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Cardboard-Jones Nov 2018
I love you
Just like the movies.
I need you
Just like the movies.
You leave me
Just like the movies.
I chase you
Just like the movies.

I think this is my scene,
And I forgot my lines.
What am I supposed to say
To make you fall for me?
I didn’t get a script.
Am I just stuck inside a montage?
Or better yet, it’s all a collage.
The camera makes me nervous.
Can we edit this out?

Thought it would be
Just like the movies.
Your leading man
Just like the movies.
I know that you are the star.
If I’m supporting cast, well that’s alright with me.
I’ll play your fool
Just like a comedy.
Narrate our lives
Just like a documentary.
Dance you to the stars
Just like a sci-fi musical fantasy.
Tell me the theme, tell me the theme and it’s yours.

I’m not a good actor.
And I don’t like CGI.
But I rehearsed this moment
In case this was my breakout performance.
Scene one take two
Lights, camera, and action.
I hope that kiss
Was to your satisfaction.
Do we walk towards the sunset
Or wait til credits roll
Just like the movies?
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
Summer *******, freedom song,
Lovely days how they have grown,
Sweet laughter, fishing song,
Ugly love is growing strong,
Red Jake my tale is long,
Love me honey, love me long,
Rubber shoes burn in the sun,
Hot mommas having fun
Clear blue skies with the summer breeze,
I hear the waves calling out to me,
Oh sweet blues by the sea,
Cool water lapping at my feet.
A montage made up of some of my previous poem titles
jane taylor May 2016
beyond the
greatest artist
or scientist

you are
to have
the pieces just so

i see
what you had in mind for me
all along

my life
an amalgamation
a mosaic
immaculate montage

Brent Kincaid Feb 2016
Olio and so it goes
Sing a song of gladness
Olio and so it goes
Give silence to your sadness.

I went into my childhood;
A journey back in time.
I talked with a man of minutes
And he spoke to me in rhyme.

Olio and so it goes
Sing a song of gladness
Olio and so it goes
Give silence to your sadness.

I climbed to the top of the tower of hope
And danced with a light fantastic.
Spent the night with a harbored grudge
Whose morals were elastic.

Olio and so it goes
Sing a song of gladness
Olio and so it goes
Give silence to your sadness.

Found some strength and courage seeds
Dropped on barren land.
Got back yesterday full grown,
My future in my hand.

Olio and so it goes
Sing a song of gladness
Olio and so it goes
Give silence to your sadness.

Olio and so it goes
Sing a song of gladness
Olio and so it goes
Give silence to your sadness.
You might notice the date I wrote this. I was planning to audition and I was told there was no accompanist, so I wrote this. It is sung a capella and the only kind of instrument besides the voice is clapping hands.
Aaron Combs Nov 2015
At the rise of the white moon,
our father speaks to us;
so let your dreams run free.

In the hours of the night
when you lie fast asleep,
let those dreams run free.

There is time in the sun,
where you and I run,
so stay patient, darling.

For the same love that draws
the white moon toward us,
will also draw us home.

Beneath beautiful rainbows
and high flying eagles,
we wait for perfections,

holding your hand in mine
we walk and we listen
waiting for song and pictures

The red fires of sunrise,
and the circle of scars,
and precious oaths I sing

Enclosed inside our dreams,
laughters and yellow memories
we kept the pictures of

                                       you and me.
Prabhu Iyer Dec 2014
Surrealist Cut-up

            them of drooping
perspective        them blue water lilies,
    branches      boughs,    the blue      wavering
illuminated that window  is causing These the stars
                      in moonlight, to shiver;   late in
a ripple,     then, blooming
The clouds, sky,    tither.


These the stars then, blooming
late in the blue sky,
a ripple is causing them to shiver;
The clouds, perspective
branches of drooping boughs,
that window them
blue water lilies, illuminated
in moonlight, wavering tither.
Monet Water lilies 1916:
Layla Thurman Sep 2014
The music itself thumps in my chest

My body moves all on its own

My hips sway against yours

we swing our heads in rhythm

For in the moment 

when a band takes the stage

we all become the same 

united under a song

I believe this would be

a perfect movie moment

with you and I as the stars

Our own little montage

Because in this moment

I can feel your heat

We are one in the same

Our souls entwined in the song

We have to shout into each others ears

to have a conversation

though many words aren't needed

Our bodies do the talking

I guess this is what it means

to feel accepted, in love, perfect

because I can't imagine myself

dancing to this song,
with anyone else

*but you

— The End —