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Jan 22 · 2.3k
The Hazel Flames
Aaron Combs Jan 22
The stars and all its powers,  are falling like the Himalayan roses,
For tonight the marble moon is on fire,
Just like the hazel flames in your eyes.

Soon, the Gemini shadows
     will soar over.

As the world falls apart
like a red dress,
tell me the time, the time you felt life,
that life was good.

For the dirt storms and shadows, spirits
will eventually bleed above the sunrise.
Inside this truck, let me hold your heart.
below the shadows, I'll be your armor.

Up and under the shirts, sleeves, of our feelings,
darkness doesn't feel so strange when I'm with you,
so hold and hang on the leg of my words,
as the streetlights spill into the skin and memories.

Oh, the shadows, the shadows, the shadows,
I can feel fear as much as I feel the fire
and the flames in your eyes,
and the red sky is falling like razor blades.

Now until we are clothed into one flame.
Tell me you belong to me,
There's just one more night,  
For the marble moon is on fire
and the stars are falling all around us.

Turn the radio on, the last song on high,
and let the flames of music blend
smoothly against the shadows light.
Dec 2018 · 3.5k
Chicago Sunrise
Aaron Combs Dec 2018
This, this letter I made you, let it pierce your heart,
like the silver moon earrings, I gave you,

Let me hold you on high.
Let me hold you on high.

Like the Kansas fields that outnumber the stars,
let's walk on the wheat fields of gold, for even
if I can't forgive you, my heart will freely love you.

Over and over,

like red Georgia Peaches,  like Florida Beaches
let me be the one for you.

Everything passes on,  so let not the venom of angels,
whisper us away ,

Now like Chicago, let me sing you into fame
until every knows your name, let me sing, let me sing.

Embrace me, like a California dream, pretend it's just me,
like the ring on your finger, let me be, let me be,
the one and only, like your silver moon earrings.

For if you harden your heart, lets go back to one,
let me be like your silver moon earrings,

let me hold you on high.
let me hold you on high.
For her
Dec 2018 · 1.9k
Aaron Combs Dec 2018
There is a time between us, when the pebbles of the sea
and the darkness of the moon will seem one.
Where the lilies and the starlight falls,
and my hands and bones will sleep.

See in our sleep, the world can be one, and
the flowing waters will be like Chardonnay.
Our memories will sing so wild and free.

Under the moonlight, before your lips,
I give you my breath and the secret beneath
my soul, where my soul falls underneath.

Awestruck and charmed by the precious jewels,
in your eyes. You are my beloved,
Leaving my breath to you, my very life,
I lift you up like a rose stretching for the sea.
Previously named Chardonnay, I found somebody, who rests likes the moonlight in my eyes.
Apr 2018 · 556
Hold me Tonight
Aaron Combs Apr 2018
Nail my hands, like the thorns
of your savior, cloud me with
colors of your song, leave me
lying there, with cut lips,

na na na na nah
na na nah
na na nah na

Sing me your lullaby
Sing me your lullaby

smooth drinks, hold me tonight,
they talk to my heart, till it's right.

I've been on the long road,
holding your hands,
I've been on the long road,
sleeping your time away
held captive by your ways.

Sing me your lullaby
Sing me your lullaby

I am falling in the ways,
The ending to this story,
running to the ocean doors,
it's fading away, fading away.

But I know,  but I know that
You'll be back for me
Aug 2017 · 16.0k
Oceans In The Sky
Aaron Combs Aug 2017
There's an ocean, an ocean of fire in the sky,
flowing down,
for the moon stretches down to us.

Upon our red rooftop, let's enjoy
the slow breeze,  while the moonlight
unites the oceans in the sky,
and covers the Brazilian seashore;

   For it heals the soul of the woods.

All the old sycamore trees, the owls, the hawks, and snakes,
all these things run for existence.

So hold on, onto my words,
Like your wedding ring, let me hold you close.
  For in the quiet night,
I can feel your heart beat, your emotions that run like water.
Let me hear the river and rhythm of your desires,   and your ambitions that lie

awake in you.  

