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Brumous Jun 22
I knew how stupid I was,
to believe you
without a second thought

But, I wish you'd remember
the touches of care,
the way I ruffled your hair

I wish they comforted you
as my words were fruitless
to express worry

when loose tears appeared
and slipped down your cheeks

I liked you
despite the lies told

Now, that's passed
I'm the one who remembers
and you forgot.
It wasn't love
Perhaps it was infatuation.

We aren't necessarily friends. They were somebody
...somebody I cared for
John David Washington Ave.

It tastes like violet.
Renaissance and headed towards.
The Maxine.
Mountain only spitting globes.
Of parted jacket.
Leaving electric glass behind.
Though it's eyes.
No weaving of inner fuchsia.
Collected, only slept in yesterday's clothes.

Garrett Johnson.
Redone up for the sleep hours.
Haylin Oct 25
Loving you...
Is like acid;
I know I will get addicted,
But I can't help but ingest it.

Loving you...
Is like colors;
It has many shades with millions of layers,
To peel back and watch its beauty emerge.

Loving you...
Can not be described using all the words and phrases in the English language.
They know who they are
NAL Apr 2020
You make me feel good
in more ways than one.
And as much lust, trust,
comfort, joy, fun, comedy,
connections, anger, and
so much more that we share
with one another-
we will never ever come
close to love.
[draft] friends with benefits
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
Empty and all else.

Falseness starting with an end.
Within relapse.
Within relapse.
Such certainty.
And catastrophe.
When the slide in Athens becomes cyan.
And tired.

Garrett Johnson.
Burroughs taking all the fun.
sanchit mehta May 2020
there is always an awkwardness when you talk to a girl,
why that happens? well maybe that's because its something,
you have never learnt,
you just stand there in front of the crush, trying to speak so much but so little comes out,
and there she goes to the cooler ones, so you always blow the chance.
this feeling," always thought she liked me too, lets talk to her, ask who she is into",
this conversation will do you no good,
as for you are the awkward one,
no one would give a **** to!
so yes, you should learn to talk, learn to respect,
have a clear prospect,
dont do anything sudden, not anything random,
as for people are chosen on their hearts,
and if yours is not the good one,
ultimately you will be left with no one.
TIZZOP Feb 2020
if i accept myself it won't be dangerous
for others to like me
Today is a good day.
Kieran Messer Apr 2019
Her hair is dyed green,
But my mind doesn't say
Donna Apr 2019
Silly blocked up nose
Stupid irratating cough
Float far away please
My daughter my son and now me have this awful virus and I’m totally feeling sorry for myself x
beth haze Oct 2018
You didn’t like
the mole on your chin.
You used to say it was
too prominent for
your face and how you disliked
that it contrasted with
your freckled cheeks.
But I thought that
your cheeks were
like a galaxy and
your chin had
the moon.
It’s the first thing I
noticed when
I realized
I liked you.
- face like a universe.
page 77 of 'moondust'. (out soon!)
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