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Meruem Nov 2019
We can't please everybody,
Some may say otherwise.
Because in a bucket full of rights,
We tend to single out the wrong.
Like giving someone a ten,
Re: it should've been a hundred.
Little did they know,
That ten was all that we got.
November 23, 2019 - 23:10

A poem to express how I feel these past few days. I just got to let it all out, man. Por pabor.
Meruem Dec 2018
When this timeline is hit,
And the timeclock ticks,
You'll hear those engines clink,
And I'll re-arrange all of this.

Better charge the portal gun,
Get buckled up on the Space Cruiser.
"Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!"
Let's get out of this universe, Rick.
December 12, 2018 - 01:04

I hope by the time I hit 70, Elon Musk have invented time machines, or I'll be able to go with Rick and travel the multiverse.

Ps. It's more than just Rick's stupid nonsense catchphrase..
Meruem Dec 2018
I've been thinking about you lately,
It's tough that I am miles away.
There might be 3003 steps to peak,
But this seems like eternity for me.
December 5, 2018 - 0640

Trust the process..
Meruem Aug 2015
I've been thinking lately about you and me,
And all the questions left unanswered,
How it all could be.

And I hope you know,
You never left my head,
And if I ever let you down,
I'm sorry.

I see you around here lately,
You smile brighter than you should.
And me I've been so lonely,
I'm glad you're doing good.

'Cause I can't forget,
The way it used to be,
And if I ever let you down,
Well I'm sorry.

No I can't let you go.

And you know that you can take all of me,
I swear I will be better than before,
So sing it back.

I'm sorry for the things I've done.
I'm sorry for the man I was,
And how I treated you. ~

*Sorry - Sleeping With Sirens
A kind of music for the sick, homesick. #WhoGoat
Meruem Dec 2018
Final scene of the movie:
Tom met this one particular girl.
They used to go to the same plaza,
But Tom wasn't looking.

The narrator goes:
"There's no such thing as fate..
Nothing is meant to be.
He knew, he was sure of it now."

A slight hint of hope,
A second chance in love.
Tom asked her out, she said sure.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Autumn.."
December 10, 2018 - 14:58

The greatest and biggest things in life comes when you least expect it. Live life to the fullest and just watch how it unfolds right before your eyes.
Meruem Jun 2019
Wish you nothing
But a happy version of you
Because I...
June 19, 2019 - 21:37

"It's gonna be alright."
Meruem Mar 2019
For me to be able to see you succeed,
Made me fall into my knees; grateful of Him.
Because I was able to see you fail,
And it made me fall deepest, for you.
March 19, 2019 - 23:59

Hosanna, hosanna in the highest.
Meruem Dec 2019
Same day last year was different;
It was a lot of of ups and downs.
Things were left because it ain't right;
Same day next year will be different.
December 9, 2019 - 02:14

Looking back, I really made a lot of mistakes. I am trying to not let those things define who I am as a person, and I am still doing my best to be better each and every day.

So, I am still thankful for all the days - up to this point - of having a fresh start since then.
Meruem May 2019
Tatlong oras bago sumapit ang umaga,
Panibagong araw, bagong panimula.
Bigyang liwanag ang isang tulad niya,
At siya namang ikabubuhay ko...
May 18, 2019 - 02:47

Sa kabila ng nakaraan, aking hahanapin ang walang hanggang mga dahilan upang mabuhay.
Meruem Dec 2018
Lately I've been drinking a lot
Smoking near the parking lot
Alcohol for the wound
Nicotine to feel good
The next day I'll be sober
And hope it'll all be over.
December 15, 2018 - 18:24

San Miguel Pale Pilsen x Winston Blue.
Meruem Jul 2019
Sa tuwing maaalala ko ang mga sandali,
Na ikaw ay aking kapiling.
Hindi maipinta ang ngiti sa aking labi,
Abot kamay na ang langit na aking hiniling.

Mga panahong nandito ka pa,
Lahat ng palihim na yakap at halik.
Bawat luha at halakahak,
Iyong malambot na pingi'y aking hawak.

Ngunit tila hindi ko napangalagaan,
Unti-unting lumuwag ang pagkakapit.
Ating naging huling sandali'y sadyang mapait,
At alam kong hindi na maibabalik ang nakaraan.

Pero iyo sanang mawari,
Na ikaw ay namumukod tangi.
At hinding-hindi ko na kayang itanggi,
Ako sayo'y nangungulila, ayoko ng magkunwari.

Salamat sa pag-ibig mo,
Ito'y mananatili sa akin.
Salamat sa pag-ibig mo,
Ikaw lamang ang nakapagpadama.
July 30, 2019 - 06:04

"May taning ang ginawa. Pinili ang sariling sumaya.."

