Juliet Oct 2016

It hurts me to know,
That you’re the reason he said no,
The reason that “that ship has sailed,”
Not that I care about the ship
But the reason for why.

It hurts me to know,
That you’re the reason I told him no,
The reason I couldn’t even try,
Because I felt guilty and don’t even know,

It hurts me to know,
The more I talk about you,
The more they know,
Not to even give it a go.

It hurts me to know,
That I’m hopeful,
And I’ve always been that way,
But it’ll never win against this one-sided liking.

It hurts me to know,
That I care for you so much,
And that throws me over,
Because everyone tends to give me,
The cold shoulder.

It hurts me to know,
That I’ve tried and tried to distance myself,
But somehow you manage to come back,
And I’ve been too comfortable with that.

It hurts me to know,
That I can’t just be friends with you,
Because half the time,
I contemplate leaving,
So I don’t have to deal with all these feelings.

It hurts me to know,
That you make me feel sane,
When my whole world is nothing but an ashtray.

It hurts me to know,
That I think so highly of you
When you can’t even do that,
For you.

It hurts me to know,
That for the longest time,
I thought you didn’t like me
Because the color of my skin,
And everyone you’ve dated was two shades lighter and thin.

It hurts me to know,
It hurts me to know,
It hurts me to know,

That I got to know you.

Been a while since I've written. About a person who I've been overwhelmed and tired of feeling a certain way with.
Juliet Apr 2016

I don't know what to think about you anymore,
I'm so use to people thinking were together,
that well be together or one day we might be,
but its not that easy and I wish they could see.

you have your demons and mine are killing me,
and I don't think that we're ment to be,
I've asked many times,
and you only see me as me,
and nothing more than just that,
just friends who we'll always be.

Though it throws me off,
when you say "I love you" in the oddest of times,
or give me the cutesy messages,
that give me false hope,
but I have to tell myself,
its not like that,
he wouldn't,
he doesn't like me like that.

Though part of me is scared,
not that you give me false hope,
but that one day,
you'll see me for something more,
and you'll tell me that I'm the one you adore.

see your the closest to the walls I have built,
the ones that have kept me safe,
the ones I don't let people enter,
but with you,
they'd fall,
if you told me you liked me at all.

I'm more scared of the walls that hold my demons,
than anything I've ever known,
and because of that I don't ever want to get close,
to you or anybody,
but if there was a chance,
I'd probably kick you out.

not because of something you did
but because I'm scare of that feeling,
that I know that you'll give me,
if you ever told me you had feelings,
and maybe wanted to be more.

Though I'm not gunna lie,
sometimes I'm just,
I'm just,
a paradox.

About a friend, who I may or may not know how to feel about him.
Gia Garcia Feb 2016

Like a throbbing sensation in the center of my torso
My heart and my stomach feel as though they've met halfway in there
My jaw pops open in the slowest motion
So slow I never notice.
I squirm and squirm
Fidget and fidget
And constantly find myself in very awkward places and positions
Oh, the things I feel around your presence
A never ending mystery that feels like torture
Hope drizzling all over everything and every dream I've dreamt of
It's heartbreaking, you know,
Liking you a lot?
Its devastating.

celey Jul 2015

what is love?
ah, the ever so asked question
sometimes expected
sometimes not ;at random times
i don't know what love is
but i do know
what it's not
it's not jealous or angry
they say
it may be written on the bible
and not that i'm questioning God's word
but love is jealous
and love is angry
and it's so many more other different bad things
and great things as well
that is because
we people
are capable of feeling
not only one feeling at a time
some just overpower
all the other feelings
because love is vehemence
it is desperate too
i just know that love isn't
a person
or a thing
or a place
or what you felt for the boy you've been crushing on for forever, ever since but never actually spoke to
love is not
finding out about someone's favorite something and making it your favorite something as well for the sole purpose of that thing being said person's favorite something, no
love is
liking the feeling of crushing on someone you've never really known
and love is
finding yourself liking the same thing the person that matters to you likes
and it is just that, maybe maybe not, love.

C E Harrington Jun 2015

I would love for you to kiss me
Kiss me how I could actually feel it.
Feelings might not be mutual
But agreements are out the door
Just because that door is closed
The kissing door isn't

I want to feel your lips graze mine
I want to feel them in me
I would love for the kiss to end up
With the both of us intertwined
Like that one night
When I never though I'd feel that kind

That kind of chemistry in bodies
Unlike the ones I can feel in lobbies
I want your hand to hold mine
It's terrible that this isn't the right time.

Amelia Owen Apr 2015

He wore blue today
I wonder if it's his favorite color
Maybe he likes my (blue) hair
Maybe he likes me

I decided to write a letter to the guy I like (the one I write poems about) and I wasn't planning on giving it to him, but my best friend Hannah did and he said he'll tell me tomorrow? If he accepts or rejects me liking him I guess? I'm so scared.
Amelia Owen Apr 2015

Everyone is amazed
When they see my blue hair
But does anyone look at his blue eyes?
Does anyone marvel at them?
Maybe I'm the only one
Who thinks they're magical

Kimi Sanchez Apr 2015

At one point I'm gonna miss talking to you.
It's inevitable.

One day I'd miss running to you for my problems
and you telling me
that everything's gonna be fine.
Someday I'd know that when I lost you,
I lost.

And I'm sorry if I will.
I'm sorry if I come running back.
I'm sorry for running away.

Amelia Owen Apr 2015

If you see me with this big white notebook in my arms
it's because I can't get you off my mind
and I want to write down
every stupid poem that I think of
just in case it's a masterpiece

I still haven't stopped thinking about him.
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