Let this, let this moment separate what you fear,
as I listen to the drums of your heart.


hold my hand, then let my voice unlock creation,
Echoing and speaking the languages of your dreams and desires,
for how I do love you.  
Now see the moonlight's rule over the stars,
speaking pictures of grace into the quiet night.

In such a way the power of the moonlight stands like a king,
thus I will listen and unlock the waves of your dreams.
As a response for the moon eclipses, I have revamped this, enjoy!
Jul 2017 · 1.2k
Aaron Combs Jul 2017
Today Grandma sinks in the seat, and smiles

at the fake trees, while the black
and brown crosses that hang over
her  shoulders as cancer calls her name underneath.

Holding the heartbeat monitor with her eyes,
the priest says "she's been cleansed, she's been cleansed,
it'll be alright, it'll be alright,

She's God's favorite."

Today in the mirror,
reflection removed from
beauty she once written with
lipstick, yes,

beside her
coffin, I mean bed.

the doctors notes declare
hope as thin as a paper cut,
the smell of fake smiles and dreamy prayers
stain the white walls, but with the families
tears run like razor-blades against the
skin, this may get better,

She still sits serenaded by silence,
baptized into a cloud of gloom.

Today it feels like a black Christmas, but with
a green moon, and red stars, and weak blue angels,

Gee, thanks, oh young Mary, for all of today.
Apr 2017 · 1.9k
Angels and Highways
Aaron Combs Apr 2017
There is a place where the rivers flow, and the weary eagles lay low,
It’s behind the shields of the earth, where the mountains serve as kings.
Displaying glory, wildlife, and peace, there’s a highway where the angels go.
And the battle of the night disappears, where nature finds power and healing.

It’s in the wounds, it’s in the blood, and it’s in the spirit,
That leads angels between the ring of mountains.
In the blue horizon, they swiftly sing in perfect lyrics.
And the land is laden in pure snow, healing the nations.

Like the clouds of the sky, in the thunder, you can see,
The six silver wings, and the Spirit that’ll set us free.
Super-stressed so I wrote this.
Dec 2016 · 29.5k
Let`s Dance
Aaron Combs Dec 2016
My beloved, tonight it is more than perfect, the zephyr winds sing
sweetly your name and the crystal stars shine like your earrings.
As the White Mountains glint gracefully, and the wind speaks
over our fingers, upon our balcony, let’s dance, my beloved.

Now over the thousand streams and star crystals in the air,
You can see our prayers fill up the milky rivers in the sky.
Below the lights of Christmas, before the blue rivers of stars,
let’s dance like the shadows and the circles of the moonlight.

Now dreams rise over like the wind and shine so easily
But time falls quickly, and worries fall away so slowly.
So let the rage of your fears dance around and under your legs.
For the world is falling asleep, calling for the colors of their dreams.

So let the tresses of your hair fall freely,
And the wind of your perfume
Soak up the flames of your heart.
Spinning like the starlight, tasting every feeling,
Let the steel blue sky and its stars fall all around you.

Dance wildly, my beloved, let's dance like the songbird who sings,
let’s dance forever, until we wash into the skyline of our dreams.
A Daily Poem
Jul 2016 · 2.8k
The Moonlight Bride
Aaron Combs Jul 2016
My Lady:

Oh, can you dance, can you dance strong
until everything below turns into pure gold?
And do you see this precious sunrise as a gift to all of us?
         Do you number the sound of the whistles in the wind?
     For I have a year more to love, to breathe, to see life with you.

My dear, my dear do you see that everything
is filled with new power and new strength?
Would you hold onto my voice
like I hold your hand and feel forgiven?
Before every desire falls from my lips,
do you know how to run free?
 For I have the melody of life & second chances
engraved into my hands.

Can you hope - against the teeth of wolves
that encircle our own feelings?
 Will you fall upon your knees when heaven forgets your voice?
So when you lose hope and strength,
you will find me again and again.
For I found the power that destroyed
death so that you can see everything new.

Do you know how to love,
like the endless numbered stars?
Will you write His promises in your heart
so that you can always hold on?
               So when nothing makes sense and
            all desires fades, we will rest in adoration.
For everyday the angels are taught
 how to describe His great love for us.

