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Garrett Johnson Aug 2020
The Fall.

Trees out my window.
So barren and chipper.
As if I could almost taste the death.
Taste their eyes on my person.
Their wraithing edges.
Their aging systems welcoming like *****.
Across all fronts.
To conjure the oh so sweet milk of air.
The dusty platitude of forgiveness.
Sight the faces so smug.
So lucrative.
So tiny.
As the weaving sits bined.
And the yellowness unwindes.
Trees out my window stand gladly.

Garrett Johnson.
the walk home.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Time again.

Soft and mad.
Left Fields barren remaining without a soul.
Later rehydrated with life.
Cleansed for the bossom of the soil.
To be ended.
Intime for the hard rain to fall.

Garrett Johnson.
Garrett Johnson Feb 2020
Kerouac Drive.

Sin what he asked for.
Said his head was broken.
Only baptized needle in his vein.
Started seeing stars lit.
Only when closed.
Saw the nebula.
Rusted with violet.
Saw his love.
Saw nothing.
In nothing.

Garrett Johnson.
Lost in the damage.
Garrett Johnson Feb 2020
Emaciated Dawn.

Surged in the ecstasy.
Catacombs she asked.
I don't know where I'm going.
Where's going being gone without
Towards the other side.
Broken on through with leisure leaving trails.
And with the lover asking picture.
Moving languid.
Under the shirt.

Garrett Johnson
Getting near it.
Garrett Johnson Jan 2020
Paper rats in the walls.

& Like the life previous.
I sense them once more.
Clawing at the inside of my brain.
But the floor.
They wine in cancerous heat upon my door.
& Leave my wall into a galaxy of a corpse.

Garrett Johnson.
On fire in the front row.
And her kiss had to throw me.
Garrett Johnson Dec 2019
For Sara.

You've lost all you've caught.
& what you've got is not your senses.
Not your lights.
Not your couch.
Not your fences.
Written on your face.
Says all is nothing.
& tasteless.
What's it to grace.
& hope.
When your atoms greet the pavement.
From a thousand feet up.

Garrett Johnson.
Perhaps it's the color of the universe.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2019
Alacrity skies.

Sailing slow on tan sands.
Knowing this is nowhere.
But everywhere next to me.
To keep me company.
Parade fires in a phantom night.
Crowned love beating all.
Only act existing.
Drums wailing proudly.
Mountains greeting the stars.
With shelter under swaying pines.
Lasting only for the night.
Only for the night.

Garrett Johnson.
Goldbar, and the E string
Garrett Johnson Oct 2019
Planning a ******, Starting a religion.

Slip into the pulp.
Blue denim shirt.
Never bothered me.
Charcoal insecurities.
She was cold.
Deep purple to ease into.
Or dancing to a Smiths record.

Garrett Johnson.
Of course.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Lustful Regress.

A wonder of pain.
peacefully insane.
The killer has been welcomed.
Did you let him in

Garrett Johnson.
A grenade of rain counts for every nickel a crop..
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Feelings at the theater.

Take your life.
Take the soap.
Take the cigarettes.
Take regrets.
Take emotions.
Take the lotion.
Take the gun.
Take the pines.
Take the water.

Garrett Johnson.
All for nothing. Supposedly.
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