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Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Scouting Minerals with some pirates.

A while ago- Stopped and thought, drank some tea.
A little while ago- Watched American ******, read Fear and loathing in Las Vegas while watching the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while on Lsd.
Some time ago- slept in, Slept with someone, listened to "Endless, Nameless" on repeat for four straight hours.
Not too long ago- HaD a DrEaM tHaT i CaN't ReMeMbEr, had an acoustic nightmare, melted the atmosphere of my brain with *****, and had a cancer attack.
A light year ago- Watched Live Leak while eating smores, more and more, more or less, she was *******, which was cool and all but I got a little scared.
A minute ago- typed the last line which isn't this line but is supposed to be, I guess.

Garrett Johnson.
note: Jerry Garcia has nothing to do with this. I just like him and the Grateful Dead
801 · Jan 2019
Something In My Eye.
Garrett Johnson Jan 2019
It’s pleasing.
Take it.
Breeze is nice up here.
The dust must conjure.
The emotions ride.
Arrive from biscuit town.
Say hello to the scarecrow.
His ma works for a blues musician.
She is the blues musician.
His brother knows everything about Trump.
Even when he *****.
His sister loves Bruce Lee.
Or at least the aesthetic of him.
Bigfoot shot himself back in time.
To meet Jack Kerouac.
When he got there he learned that Jack was captured by the Yakuza.
He did nothing and went home.
Mr. Scarecrow was bigfoot.
A little girl told him that he was going to die alone.
That he wouldn’t mind the pain.
That everything he changed wouldn’t work.
It would all just be the same.
Don’t fall in love the little girl said to him.
What the hell does she know.
She’s 10 years young.
But i’m stuck here with Arthur Russell material.
Echoing a voice to the world.
Hoping to mean something.
Listen for a call back.
Peace within.
Call back.
Please call back.
I’ll stand of frozen bridges while they melt.
Then dive head first into the water.

Sink to the lowest point of my existence.
582 · Aug 2019
Blueberry tears.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Blueberry tears.

We saw through the eyes.
The electric highway.
The lips overtone.
The winds.
Neon Bohemia.
Cathartic Breath of air on neck.
The melting of the surface.
Suffice in the face of thee ocean.

Garrett Johnson.
Jaden, Syd and a cup of pine tea.
533 · Sep 2019
Rotten Gold.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Rotten Gold.

A new.
An old.
The mystic.
The twisted of scene.
Nothing at all.

Garrett Johnson.
Love me two times...Gone
465 · Nov 2020
Empty and all else.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
Empty and all else.

Falseness starting with an end.
Within relapse.
Within relapse.
Such certainty.
And catastrophe.
When the slide in Athens becomes cyan.
And tired.

Garrett Johnson.
Burroughs taking all the fun.
434 · Nov 2019
Drowning like Tuesday.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2019
Drowning like Tuesday.

Stained cold.
Pained & blue.
& blew away in the morn.
The dawn striking Like I a seven day trip to the quiet mountains.
The quiet flowers.
The quiet fountain.
The silver trees.
& The shadow satins.
Melted in a field.
And still.
Kept silent.

Garrett Johnson.
How does it feel.
390 · Jul 2020
Ode to her flannel shirt.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020
Ode to her flannel shirt.

The dark horse screams.
The water mimics me.
The sunlight keeps us clean.
The night time keeps us lean
For what.
Inside of me?

Garrett Johnson.
End times for eternity snow globes.
390 · Jul 2020
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020

It stands.
For nothing.
Too nothing.
In the isle.
Of Loath.
And weeping to the ecstasy.
That shown once before.
The crystal eyed.
Slept none.
Cabin soft.
Playing mindful.
Collage of inner chaos.
Volume languid.
It thinks to an eroding tone.
And still present when it leaves.

Garrett Johnson.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
That time we walked around for no reason.

Wooden door.
Brain rush.
Closing eyes.
What's her name.
**** I forgot her name.

Garrett Johnson.
Bored as Michelle.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
Watching the walls turn for colors.

Dead under eyes.
A stronger taste of Sulk and.
Morbidness entering.
The tiredness because why not.
Shaky legs for silence.

Garrett Johnson.
Monotnous saying other wise, nevermind Mindy.
354 · Jan 2019
Behind The Sun
Garrett Johnson Jan 2019
Turn to the Water.
Leaping through the veins of our humanity.
As we fly with fear to the city.
Wallowing in the mud, singing.
******* in the allies.
No privacy here.
Alone in shin high body of infested Fluids.
Above, the others party in the **** night.
Robust and jubilant.
The concrete solidification of our lives.
Living in eternal colors.
Youth crying, laughing.
Crawling over their other half.
Love in mutiny.
In the summer rain.
Dancing like infants.
The shaman seeks the grass.
He is the portal.
The forgotten mortal.
Of the jade crystals.
Inside he lives in a current.
With his missing part.
The perfect primeval distortion.
354 · Jul 2020
Oh does she.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020
Oh does she.