So behind the winter rain,
we can dance into the sunlight time after time.
Until the moonlight falls by
        will you sing with me until we touch the sky?
Jun 2016 · 2.0k
The Road to the Rock
Aaron Combs Jun 2016
There was a dream. A dream of a
long road that led to
a rock. Beside the rock was a
snake and the pigeon
were meeting there,
the hummingbird
and crocodile were
resting before the grass,
and darkness was behind

The hills were flat
and the deserts was covered in roses.
The land was filled with animals of
every kind in perfect unity surrounded
by a lights of beauty and wonder filled all
along the rivers and trees, calming the
world with grace and glory and awe.

My mother were there and father,
my friends some which at a time
were my enemies, and my people
gathered waiting for me.
I was home. I was home.

The eternal honey from the rock,
poured upon our feast,
love and light overwhelmed
the atmosphere.

In turn, fear's face was crushed,
tears and pain was a forgotten memory,
illness and disorder was alien, and the colors
of seven thousand rainbows danced in the air.

The surface of music sounded so perfect,
flowers sung around our yards and
rivers of waters between our mansions that we lived in,
and perfect praise was upon our lips.

We were robed in glory and our hearts magnified
the living Lord, our thoughts were pure,
and our bodies were perfectly whole.
My house was filled with glory and perfect love,
perfect love. I was home.

Then I saw fire which echoed
the sound of the world before the room
where the Lord stood, and there was chaos
in the land before where He heard the Earth's cries.

The movement, and passion of the Lord's
tears filled this one room, and brought me
in such distress, what room was this?

I heard people's homes were torn apart by rage and
hatred, men were slaughtered and women
ravaged, echoes of countless babies
tore through the Lord's heart.
The sound of curses stung his eyes,
and rebellion ripped his veins,
we heard the devil's laughter,
and people worshiping evil.
The Lord wept.

I shouted, "Lord what can we do, we must
do something, is there something we can do?"

He said nothing.

And the river of blood in his eyes, filled
with such compassion and heavy warmth,
almost like honey.

He held my hand, and then finally
replied, "I sent my only son to save the world,
for how I love them, so that
no one may fall but have an everlasting life . "

And then suddenly I woke up with
His tears in my eyes.

Filled with perfect love, I arose
from my bed. I ran outside
picked up a rock
headed toward that road.
This is a poem I have kept hidden for sometime, it is my jewel. Now I feel it is time, thank you for comments! :D Hope it's a great joy! :D
Nov 2015 · 965
Uncut Prayers V
Aaron Combs Nov 2015
Broaden my soul, keep me dreaming,
enable my soul to do good, infinitely, forever.
Speak over the barriers,then let me celebrate
in the halls of your power and song.

Let me be taken underneath
a thousand more colors of peace,
teach my soul and knit wisdom into me,
  make me whole.

Keep me in love with you,
take away my blindness,
clear the soul scars,
open the mirrors of yesterday no more.

Dry out the pain in my heart,
let me not stare in fear,
or wander, teach me, uplift me,
be my star in the sky.

Lord, remove my enemies,
appoint your strong angels
against them,
for they are many who seek
to destroy.

I am yours, think of me

always, blend my soul with your
breath and beloved music and song.

Keep me as long as the Earth endures.

          I love you.
Love prayer
Nov 2015 · 642
You And Me
Aaron Combs Nov 2015
At the rise of the white moon,
our father speaks to us;
so let your dreams run free.

In the hours of the night
when you lie fast asleep,
let those dreams run free.

There is time in the sun,
where you and I run,
so stay patient, darling.

For the same love that draws
the white moon toward us,
will also draw us home.

Beneath beautiful rainbows
and high flying eagles,
we wait for perfections,

holding your hand in mine
we walk and we listen
waiting for song and pictures

The red fires of sunrise,
and the circle of scars,
and precious oaths I sing

Enclosed inside our dreams,
laughters and yellow memories
we kept the pictures of

                                       you and me.
Aug 2015 · 611
I Swear
Aaron Combs Aug 2015
The shadows will pass by, I swear.
The past will fall under, I know.
The hate will go away, I see.
It's going to be okay.

