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Meruem Dec 2018
Only got a single penny left.
To be, or not to be?
Game over!
Insert coin to continue.
To be, or not to be. Words from the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. They begin a famous speech by Prince Hamlet in which he considers suicide as an escape from his troubles: “To be, or not to be: that is the question.”

Hilla254 Jul 2018
When the flow of words,
Overrun my thoughts,
Am forced to pick a pen,
Ink down the word's in a paper,
In a order,
In order to make sense.

I just write,
I don't know what else to do,
Write to fill the void in my heart,
Write to silence inconsiderate Doubt's,
Loud thought's, drowned thought's,
Dreaded nought's,

Why does silence manifest so loudly,
Why is emptiness so heavy,
Why does emotion's always overcome logic,
Why does reality not seem so real,
Is love a feeling or emotion,
A blurry line separates the two.
Aaron LaLux Jul 2017
Sleeping without a blanket,
but that’s okay it’s the tropics,
I gave my blanket or rather sheet,
away to the girl that’s sleeping on the futon across the room from me.

She’s not my lover,
at least not in the contemporary sense,
as in we don’t sleep together or have ***,
but I guess as lovers can make love without having ***.

See I’ve got a girlfriend,
and I’m trying to be loyal,
for the first time in my promiscuous life,
I’m trying to be a legitimate boyfriend.

I didn't plan on sleeping with this girl,
I only wanted to explore each other's Beautiful,
neither one of us thought too much,
we just loved the touch of each other in the moment...

excerpt from '777: Alphas & Numerics' the new book by Aaron La Lux
available worldwide.
Steele Jan 2015
I failed to save another soul today.
On my high patrol, I heard their last gasps leave their lips,
and I let their salvation get away
slipping through my super-powered fingertips.

If I can write assurance to a thousand souls lost, humorous and witty
"If I muster all the words that I know," I thought, "Surely I can save this city."
But life can't be measured by honeyed words, and it's agony to see
the souls' salvations that I'm missing beneath my red-caped nobility.

Even if I flew higher still, with my cape waving proud and free,
no great power I could bring to bear could match my responsibility.
For every orphan girl I save, there's another not too far afield.
For every chain broken, for every freed slave, there are chains that will not yield.

I'd fly around the world and turn back time, but I know t'would be in vain.
What's a single Superman to do, when the whole world cries to be saved?

— The End —