that
A benevolent world government
Might cure our ills,
A warning was shot across my bows:
“Be careful what you wish for!”

For what good is “Peace”
When no one dare speak out
Or act in a “different” way?
“1984” soon springs to mind:
Droves of mindless clones
Dumbed down by drugs
And Media driven hypnosis.
Totalitarianism at its worst.

What we really need is an end to violence
And every other form of Abuse.
Free thought
Married with respect and tolerance
To our fellow men
And women.

World Peace only comes free
When the people are free too.
Freedom of the individual
Based on mutual respect
And better still
On Love.

Paul Butters
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