The failures won't seem so sharp,
like the sword under my lips.
The peace won't fall short, I swear.
The murders won't search for you, I know.
Just look for me.

I will come before the noon falls.
I will tightly hold you, before the mess
of plagues, discomfort, and lies, seem
too thick, I will help you.

I will lock you in the doors of peace.
I will bless you with my name, and give you
a heart of gold, for you won't stand alone.

You will be the fragrance, the intoxication of love that fills
my room, my heart. I will see to it, don't you fear, I have you.
Beloved Poem of Mine!
Aug 2015 · 896
My Dreams
Aaron Combs Aug 2015
Help me to breathe after your holiness,
I do fall short. Help me hold long for your grace.
Keep me from poverty and bitterness,
Then let me see your face, let me see your face.

You are my purpose, regard your glory in my life,
remember me; let the perfume of my prayers,
reach every room of your heart; clear my
hold of heaven and earth, so let me be content in you.

Apart from you I have no one; no clout of sin and glory,
compares to you.  The sweetness of your touch
covers the shadows and thorns of my mind.
So let me lie down by still waters in the fullness of your grace.

All the days let me prosper in grace, so that I search
for you in the corridors and hallways of my dreams.
Enjoy! my newest poem!
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Let's Lie Down
Aaron Combs Jul 2015
California Dreams Part I

Time is falling apart,
My heart is stumbling,
the road is ending, so

follow me on.

Take my hand and forget yesterday, let me
get out of the country of Texas, see all of the world.
Don't worry so much, I'm always there,
and the world is free, let me show you.
Then let’s fall in the swift winds of adventure.

Let’s go!

Now look at the map in my brown eyes, and hold tightly
my hand, and our fingers will never grow cold.

After Christmas we'll travel to Highway One,
we’ll first set our eyes to the crystal skies
of California. And your dreams could come
true, under the lime light, everything
will make sense and our dreams will
rise like skyscrapers.

The dreams, euphoria, the fights and the pain,
it'll make sense through the hard times, it will.
If we falter, I know, we can still climb the gates
of paradise.  We can do everything. And we will.  

For in one year we'll climb to the stars,
stand on the purple mountains of Alaska
and conquer the midnight hours, we'll post
our banner on our mountain, call this our kingdom.

As the lot falls, we'll work, we'll go to school,
we'll pick each subject like roses and carve our hearts
into the trees, we'll find sweet the kiss of unity.

In the season of the blue moon, when we
get weary of one another.
 I'll find unwritten ways to love,  for 
 I will love you always.  It will be all okay.
    It will all be well. I promise.

As we fall in love again,  we’ll turn under the sun
To Arizona where the valley’s our only beauty, and
our voices are thunder in the Great Canyon.  
The eagles will perch  under the sycamore tree,
for we will lie down in the
fullness of peace and rest by the
hawk and the snake at noon.

Part II

Let Me Show You The World

Now I'll show you the world.
We'll see all of it.

Let's go!
Let's go!

Let's starve, let's eat, let's see.
We'll go on ship to Africa. We'll buy a jeep and and visit the brown hills
of Zimbabwe. We'll sleep with the cheetahs and run with the lions.
Our hearts can never die here.

Knowing war and love ,
we’ll lower our hearts to the children and serve them.
And look into the eyes of the broken, the hurt, and the dying.
We can help them. For as the warrior children destroy mothers
And fathers inside the streets in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.
We can save that one Child.  

The following year we'll walk upon Mary's path to Nazareth,
and see where Jesus grew up and David
defeated the mightiest of armies.

We'll remember the creation of the world,
and the end of it all, on the valley of decision,
Where the world will come to ruin.

Don’t’ worry dear, we'll find our romance and rest.
We'll follow the road the road to Rome.
We’ll see the catacombs of old, the virgins and saints buried
with love so perfect.
We'll see see so many things and all the color of the world walking together, the nobleman, the thieves, and the harlots at dusk,
we'll remember our love, as the wind of our prayers
carry them.

follow me on  

Let's turn to the twisted hills of France and
find fragrance, and the lips of war.
We'll walk in the evening and lie down upon the roof of Notre Dame
and watch the morning light spill into the city of Paris.

