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Aaron Combs Jan 22
The stars and all its powers,  are falling like the Himalayan roses,
For tonight the marble moon is on fire,
Just like the hazel flames in your eyes.

Soon, the Gemini shadows
     will soar over.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah

As the world falls apart
like a red dress,
tell me the time, the time you felt life,
that life was good.

For the dirt storms and shadows, spirits
will eventually bleed above the sunrise.
Inside this truck, let me hold your heart.
below the shadows, I'll be your armor.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah

Up and under the shirts, sleeves, of our feelings,
darkness doesn't feel so strange when I'm with you,
so hold and hang on the leg of my words,
as the streetlights spill into the skin and memories.

Oh, the shadows, the shadows, the shadows,
I can feel fear as much as I feel the fire
and the flames in your eyes,
the power of the earth moving like toddler and it's toy.

Until we are clothed into one flame.
Tell me you belong to me,
There's just one more night,  
For the marble moon is on fire.

Turn the radio on, the last song on high,
and let the flames of music blend
smoothly against the shadows light.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah
Aaron Combs Dec 2018
This, this letter I made you, let it pierce your heart,
like the silver moon earrings, I gave you,

Let me hold you on high.
Let me hold you on high.

Like the Kansas fields that outnumber the stars,
let's walk on the wheat fields of gold, for even
if I can't forgive you, my heart will freely love you.

Over and over,

like red Georgia Peaches,  like Florida Beaches
let me be the one for you.

Everything passes on,  so let not the venom of angels,
whisper us away ,

(they're just droplets of cold rain. (cold rain)  

Now like Chicago, let me sing you into fame
until every knows your name, let me sing, let me sing.

Embrace me, like a California dream, pretend it's just me,
like the ring on your finger, let me be, let me be,
the one and only, like your silver moon earrings.

For if you harden your heart, lets go back to one,
let me be like your silver moon earrings,

let me hold you on high.
let me hold you on high.
For her
Aaron Combs Dec 2018
There is a moment when you become blind,
when the diamond falls out of your hand,
and all feels awry, but never fret my child.

When your in your car and the radio turns on,
the radio speaks so sweetly, so deeply, and it
scares you, because the diamond falls
because it's only breaking your heart,
and all feels awry, but never fret my child.

There is world, inside this world, that hears you,
when you sigh, when you cry, when you die all inside,
and all feels awry, but never fret my child.

You will see, you will see,
you will see, you will see,           again.

See in our prayers, the soul sees, and
the flowing fountains of your tears, they are
heard by a thousand angels, each tear, and a thousand more.

God really sees your affliction, and the glory
does not pass, but soon you will see fast,  
he will restore your heart and will return

your little diamond.

He can revive your world, again and again, and he will surely
revive your heart, life, when all the world is broken by the sky,
and all feels awry, never fret my little child.

Under the moonlight, before the desire,
better than a father, he will sweetly make
things well, when all things feel awry,
he will provide for the fall, so never fret my little child.
Fast notes, on someone I hold dear and love.
Aaron Combs Dec 2018
There is a time between us, when the pebbles of the sea
and the darkness of the moon will seem one.
Where the lilies and the starlight falls,
and my hands and bones will sleep.

See in our sleep, the world can be one, and
the flowing waters will be like Chardonnay.
Our memories will sing so wild and free.

Under the moonlight, before your lips,
I give you my breath and the secret beneath
my soul, where my soul falls underneath.

Awestruck and charmed by the precious jewels,
in your eyes. You are my beloved,
Leaving my breath to you, my very life,
I lift you up like a rose stretching for the sea.
Previously named Chardonnay, I found somebody, who rests likes the moonlight in my eyes.
Aaron Combs Apr 2018
Nail my hands, like the thorns
of your savior, cloud me with
colors of your song, leave me
lying there, with cut lips,

na na na na nah
na na nah
na na nah na

Sing me your lullaby
Sing me your lullaby

smooth drinks, hold me tonight,
they talk to my heart, till it's right.

I've been on the long road,
holding your hands,
I've been on the long road,
sleeping your time away
held captive by your ways.

Sing me your lullaby
Sing me your lullaby

I am falling in the ways,
The ending to this story,
running to the ocean doors,
it's fading away, fading away.

But I know,  but I know that
You'll be back for me
Aaron Combs Aug 2017
There's an ocean, an ocean of fire in the sky,
flowing down,
for the moon stretches down to us.

Upon our red rooftop, let's enjoy
the slow breeze,  while the moonlight
unites the oceans in the sky,
and covers the Brazilian seashore;

   For it heals the soul of the woods.

All the old sycamore trees, the owls, the hawks, and snakes,
all these things run for existence.

So hold on, onto my words,
Like your wedding ring, let me hold you close.
  For in the quiet night,
I can feel your heart beat, your emotions that run like water.
Let me hear the river and rhythm of your desires,   and your ambitions that lie

awake in you.  

Let this, let this moment separate what you fear,
as I listen to the drums of your heart.


hold my hand, then let my voice unlock creation,
Echoing and speaking the languages of your dreams and desires,
for how I do love you.  
Now see the moonlight's rule over the stars,
speaking pictures of grace into the quiet night.

In such a way the power of the moonlight stands like a king,
thus I will listen and unlock the waves of your dreams.
As a response for the moon eclipses, I have revamped this, enjoy!
Aaron Combs Jul 2017
Today Grandma sinks in the seat, and smiles

at the fake trees, while the black
and brown crosses that hang over
her  shoulders as cancer calls her name underneath.

Holding the heartbeat monitor with her eyes,
the priest says "she's been cleansed, she's been cleansed,
it'll be alright, it'll be alright,

She's God's favorite."

Today in the mirror,
reflection removed from
beauty she once written with
lipstick, yes,

beside her
coffin, I mean bed.

the doctors notes declare
hope as thin as a paper cut,
the smell of fake smiles and dreamy prayers
stain the white walls, but with the families
tears run like razor-blades against the
skin, this may get better,

She still sits serenaded by silence,
baptized into a cloud of gloom.

Today it feels like a black Christmas, but with
a green moon, and red stars, and weak blue angels,

Gee, thanks, oh young Mary, for all of today.
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