Last step.
Shirt caught.
But she doesn't care.
Through mud.
But she doesn't care.
Looks up and down.
But she doesn't care.
But she doesn't care.
Sweater rip.
I help.
But she doesn't care.
But then she cares.

Garrett Johnson
Like ice adequate on hats, beenies and so on.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Writing song titles on your hand.

Where'd it go.
Right near.
Near your eyes.
And done with.
Because we all know why.

Garrett Johnson.
a bit anxious
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
If it weren't for the pillow.

Moon gum.
Pick your nails.

Garrett Johnson.
saw it coming.
343 · Sep 2019
Feelings at the theater.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Feelings at the theater.

Take your life.
Take the soap.
Take the cigarettes.
Take regrets.
Take emotions.
Take the lotion.
Take the gun.
Take the pines.
Take the water.

Garrett Johnson.
All for nothing. Supposedly.
338 · Oct 2020
Headache coffee in an i.v.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Headache coffee in an i.v.

Light switch.
Sat so nicely.
Say it low.
And so ancient.
Emily's drugs are the best.
333 · Jun 2019
Garrett Johnson Jun 2019

Yesterday- Blow out, kicked around, drink of water.
Day before yesterday- Hash browns, peyote, get your own tots monday.
Today- Ambien, gold fish, ******* off of Elvis Presley plate dish, it was jeweled.
Tomorrow- A Cobain chill out, hang out, take a walk, Smoke Kerouac plasma.
Day after tomorrow- Live a little, Make love in a field, because why not.
The day after that day that was tomorrow- a smoke, Chai tea, mellow out, Then lots of lsd but not too much.
Forever- write, write about this, write about that, and write some more.
Don’t repeat.
Yeah sure...go ahead and repeat.

Garrett JOhnson.
320 · May 2019
No directions.
Garrett Johnson May 2019
No directions.

Travel down this here icy river.
Sleep in the car.
Catch a cold.
Burn parallel sticks of cancer.
Back against cold bark.
Lack of confidence.
Black sweater.
She forgot to progress.
Her story was nice.
Dark pine.
It’s getting dark outside.
It’s too good inside.
Buried fire letters.
They were never sent.
I’ll get out of here soon.
Washington county.
Pyro slugs.
All caught up in tear sleeves.
I’ll help your helping hand.
No help here.
The world made cones are my saviors.
Your neon wounds have been saved.
Helping paper cup.
Your friendly neighborhood razor cuts.
Hands grasping forest side.
I’ll forever.
Be by your side.

Garrett Johnson.
315 · Mar 2020
Tempted Significance.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Tempted Significance.

Zero moments did I say wait.
As for the forsaken channel decided to be draped.
In electric blue.
Only to be draped back into clouds.
Passing foothold on lonely function.
& twisted return in waves.
Lay shy in the face.
A cryptic respite.
Embraced by the wolves in the atmos.
Of all self being.
Self too clear for comfort.
& too silent for silence.

Garrett Johnson.
took to Gold Bar and back.
309 · Sep 2020
Confused in Estes.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
Confused in Estes.

Slipping low.
How it felt.
Didn't know.
You're still warm.

Garrett Johnson.
Samatha approximatley
290 · Aug 2020
Perpetual Evening.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2020
Perpetual Evening.

Car door.
Street light.
Your Lips.
Never felt better.

GarretT JohnsoN
oooh, wait....uh never mind.
283 · Jul 2019
The roof of Alcatraz.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
The roof of Alcatraz.

Embodying the psychedelic lust of youth.
We stealthed our way into the ancient cinder block.
Old and moldy.
We made our way to the top.
A cold breeze off the bay sea.
Pushing along her hair.
We sat in that cold night air.
Just watching.

Garrett Johnson.
282 · Mar 2020
Akward insight.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
For Awkward insight.

Why are you standing there?
Well I thought I'd show you my record collection.
Oh, cool.
Do you like... um The Beach Boys?
Do you like... Grateful Dead.
Mm Yeah.
Do you like Dylan or Jefferson Airplane?
Yeah, sure.
******, man!
You did again.
You took too much!
You took too much.

Garrett Johnson
Happens for a reason right?
277 · Jul 2019
Leviathan's storm.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Leviathan's storm.

It has come.
The apocalyptic overload.
Sworn down from the realms above.
Like the parting of the red sea backwards.
Comment allez-vous I ask.

Garrett Johnson.
271 · Nov 2019
Saw myself as you knew me.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2019
Saw myself as you knew me.

Do you fit in here.
Do you know about sinking here.
Did you think I'd think you'd miss me here.
Here at the Pinnacle of here.
& The adolescents of never.