Don't be surprised, for war will come again.
We will be ready, against our enemies we will fight.
We are mortal my dear, we must fight.

When the wars boil over and settles down
we'll escape to London.  Where books fly high,
and parties go higher, where love seems but a
gentle lying dream.

Before we die in the darkness, we can always hide
under the blood and water of our prayers, we can be forgiven.
As our sanity returns, we'll lie down on the rocks of Stonehenge
and dream once again.

Part III

Let's Lie Down, I Will Be Your King

Let's turn our way to Scandinavia,
and taste the richest cheese and
then bicycle to the home of Germany's finest chocolate.
Let's find our fill!

follow me on,

Next  we'll buy to the ticket to the mountains of Romania
the land of many orphans. We'll grow a garden
of orchards of olives, and make our wealth and peace.
And we'll feed everyone of them,
Everyone of the little children and hear their forgotten history.

Three more years later, we'll call our home in Siberia
where puffins find refuge in the white mountains.
We'll learn to fish with the Eskimo and
watch the faint heat of dawn whisper away.

Let’s Go!

In Beijing let's learn Karate and the arts.
We'll know the greatest of warriors and find peace
in the red blood sky. And we'll rent a yacht and live there for months
and make a business with great merchants. See it'll be okay.
It will all be okay. We’ll find our fortune and
lie down on the ****** shores of Hiroshima.

My dear, If the world wasn't enough, we will rule paradise
on a thousand islands near Malaysia and
compose immortal songs about the world between you and me.

Like the kings of the northern stars we'll explore
far out. For in the land of New Zealand,
we'll see where  beauty cannot
die and mountains cannot fall, where paradise
begins. We’ll surf on the silver waves,
and write more songs till’ love draws us home.

We will lose it all and have nothing again
we’ll make our last campfire
and tell the village people our winds
of adventure.

Until  the moon turns to blood, I will be by your side,
morning by morning I will be your king and love,
your warrior outside, beneath
our  balcony we will see a thousand
blue and yellow rivers, flashing their gates of paradise!

Let's Lie Down  

The Return Part IV

In our old age, we'll go back to our home in Texas.
Where the oil never runs dry and where corn crops still grow;
where friendship is only a second away, let's go again.
Let's get on our motorcycle and visit where we grew up
and remember it all. And look at the playground where I fought
the bully in the third grade, and where you
drew your first kiss. Let's see our
first Sunday school, where the air
touched our first prayer.

As our hearts grow in splendor
like a garden of strong delight and the
fearful valley is stricken with good rain.

Let's lie down there at the white steeples
where we got married, where our eyes can close
and drink in the heavenly shores and

      thirst no more.
 and thirst no more.
This is my epic poem, I'm really trying to break the 50 heartbreak, so will you help with my goal? Enjoy the poem friends!
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
The Piano
Aaron Combs Jun 2015
There's a white piano in my soul.
The keys are broken, off tone, and some
are just not there.
I try to stop playing it,
but the silence keeps going,
and the people leave.
So I play it as long as I can,
As long as the white ivory notes
should play, till
the quiet chaos is diminished.

As I walk, there are notes playing,
chords of depression, lust and lies,
some of laughter, some of tears,
some of joy, some of peace.
I walk hoping I find the right word,
the right accent, the right tempo
and rhythm;

trying to find the space between  
the world and me.

When I'm about to give up, and things don't make
before all things seems lost,
the voice
of peace
breathes upon the falling notes.

And as I hear His voice, the voice of praise,
the voice of joy, my broken hands
gets stronger.

As beautiful and as
broken this life can be, as harmonious and
awestruck as the song of my heart plays,
He plays the right notes for me.
This is my 12 the poem! This is one of my dearest poems. Enjoy
May 2015 · 1.2k
Remember Me
Aaron Combs May 2015
It's November, I feel the war is almost over,
Poland will find peace again. But the war has taken me,
for I only feel the blackness of sorrow,
all of my strength is falling apart.