Meruem Dec 2018
Alam mo yung nakaiinis?
Hindi naman sa pagmamalinis;
Itong pait sadyang labis,
Pahingi naman ng konting bilis.
Matagal lang talaga siguro yung balik nito. Masyadong mabigat eh, tiis lang. Padayon!
Meruem Aug 2015
We were all destined to come together as one,
Share a common goal that surely needs to be done.
Having this strong bond that is second to none.
Ain't even halfway but I know we already won.

This is for my brothers (from anotha' mothas')
Who's there for me through thick and thin
This is for an even stronger bond
*We tight and Brothers for Life!
I am blessed to have these people in my life.
Meruem Dec 2018
By the time we were born
We struggle, but keep on growing.
Undergo constant changes,
To be the best version of ourselves.
December 15, 2018 - 00:45

Someone made me realize that life goes on..
Meruem Oct 2018
Do not give up.
It is not over.
The universe is balanced.
Every set-back bears with it the seeds of a comeback.
About that life.
Meruem Dec 2018
Sometimes a change of scenery
Is all we need
A quick getaway
Or a long vacay
Doesn't matter whether you go alone
As long as you can finally feel at home.
December 7, 2018 - 23:15
San Juan, La Union.
Meruem Dec 2018
You don’t mean to be a problem
You don’t mean to cause me pain
You don’t mean to do much but it’s one and the same

I don’t know where this came from
I thought we were plain sailing
This has taken me aback and it goes without saying

Yeah I’m gonna feel broken for a bit
Life’s gonna be a little bit ****
Ohh, for at least the next week

We had our flaws I’ll be the first to admit
And we both struggled to commit
Ohh, was it really that bleak?
(c) Honne

Man, my homie Honne gone mad with this one. How I wish I heard the second verse from you, probably would make things a lot easier.

Well, acceptance is key.
(Pero putangina di ko pa rin matanggap na wala ka na. Tanginang yan!)
Meruem Nov 2019
You're not the only one hurting
And though I can't say when
I know love will find its way again, way again
November 13, 2019 - 02:10

I still can't get over about seing Honne live! An early birthday present indeed!!
Meruem Dec 2018
You'll always be my day one
Day zero when I was no one
I'm nothing by myself
You and no one else
Thankful you're my day one
(c) Honne

You are the song that sings me to sleep, but keeps my thoughts awake.
Meruem Dec 2018
I won't wish for anyone to be here,
A place that I brought myself into
For too many times.
It's empty, but not completely dark.
Low, but there's still light to follow.
December 11, 2018 - 00:53

I got a first class ticket to a night all alone
And a front row seat up right by the phone
'Cause you're always on my mind
And I'm running out of time.
Meruem Oct 2019
It was just a wonderful sight;
At the top, over the city lights.
Of all the stars that shined so bright,
You were the brightest one that night.
Though you look so gloomy today,
Just breathe, and be on your way.
Your light may seem to fade away,
Just try not to worry, you'll have it all back
October 8, 2019 - 05:27

A dreamcatcher to catch all of your bad days.
Meruem Nov 2019
There is this specific place,
Where a river meets the sea.
There is this particular story,
When I got to meet you.

It's all been smooth sailing,
Until we hit a rocky path.
Now we are on the estuary,
Seeking for growth as we go.
November 18, 2019 - 06:13

Sleepless nights, uneasy mind.
Meruem Aug 2015
Miss na miss na kita.
Miss ko na yung baduy na boses mo.
Miss ko na yung ngiti dyan sa labi mo.
Miss ko na yung pangungulit mo, at tangina wala akong magawa.

Kasi wala naman sa lugar diba?
Ano ba meron? Ano ba ang atin?
Pero hindi na ba talaga pwedeng ulitin?
Lahat-lahat ng mga dating gawi natin.

Simula pa man ako na ang naging salarin.
Ako'y tila nahulog sa sarili kong pain.
Habang tumatagal unti-unti akong nadidiin.
May balak ka kaya na ako'y sagipin?
Epekto ng puyat. Thesis pa more. HAHAHA! -_-
Meruem Dec 2019
We have finally reached
A complete turnaround,
And for the last time
I was homebound.

There she was
Right at plain sight;
And like the moon,
I borrowed her light.
December 20, 2019 - 03:42

"Everglow" is a feeling of peace or love that given by something or someone. Despite what a person has been through, this feeling continues to remain in their heart, no matter what."
Meruem Dec 2018
Di ko na alam.
Sobrang lugmok tangina!
Isang lamok nalang,
At baka matapos na.
Meruem Oct 2018
I was really surprised when you came,
But I knew that I was genuinely happy with you.
Now, I get so afraid that I might lose you.
I am angry at myself for letting this be.

