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James Sep 2019
Christ: by sinners slain.
He rose again, to forever
He is my Lord,
He is my God,
He is my King.
My Father, He will ever be.
Creator He is,
Sinner I was,
But now my heart
Is His.
Praise Jesus for His redeeming heart.
Hey you, my expectation!
Please become reality to redeem my addiction
Cause i'm so tired being stuck with my own imagination
Sergio Gonzalez Oct 2018
Nothing matters to me
I might as well be
In a different galaxy
I’m disconnected from reality
I sleep my nights dreaming
I could be someone else
And lose sight of me

I hate my anatomy
Chemical bonds gone wrong
And I choose to dissect
Each and every one
I never lose focus when I criticize
My imperfections
I intend to improve myself
But that won’t change my perception

And there you go
I figure you’re prefect
In every sense of the word
Nothing can stop you
Not even the cosmos themselves

But you’re just like me
A flawed human
In this world full of impurities
We bend like metal
And sway
Wherever the wind takes us

That’s the price we pay
Each and every day
Our insecurities
Hide the best of us
But we wake up in the morning
And continue life

But one thing for sure
We’ll keep fighting  
Until we perish
Life can be beautiful
Never forget it
LexiSully Jun 2018
It is alright to go to sleep upset,
For every morning the sky bleeds of fire,
And you are born again.
mythie Feb 2018
Why do I live?
I can count the number of times I've been happy on both hands.

Why don't I die?
It would be really easy to **** myself, I realise this.

But when I press the cold steel to my flesh.
I hesitate.

Death seems to be the ultimate thing I crave.
But my greatest fear.

I've spent too many nights sobbing into my pillow.
So I ask myself.

Why do I live?
I like seeing my family happy.

I like seeing my friends happy.

I like seeing anybody happy.

I hate seeing them upset.

Will I ever be truly satisfied?
I doubt it.

But, I want to try.

Why do I live?
I live not for myself. But I live for others.

Why don't I die?
Even though I don't believe it, people will be upset once I'm gone.

So when I press the cold steel to my flesh.
I put the knife away.

Death seems to be the ultimate thing I crave.
But if I let the urge completely erode me I will never be happy.

Happiness doesn't start once you die.
It happens when you learn to live.
i wrote this at like 5 am.
Arcassin B Mar 2017
by Arcassin Burnham

Sitting in the room with a blank stare,
you have your whole life ahead of you and people
Making sacrifices for friends that won't do the same,
they were never with you all along,
they don't know your name
Thinking about what your brothers and your sisters
All day long trying to penny pinch,
Looking for a decent job is minus percent,
And you can't love a boy round here cause non of them are men,

Soul Searching is so ******* hard to do baby,
when you've got the devil running after you baby,
could you find the light and let it redeem? maybe,
can't i try to make you feel like a queen baby?
But the trust issues ran so deep lately,
you can't trust anyone , not even family,
The past has ruined your life in many ways basically,
that doesn't mean anyone can be the enemy.
Arcassin B Aug 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Butterflies and lakes,
Carry signals in and out
into the love gate,
If you're saying that I know her situation
i could probably relate,
Not wanting to do this all the time
But it cannot be replace,
I swear I love her
but she's just thinking that me and him are in a race,
I beat him to the punch and now I'm glad I'm in first place,

She is my dream to see the things that are right in front
Of me,
Don't think for one second I don't know about intimacy,
shes the girl for me in this life of death and luxury,
I made a promise to her long ago that we would be,

shes my history like no other in my dreams,
I take a short breath of the wrong air in this time,
take my hand and we'll run to the stream,
She said she use to be alright in my first line,

like bella and edward , we shine in the lights and sparkle
As if glistening was our middle names
fantasy teens,
kissin in the lake
is it still a dream?

Is she really still someone elses girl?
this i can't redeem.
timothy Aug 2016
I know I've poisoned myself,
But if you can raise the dead back to life,
Couldn't you heal me with your word,
And restore me with a touch?
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