Oh, my spirit is falling, falling like the purple sunset,
My beloved,  
   I'm fading in the cradle of your prayers
All my soul is hungry for strength,
   the sweat under my side
and the thorns of confusion and heaviness
are only growing stronger.

Keep me awake, dear.
   Tell me about when we met,  when you
smiled with curiosity  when you first saw me.
  Tell me about the time when we hid and laughed
behind the schoolyard,
   right by the flower fields where we played hide and seek.
The time when our souls  only sung with power and laughter.

Now beneath our old house, our home, I can't hide anymore.
I can't hide the hurt, the pain, the sorrow, but I do know
the flames of grace burns over and over, so don't you cry.
The psalms we use to sing, they also heal, yes, they also heal.

So remember me,

   and the star I gave you, for then I'll be with you,  

near the altar of your heart,
by the silver rivers of memories and love, because then

I'll always be your hero and heart,
your wildfire within.
This is written from the perspective of Jewish refugee to his beloved.
May 2015 · 1.3k
Her Silver Eyes
Aaron Combs May 2015
Near the hotel sitting on the bench,
looking at the warring sun,  I see it's thoughts
fill the amber sky,  I feel it's blood
pouring on the the pillars of the eastern sky.

As the sunset runs in

The stars twinkle like a dying headlight, a
deer passes by the ocean. And immediately
the rain falls, my blue jeans are soaked, and the
crash of clouds and thunder with enormous rain fill the night air.
I race and reach for angel of the earth.

Running through the ocean blue,
Searching for her silver eyes,
The sky stands black along the naked coastline.
Still running, crushing, subduing
the *****, lobsters, and rocks underneath
the open earth.

I'm running to find her eyes again.

Where home felt so new, against her wit and lovely sarcasm,
and her untimely ways, my life never felt so real,
I stand on mountains looking for a place to kneel
before her silver eyes.  

In the distance, I hold the warmth of her hands,
in the secrets of her dress, her name reverberates
like a river, her smile hangs like the moon over water,
and I breathe my dreams out for her surrender.
My 10th poem!
Apr 2015 · 4.3k
Summer Lights
Aaron Combs Apr 2015
The silver bullets we spread beneath our
eyes, those tears that burst into sparks.
I traded those tears for wisdom,
And the road to glory never seemed so vain.

Now seeing the blank walls in my room, and the sinking ceilings,
I feel there's so much to the world, but like the ocean  
it only leaves me thirsty.

So I trade wisdom for this.....

To hang upside down and see your smile,
to see the stars kiss and flicker in the summer heat,
to feel the rain that pours through your hair,  
to be blinded by your warmth in the Alaskan sky.  

This is wisdom, my dear.  This is wisdom.
Playing hide and seek in the night,
holding your hand while the stars fall.  Yelling our names into the sky.
This is  how legends live on.  Ruling the world with laughter,
and stupid jokes, laying on the blue green grass,
falling into the mud, till' the night is weary to see us at play.    

Holding the candle of your heart,
singing till' the sky falls to the ground.
Love, beauty, tiredness, poetry, interest
Apr 2015 · 1.0k
Call Me Yours
Aaron Combs Apr 2015
Draw me a picture, trace the lines,
lead me into colors of your eyes.
Call me home, call me yours,
like thunder and winter,
Fill me up.

Then color the crevices,
the red fiery coals in my heart.
Disengage the chains and power,
fill them with the peace of a river.
Fill me up.

Lift me up on the wings of your desire,
Color me in the horizon's bay, where the shore
fills it's breath, and the sun's breath spills
on the eastern shore of paradise.
9 th poem! Really fitting poem for these months.
Apr 2015 · 854
The Dawn of the Moonlight
Aaron Combs Apr 2015
The stars of peace warm me,
the light blue fire that burns above us.
So my heart expands to see your love
like the sky that burns before our eyes.

I keep touching your hands,
laughing at our past, seeing the pictures,
remembering the sunsets and darkness.
I can only say how I love you, like
a dream your touch carries me.