We started as total strangers.
Worked our way out to become friends.
Turns out we just have to be lovers.
Let's not go back to this stranger thing again.
[Saturday, October 13, 2018 6:58AM]

A working laptop. Earphones. Mouse. Cellphone. Charger.

3 minutes until the handover. I love you, and I'll always do.
Meruem Mar 2019
This day marks the end,
And the start of something new;
Continue to bloom.
March 15, 2019 - 15:40
Meruem Nov 2018
However we want to put it,
Good things come to an end.
November 30, 2018 - 22:32

A sad day, indeed..
Meruem Nov 2018
My cold heart
Has forgotten to call you
But I'm not lonely
I'm fine, I'm fine

The darkness of the night
Shakes away my sleeping dreams
But I'm not afraid
I'm fine, I'm fine.
A poem made by a good friend of mine; had to publish this, because why not?
Meruem Feb 2019
"I hurt you. I scared you.
I understand if you hate me." - he said
Being the rose-colored one,
But also wander in the dark.

Some people do have
A more positive outlook in life.
But all,  by nature, tend to remember
The negative things more strongly and in more detail.

In the grand scheme of things,
Is it possible to love both sides?
Something that is chaotic,
But joyful at the same time.
February 10, 2019 - 00:43

When you find the answer, hold onto it so dearly - the one.
Meruem Sep 2018
Oh, Mondays I sleep away.
Tuesdays I lay awake.
Wednesdays they are the worst.
Whoa, Thursdays I reminisce.
Friday, I see your face and I can't breathe.

Although the distance is daring, I sure know what it's like to be alone.
(c) NeverShoutNever
Meruem Nov 2018
While you walk away,
I am running with my woes.
For what it's worth,
Only He knows.

Even if you push me away,
I'll keep on coming back to you.
For what it's worth,
Only He knows.
Gimingaw na ko nimo, langga. Uli naka. :(
Meruem Nov 2019
When the day comes
That I will have to face the truth
About what happened...
November 9, 2019 - 23:32
Meruem Dec 2018
Ilang oras na akong di makatulog,
Paulit-ulit lang naman ang reklamo.
Gusto lang kitang makalimutan,
Gusto na kitang makalimutan.
(c) 6cyclemind

Ganyan mainlove. Ganyan mainlove.
Meruem May 2019
Kalungkuta'y nakakalat na sa mapa,
At tiyak mas malalim pa sa sapa.
Kahit magdasal pa sa dalawang Allah,
Laging nakatatak itong mga alaala.

Hindi na makitaan ng ngiti
Kahit magsipilyo ng Hapee,
O kahit kulitin ng Shopee,
Kaligayaha'y tila hindi na maibahagi.
May 5, 2019 - 00:25

Maligayang kaarawan, Papa. Maligayang Pista, Sta. Monica. Ako, maligaya ba?
Meruem Jul 2019
I remember where it all began:
It was us, savouring our youth.
Building habits, creating memories
That I will always keep with me.

The taste of your lips,
Our long drives home,
It's the way that you made me feel
That I will surely miss.

I won't go back to the start,
Maybe twice of it were too much.
Neither were good nor bad,
But it was definitely all worth it.
July 3, 2019 - 13:15

I am lost on how to process things right now. This piece shouldn't have ended if I put all of my thoughts into words. This one's for you, B. Au revoir~
Meruem Dec 2018
I took that late trip to memory lane,
Seeking a familiar place.
As I was lost,
I found my way home.
December 19, 2018 - 05:24

Im home.
Meruem Feb 2020
There is no place like home;
Its exact meaning is unknown.
How about I write a poem,
In search of meaning I'll roam.

At first, let's go into a place
Where we ought to seek for space.
It's where all troubles are erased,
And where your peace of mind awaits.

Then, let's pursue this person
Who just taught you a valuable lesson.
Nonetheless, one thing is for certain;
With her, you'll yet to know your purpose.

There is no place like home;
It's where you'll get these feelings.
And to put things into perspective,
Home is where I am with you.
February 1, 2020 - 21:25

"I'll write a thousand poems before I leave this world, and you will be the happiness in every single one of them."
Meruem Oct 2018
In my mind, there's always you
Stuck in the moment of every hue
And if I go blind, this much is true
I'd still see different shades of you.
Ps. I can't sleep and I've been longing for home. I just had to write it out.
Meruem Oct 2018
If I put my faith in you,
Would you do the same thing too?
If I put my faith in You,
Would you make my dreams come true?
Faith without work is dead.
Meruem Oct 2018
No ka manawa hope
Noho me ka hau’oli
I ka manawa?
No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa
"For the last time, be happy. When? From this day, from this night, forever more."

I gave you a list of things that I just realized recently during these times, I wrote down 5 things for you but I haven't told you the last one:

6th - I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. By any means necessary. Even if it means that I have to go away. I love you this much that I'd do anything for you.

