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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

In a dream I saw boys lying
under banners gaily flying
and I heard their mothers sighing
from some dark distant shore.

For I saw their sons essaying
into fields—gleeful, braying—
their bright armaments displaying;
such manly oaths they swore!

From their playfields, boys returning
full of honor’s white-hot burning
and desire’s restless yearning
sired new kids for the corps.

In a dream I saw boys dying
under banners gaily lying
and I heard their mothers crying
from some dark distant shore.

Keywords/Tags: war, recursion, recurring, repetition, cycle, violence, banners, guns, oaths, mothers, tears, sighs
Jay M Aug 2019
It is hard
Keeping it internalized
For such things
Keep me paralyzed
From time to time

Seated there
Talking to you
One wonders
How such a marvelous creature
Could be in a life such as mine

So close
Yet so far
Out of reach
Yet just a touch away


I swore an oath
Never to be broken
Alas, if such happens
I am to punish myself
For I am to never
Be in romance again
Or to hold you in my arms...

Because I'm scared of hurting anyone
Ever again

So from now and forevermore
As long as I can
I shall never love again
Or at least never reveal it...


I find myself yearning for you
Wishing to hold you in my arms
Alas, such shall never be
For the likes of me

So here I stand
To bare the ancient tide
Strike after strike
Wave upon wave
Until I grow old
And fade from this mortal realm

- Jay M
August 30th, 2019
This is about those kinds of feelings, but if I don't find a way to place them into words then I fear they shall overwhelm me...
Skaidrum Feb 2018

You have never once;
lost the translation of love
in the moon's phases.
Of the haiku series
viii. oaths from my pheonix

© Copywrite Skaidrum
Francie Lynch Jun 2017
I made a promise that I've kept,
An oath I carry with every step;
A naked vow when undressed,
A pledge I'd no desire to test.

You made a promise that you broke,
An oath you mouthed when you spoke;
A vow that withered, dried and choked
The pledge that now sticks in your throat.

Was it your intention then
To take the words and make them bend;
To throw your voice like a ventriloquist.
Were your fingers crossed behind my back?

We clearly heard your words of honour,
Your assurances you'd never wander;
A bond to tie us til we'd die,
A covenant sworn between you and I.
Words... words... words.
Aaron Combs Apr 2015
Draw in your hand,
and speak your desires,
upon the thin paper of my heart.

Let me compose them into songs of the creek, let's feel
the sound of the cricket's chirp, all week.  We'll get lost,
And fly away like a dream into the night, forgetting the cost
Of freedom, for by the dawn our time will be revealed.

We'll run up upon the abandoned towers and sing songs that fill into
the face of the amber sky, and renew the earth by the light of our praise.
We'll watch as the world turns cold, as our hearts fly with such warm  grace.
Remember, like my jacket that covers you, let my vows always hold you.

In the embers of your voice, let me receive all of you.
Like the red dress that sings about you, let me forever

love you so.
This is my 4th poem. hope it's a joy. :D

— The End —