There are some days when the skies
and the earth become grey, it is the time
when  the ants can't find their queen,
and the axe can't cut into it's wood, because
the victory was so long ago.

In a child's heart the wooden stairs were
steps to dreams, perfections, holiness,
and so I wish that in this moonlight
I'll look in the stars and find you there.

So I repeat and  remember the praises of the
night, the sweet solace of crowns
that unite the sky,
the embers of sweet memories.
This is my 8th poem. May it be a blessing
Apr 2015 · 724
The Rose
Aaron Combs Apr 2015
I'm in Greece. The sun light streamed like tears
upon the feeble trees that gnarled onto rivers here.
Nearby the rose laid slightly on this grass and sidewalk ,

I met you, Maria


So I think of you slightly,
everyday, and remember.

The black onyx rock houses, and the dinner we said hello,
the wet blue jacket covered you, as much as my compliments.
The pictures of your smile, and the subtle game and glow,
your heart flashed near mine and I do verily lament.

For see, you were quite perfect, refined, wise, yet lovely,
and the little emotion of memories, you held me so free.
Even in my brokenness, you carried me so kindly and softly.
The spirit is silver, yet I withheld my heart from you.

So our heart grew broken like buildings
under fire,

I miss you.

I remember you so kindly, the small talk, the subtle smiles.
So I ask and pray for seven heavenly angels to cover you,

In the colors of
red, gold, yellow,
and grace

Like the rose my prayers shelter you Maria,
by my longing hope and with the beauty of memories.

So that we both will sing a new song and finally let go.
7th poem I created here. Enjoy!
Apr 2015 · 5.9k
The Garden
Aaron Combs Apr 2015
I remember the garden
where we lived, it was
of such magnificence and awe.
The Charlotte roses filled the wild,
peace was uncaged, unbroken,
and the dragons and doves flew together,

And the thousand horses ran free.
and the thousand horses ran free.

I notice resting inside your eyes
and heart hasn't been so hard. Wrestling for you,
holding you,
like a child, it hasn't
been so different.

I'm taking you back there, Eve
into the Land of Eden,
just drink of my lips
a little longer and you'll remember
and see.

Do you like to dance, Eve?
Let me make your imagination full
Then let me bring it to war as  we step
into it's gates.

Let’s Dance.

For the wind of the evening
still weaves dreams between
the heavens and the earth.
There. Look.

For your heart outshines the moon, I see the hurt, the regret
The pain in the pool of you precious eyes.
And I still see you, I still love you
For you.

I hear the rhythm of your breath
and dreams, the electricity and earth
of your voice. I see the blood written
words in your heart, let me show you what
they are.

Now see the memories come
together, as you believe.

The endless garden,
the red cedars,
the cool four rivers crashing
near the rock, where we once slept.  

And look, where we hid.

See, like I promised you, we are here again,
we are here.

Where the petals sip the dew upon
the face of the earth.
where the rain and the moonlight has
not fallen.

Now look at the stars, Eve. Everyone of those stars
are named, the star of Orion, the Bear,
and Leo, everyone of them.

Everyone of them will fall
                            Everyone of them,
                            Everyone of them.

So don't be afraid in your pain
in your feelings,
just come to me.

For you can take my hand,
and be safe in my arms of
love. Even when it all falls.
Even when it all comes crashing down.

   Trust me.


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My 6th Poem. May it bless you all.
Apr 2015 · 803
Aaron Combs Apr 2015
Draw in your hand,
and speak your desires,
upon the thin paper of my heart.

Let me compose them into songs of the creek, let's feel
the sound of the cricket's chirp, all week.  We'll get lost,
And fly away like a dream into the night, forgetting the cost
Of freedom, for by the dawn our time will be revealed.

We'll run up upon the abandoned towers and sing songs that fill into
the face of the amber sky, and renew the earth by the light of our praise.
We'll watch as the world turns cold, as our hearts fly with such warm  grace.
Remember, like my jacket that covers you, let my vows always hold you.