Don't mind me, I'd find my way home. ~
Meruem Oct 2019
Nakahiga lamang sa sahig,
Lunod sa himig ni Shirley.
Tamang medley sa gabi,
Sa pagsapit ng umaga ay nananabik.

Pinaalala sakin ang iyong mga ngiti,
Lalo na yaong mapupulang pisngi.
Bakas na bakas sa labi ang hikbi,
Nang aking balikan ang lahat ng aking pagkakamali.

Nakakalungkot lamang isipin,
Kung paano nawala ang ating pagtingin.
Noong sandaling nag iba ang ihip ng hangin,
Bakit hindi kita nagawang sagipin.
October 9, 2019 - 02:57

Lumabas si George sa memories ko sa Facebook. Nagbasa ako ng lumang messages. Narealize ko na sobrang mali ng nagawa ko noon. Wala na.
Meruem Jul 2019
I'm so tired of love songs,
Someone take me home.
Just wanna go home,
Cause I can't be alone.
July 4, 2019 - 08:42
Meruem Dec 2018
Purple skies, sunset beyond the bulb.
At the tea shop, breeze by the bay.
So what are you waiting for, love?
Can't you see that I am here to stay?
December 7, 2018 - 02:08, Ref. WGL39Q

My book, one Wintermelon Milk Tea, and my "To Infinity" playlist. You know the vibe.
Meruem Jul 2019
Grey skies, something's brewing up.
At home, come what may.
So do what you gotta do, love.
I guess we weren't here to stay.
July 3, 2019 - 13:34, Grey and Yellow Beads

My fat ***, craving for some Wintermelon Milktea, and my "To Infinity" playlist. Maybe you just didn't wore your bracelet that much?
Meruem Nov 2019
Blue skies light the night, it's the morning.
At my room, will be snoozing soon.
So do you still hate me that much, love?
It will only get things worse if I stayed.
November 30, 2019 - 05:40

“Maybe someday when we meet again, you will thank me for letting you go. Maybe soon, I will thank myself for following what my heart wanted me to do. I never saved myself alone. I saved us —separately.”
Meruem Dec 2018
Only got a single penny left.
To be, or not to be?
Game over!
Insert coin to continue.
To be, or not to be. Words from the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. They begin a famous speech by Prince Hamlet in which he considers suicide as an escape from his troubles: “To be, or not to be: that is the question.”

Meruem Dec 2018
Attention to detail;
Something I want, but couldn't give.
I'm a complete mess,
Is this something etched in me?
Am trying my very best,
Maybe I'll never understand.
A bit of sleight of hand,
What a craftsman would I be?
December 23, 2018 - 23:13

"Preoccupied with a single leaf, you won't see the tree. Preoccupied with a single tree, you'll miss the entire forest. Don't be preoccupied with a single spot. See everything in it's entirety, effortlessly. That is what it means to truly see."
Meruem Nov 2018
"Ayoko na. Pagod na ako."
Oo, parang tumigil ang mundo ko.
Sa isang iglap, nawala lahat.
Pagmamakaawa hindi naging sapat.

Siguro nga mali na kinilig ako
Noong unang beses kitang kinausap.
Kinabahan ako ng todo,
Kasi lahat ng naramdaman ko totoo.

Nikka, hindi mo naman ako masisisi.
Sino bang hindi mahahalina sayo?
Kahit siya na may galit at nasaktan,
Sinabi na sayo ako'y mapapamahal.

Masaya ako na nakilala kita.
Mabuti na siguro na malaya ka na.
Pero alam mo ba, sa loob ko may nagsasabi na sana sumugal ka sakin.
Hayaan mo, sakin nalang yun.

Isa akong sinungaling.
Napakarami kong kasalanan sayo.
Pero isa lang ang masisigurado ko,
Sobrang mahal na mahal kita.

Pangako na ako'y narito pa rin,
Kung kailan mo ako kakailanganin.
Kahit na sobrang alanganin,
Lahat ng pait at sakit ay kakayanin.

Alam mo? Tama siguro sila Juan.
Na dapat mag-move on na ako.
Pero hindi, sigurado ako sayo eh.
Baka sa kabilang buhay maging tayo.
Ps. Sana maging masaya ka. Mag ingat ka.

Pps. Sana hindi mo to mabasa..


Yung lalaking mangungutang para makabili lang ng ticket ng eroplano papunta sayo.
Meruem Dec 2018
The moment I stop writing about you,
The time that I am not longing for you,
The day my heart stops bleeding,
Then I'll just know; God I wish I knew.
I can't stop writing about you
I am still longing for you
My heart can't stop bleeding, pleading
So I can't know, I wish I knew.
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