Garrett Johnson.
Seems so far away.
268 · Sep 2019
Waiting for you.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Waiting for you.

Dismal marigold.
Hovering at most.
Fear for vehemence.
Sepia perfume.
Palladium rug.
All I wanted was it back.
Salty mush.
Roomy in Autumn auburn.
Hepburn of copper empires.

Garrett Johnson.
The beanie boys are back in town and we’re taking no prisoners.
266 · Mar 2020
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020

None at all.

Garrett Johnson
266 · Aug 2020
Process in weariness.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2020
Process in weariness.

Peanut butter and jelly.
Ice and drool.
Duck tape my eyes.
Alex, yeah she's cool.
Always alone like Constantine.
Ol Johnny boy.
I think I'm gone.
And very annoyed
I didn't think I would leave.
I didn't think so.
I didn't know how to complete.
My rowing team...Oh.

Garrett Johnson.
We missed you.
258 · Feb 2020
Ode to the road.
Garrett Johnson Feb 2020
Ode to the road.

See you and your rivered mind.
Sought out in cyan.
And cry for the drift in your eye.
Made for.
The groove.
The tremolo in your pace.
Rose hue to your face.
And the sea to your shirt.
The one you got in Olympia.

Garrett Johnson.
I should've died.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Clouds on the bedroom floor.

It isn't anything.
Maybe it's everything.
Seeing it all.
The waves.
While you're still here.
Feel like ****.
Written cloth.
Sidewalk in Perth.
for every reason.

Garrett Johnson.
Anxious like Rue
249 · Jul 2019
Lithium Leakage.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Lithium Leakage.

It crawls.
Has big headphones to hear all the details.
It's monotonous in every way lonely.
It has internal bridges collapsing at all times.
Uses it's vessel in the the 21st century.
But it's soul lives before it's time.
Has all and nothing to live for.

Garrett Johnson.
Something in the way.
248 · Jul 2019
Ginsberg Goggles.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Ginsberg Goggles.

Time that was Nice- Drive to Aberdeen, wander around, Look around, Run off from the group with you into the woods while it's raining, cause it's always raining.
Time that was pretty nice- Buy a drug dealer, erode a line into my arm, just to feel something, Cry some dust, then smoke it.
Time that was kind of wasted- Build a lonesome town, Ricky nelson can be mayor, burn scenery into my back using movie ink that was drained out of a camera that a shadow used.
Time that wasn't wasted at all- Staring at your Spider-Man poster, just to turn and see you kiss me.
Time that was enjoyed wasted but wasn't really wasted- writing this.

Garrett Johnson.
Shout out to Jefferson Airplane. For giving me a place to go to on the infinite bus ride during that field trip.
226 · Sep 2019
Lovely Ruins.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Lovely Ruins.

Tossed through ash.
Sail to me for conversation.
Not A lover to one.
Not one for another.
Covered by lips.
The old teachings.
Learned to be alone.
Take up enchantments of touch.
Tremolos in the fingers.
Grip on nothing.
All to be nothing but the trees in Fall.

Garrett Johnson.
Late . . .
221 · Oct 2019
Alacrity skies
Garrett Johnson Oct 2019
Alacrity skies.

Sailing slow on tan sands.
Knowing this is nowhere.
But everywhere next to me.
To keep me company.
Parade fires in a phantom night.
Crowned love beating all.
Only act existing.
Drums wailing proudly.
Mountains greeting the stars.
With shelter under swaying pines.
Lasting only for the night.
Only for the night.

Garrett Johnson.
Goldbar, and the E string
219 · Oct 2019
Garrett Johnson Oct 2019

The candy lights won’t come back on.
My boots have been swallowed.
The table cloth chess players.
Roped into hallowing out their arms.
It’s ok the blankets don’t know any better.

Garrett Johnson.
Opposite loft blues
217 · Jan 2020
I die each time.
Garrett Johnson Jan 2020
I die each time.

Rug floor.
Her Eyes.
But homemade.
& lived in.
I heard the sound.
Sent for.
For the heads.
& Sick.
With grief from the lips.

Garrett Johnson.
Always you.
215 · Jan 2020
Ode to being gone.
Garrett Johnson Jan 2020
Ode to being gone.

I was riding o the high.
when the voice sank.
& confused.
Reaching from unknown waters.
Beds placed in orders.
& disorders.
Wrapped upon a red vessel.
A girl.
Placed out of Her known waters.
& subtly coughed upon dining room tables.
She the contender.
She the rose no marry.
She the lovely wearing flannels in bed.
& she to touch the flower within your soul.

Garrett Johnson.
Too rare to die
Garrett Johnson Dec 2019
Won't be back till later on.