In the embers of your voice, let me receive all of you.
Like the red dress that sings about you, let me forever

love you so.
This is my 4th poem. hope it's a joy. :D
Mar 2015 · 918
The Night
Aaron Combs Mar 2015
The sky and the starlight,
the buildings and the city lights,
All are beautiful in the night.

The ocean breathing for the sand,
the rain searching for the dry earth,
the grass holding on for air and land,
All are beautiful in the night.

The tears of a child and the embrace
of his father. The smile of a loved one,
And the place where they met,
her precious stone and the words unsaid.
All are beautiful in the night.

The cross upholding the sky,
the stars that sing beautifully,
and the heart of a newborn.
All are beautiful in the night.
This is my 4th poem, wrote this just recently. It's a poem about how life can be dark and mysterious, but these things make it beautiful.
Mar 2015 · 695
Like a Rose
Aaron Combs Mar 2015
The sun is burning out and the sand is crying for heat,
The thread of the clouds are only getting thicker,
and the branches of my heart are reaching for the divine.

The warmth of your hands
like a heart it fills me, it heals me.
It's as if I'm alive again.

Like the ocean, your breath fills my soul.
The very glance of your eyes, cleanses my brokenness.
Like a rose I have fallen into your arms.

Looking into yours as your black hair covers
the nature of my sorrow, I hide in your embrace.
I"m remembering what kindness means,
what life is supposed to be.

Like the green grass that holds on,
  and the fire and feelings that creates dreams,
                                   now I have rest.
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
Falling in Love
Aaron Combs Mar 2015
Remember the moonlight, the sunlight,
remember the starlight, the light that holds together
     the world.

Like this, let the movies and chapters of our lives
go oh, so far, for by the candles, where we rest,  let's imagine
blood red trees, the metallic streets, and the lines between

Underneath our feelings, the falling in love,
can seem like only glitter among the gold,
yet under the night,  between the spaces of
     you and me,
I sing softly your sweetest song.

For I am captivated by your touch,
let my voice call out that you are mine,
and I alone will build you our home,
for nothing will separate us my dear.

when I was a child I doubted love and it's
dreams, but my sweet dear, you eased into my
heart, and I could sing of our love forever.

And so our hearts will grow together as a vine and our
prayers will flow stronger than the blood of the moon.

For as the binding rays of the sun upholds our  hearts,
and the deer pants for the waters,  so my soul will always

stream to you.
My Goal: 200 hearts.  This is my 3rd poem. I've written this line by line, word by word, did much drafts, I hope it's everyone's joy. It's been long journey, writing this poem. May it be a great blessing to you
Mar 2015 · 8.4k
Ever Beautiful
Aaron Combs Mar 2015
This, this garden I made you, the garden of flowers,
I hope you might find strength through them.
On the right, the bees work to find it's honey,
and the daffodils on the left are still so blue.
The lilies by the small creek, and the rows of many flowers
stand in every color. The green-leafed willow I planted
holds them underneath the red sky.

My heart fades, my strength fails,
but your soul, like this, is a garden ever-beautiful.

Your lips are apple blossoms, and your hair falls like the breeze
of the morning.  Your kindness, like a hot shower
after a full day of work, you are so sweet, kind.
You take care of the weak, and do all that is good.
Like a mysterious tree in the garden,
                             You stand beautifully.

Now many things stretch for mystery and desire in the world,
but my bride, my bride, my beautiful bride, you set them all free.
My second poem, Enjoy! Encourage hearts and  comments, goal is 200. Can you contribute to my goal?
Mar 2015 · 814
Aaron Combs Mar 2015
There is a time between us, when the pebbles of the sea
and the darkness of the moon will seem one.
Where the lilies and the starlight falls,
and my hands and bones will sleep.

See in our sleep, the world can be one, and
the flowing waters will be like Chardonnay.
Our memories will sing so wild and free.

Under the moonlight, before your lips,
I give you my breath and the secret beneath
my soul, where my soul falls underneath.

Awestruck and charmed by the precious jewels,
in your eyes. You are my beloved,
Leaving my breath to you, my very life,
I lift you up like a rose stretching for the sea.
Thanks, this is my first poem. Hope everyone enjoys! :D

— The End —