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Anita Feb 2
Through our bloodshot eyes we watched,
Worried for our kin.
"Trust not thy neighbor"
We whispered prayers
Private misconceptions of lonely rattled minds
The 5th of November
Is the day we all remember
A slowing, the Slowing
"We have no way of knowing"
The man cleared his dry throat,
and swallowed what little Silvia left.
"But we suspect that it will continue"
In the beginning of the end of our world
I remember watching.
Stores were soon empty
People hear the news, and they wanted to move
They scurried like small animals suddenly under a light.
But, there was nowhere on earth to go.
A little poem
Aaron Combs Jan 22
The stars and all its powers,  are falling like the Himalayan roses,
For tonight the marble moon is on fire,
Just like the hazel flames in your eyes.

Soon, the Gemini shadows
     will soar over.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah

As the world falls apart
like a red dress,
tell me the time, the time you felt life,
that life was good.

For the dirt storms and shadows, spirits
will eventually bleed above the sunrise.
Inside this truck, let me hold your heart.
below the shadows, I'll be your armor.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah

Up and under the shirts, sleeves, of our feelings,
darkness doesn't feel so strange when I'm with you,
so hold and hang on the leg of my words,
as the streetlights spill into the skin and memories.

Oh, the shadows, the shadows, the shadows,
I can feel fear as much as I feel the fire
and the flames in your eyes,
the power of the earth moving like toddler and it's toy.

Until we are clothed into one flame.
Tell me you belong to me,
There's just one more night,  
For the marble moon is on fire.

Turn the radio on, the last song on high,
and let the flames of music blend
smoothly against the shadows light.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah
I wish to fire
All planets I can reach,
Do even stars can tell what happens,
When universe is glitched?

Is matter fading?
Like me - fade in the dusts,
Seems like I've lost my spotless mind
In self-destruction rust.

My eyes are staring,
The silver rain shall pass,
The darker skies will open all its beauty -
This vision shall be last.

World is on fire -
I'm watching oceans burn,
The darker skies once radiant,
Mountains collapsed in storm.

And now I'm dying -
My scared mind's only thought,
But when I'm staring up at heavens,
I see - the thuth is far beyond.

Beyond bright starlight,
And cosmic coldest lights away,
If i could look behind the blinding suns,
I'd clearly see its cruel sway.

(inspired by OTWATM and Midnight Odyssey)
brandon nagley Aug 2015
If this world
Is to end today;
I'd like mine Reyna to knoweth
I tryeth to showeth her mine love every day.

©Brandon nagley
©Earl Jane dedicated/Reyna
©Lonesome poet's poetry

— The End —