I'm gone for the long road.
To nowhere.
That's somewhere.
With her that has something.
& her that has nothing at all.

Garrett Johnson
Everybody know this is somewhere
Garrett Johnson Dec 2020
Crackling leaves on the walk home.

French hysterics.
Off the deep end in chasm.
Sequence fathom through the room light.
Sarcastic rummaging through cheek bones as papier-meche.
Rubbing eyes.
Folding Sweatshirt to tunneling tunes that keep you alive long enough.

Garrett Johnson.
Sour, didn't know and Michelle's gone
209 · Oct 2019
Carry me through to.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2019
Carry me through to.

My friend said he was leaving.
So I said goodbye.
My grandfather was told he was leaving.
So I watched Fred Astaire movies with him.
She said she was leaving and asked If I’d go with her.
So...I did.

Garrett Johnson.
Fred Astaire stole my orange juice.
209 · May 2020
Arrive to leave.
Garrett Johnson May 2020
Arrive to leave

For all.
Vibrant chaos.
In agony.
Certain of.
Of waves.

Garrett Johnson & Eleesha Mayo.
Thanks for the words Eleesha.
It's walking around a lot.
207 · Aug 2019
Endeavors of the night.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Endeavors of the night.

3 in mourn.
Queen Jane Approximately.
65 Dylan getting the better of me.
The steam’s a little wired.
Letting all of it in.
Room at the Morrison.
And a drink of apple sauce medicine.
Good enough.
Never better.

Garrett Johnson.
Cleansing the doors.
202 · Dec 2020
Nextdoor synapse at 3pm
Garrett Johnson Dec 2020
Nextdoor synapse at 3pm.

A creak.
A drop.
Horn yet ominous.
Frank Blasted.
Pine, a few tabs.
A few screams.

Garrett Johnson.
all for sound situations
201 · Oct 2019
Steel tremolo.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2019
Steel tremolo.

Rising in an electric fire.
Casted on all sides.
Spiraling down to agony.
Waiting at the bottom.
It sings in cute melodies and drifts into slumber.

Garrett Johnson.
There's. no. getting. out.
201 · Jul 2019
A Kerouac Afternoon.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
A Kerouac Afternoon.

Penniless on a traded lie for a life.
Finally found in a hazel eye.
Walking around in the finest sky of nowhere.
An afternoon of series after series.
After serious reasons of grief.
Get a grip, man.
Out and displaced.
Lying in mud.
More comfort when the blood settles at the bottom.
Old and torn.
Beat up some wolves.
Crawled while crying to my hole in the river.
One with the fishes.
And other earthly fuel.

Garrett Johnson.
199 · Jul 2019
Old and Tattered.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Old and Tattered.

Stuck cold.
Like the vicious snot in my throat.
Nestled platoon of dew.
Molding the tunnel.
Configurated Japanese combatants.
Planted in the deepest of the deepest.
The twitching of subtle brasses.
Lightly hugged by breeze.
It's nice up here.
Balance in intimacy.
Of such is feared.
Too young of Neil to use such diction to describe such another half.
For only fiction can thread through these lines.
As intimacy is scarce in the lands I walk.
The melody sits sweetly.
Like a whisper.
So clear like a resting lake.
So pure As the calm eyes that appear from the tree line and sing into the soul.
Standing here all alone.
The lingering glow of something that was.
Into something that wasn't.
Or something that never was.
Gentle like the strings "Down by the river".
An acoustic outcast to live for.
Burnout in a sanctum covered pine trees.
Cinnamon water, and blueberries.
Folded cough drop wrappers to be used as cigarettes.
Woolen blankets.
Year long beard.
Three year hair to the shoulders.

Garrett Johnson.
Tim Buckley road trip.
199 · Jul 2019
Talking freely.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Talking freely.

Talk to me.
I need that thought of.

Garrett Johnson.
Detective Loving: not on the case.
195 · Jan 2020
Paper rats in the walls
Garrett Johnson Jan 2020
Paper rats in the walls.

& Like the life previous.
I sense them once more.
Clawing at the inside of my brain.
But the floor.
They wine in cancerous heat upon my door.
& Leave my wall into a galaxy of a corpse.

Garrett Johnson.
On fire in the front row.
And her kiss had to throw me.
194 · Aug 2019
Al Petroleum
Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Al Petroleum.

Fazing in n out.
The flicker.
The whisper.
She's here.
You took too much man.
You took too much.
Who said that.

Garrett Johnson.
For Bob Weir and Bob Dylan.
192 · Jul 2020
Said to be said.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020
Said to be said.

Grime slapped into verses.
Grabbed by infinity.
A lonely grasp.
Swollen faced security.
To self destruction.
Meadowed in suicide seating.
Think of her often.
To leave and ride eternity.

Garrett Johnson.
Convert in island's dorm with love made all over.
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