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A hollowed nest in a dessert.
Neon signs under a dark red sky.

Abandoned streets with no plaque.
A highway, the railings no longer intact.

Alleyways that never seem to end.
An empty shop that sells only pendants.

A trail of gravel lures me in
And the trees around me contort to every impossible shape.

A familiar path I've walked through many times.
Fading into an unfamiliar bright white.

The gravel twists and turns into smooth asphalt.
As a cold breeze pushes against my breathe.

The road buried under piles and mounds
Of white.

A familiar scent greets my body
I push through the ice flying through my sight.

A cabin buried in the snow.
I run and burst through the worn down door.

Disappointed with the empty state.
A *** of stew sitting in the fire place.

I sit in front of the embers until I feel human again.
Watching the storm through the frosted window.

I stand to sit on the crystallized porch.
Burying my head into my arms and chest.

I pray for the first time since I was 10.
Praying for something to hear me screaming.

I watched the stew and the fire freeze over instead.

And I stay stuck buried and cradling my head.

Until the heaps of snow bury me and this ******* cabin.

A dream
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
Confused in Estes.

Slipping low.
How it felt.
Didn't know.
You're still warm.

Garrett Johnson.
Samatha approximatley
Sally A Bayan Apr 2020
/\  /\  /\  /\  /\

There's a need for more space,
i feel a lack of fresh air...mostly
carbon dioxide permeates the
inner atmosphere...

grown faces, bodies, voices,
are seen in most corners of the
house, mingling with older ones,
trying to get by, in their own way...

there must be space for house help
sleeping over...i am human, a mix of
selfish, conscientious and unkind,
but it matters that tonight, all are safe,
what's good for the lot......prevails

when the death of each ECQ day is at hand,
when i'm satisfied that all are okay and safe,
i go to my room and concede to its persistent free some of my cramped thoughts...
i sit by the window with a lamp's glow, i part
the drapes...and let cool night air envelope me,
i take my time, drifting on blue waters of serenity
as daytime's cabin fever vanishes....temporarily...


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
April 29, 2020
(ECQ- Enhanced Community Quarantine)
Poetic T Mar 2020
It started with a cough,
  a thousand little teardrops
hung about the air...

then one fell upon another
      and the story doesn't end


For a cough fell upon another,
and another didn't wash his hands.
Then one became more until
a city was on lockdown..

But the world isn't big when we
can descend upon the many lands.
But manners some do not have
     to cover there mouth to wash

now ***** hands..

So now the world is coughing
       finding it hard to breath.
But some never took another
and now there friends and family


So we have a choice, to stay in.
           to keep ourselves safe.
but not only us, but the
  department of health
and others don't you see.

Who are we fighting for,
                   not just you and me.
For the elderly and those of
   ill health.
For we must be vigilant.
Yes we may get cabin fever,
but its better than being

   dead, don't you see..
Allyssa Nov 2019
Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
I didn’t believe it could happen,
And then I met you.
You have no interest in keeping me,
I have every intention of loving you.
You weave in and out of life,
Unknowing of where you’re going to show up next.
Your smell is intoxicating,
Lingering in the air around me,
Falling asleep next to you with your back towards me.
I’ve tasted you on my lips,
I’ve felt you settle into the bones of my life and yet,
You are so fickle.
I know you are not good for me,
I know you aren’t reliable,
But *******.
Why do I feel like I need you like I need air?
I have fallen in love with somebody who knocks on my door for carnal pleasure and I hope you wreck my life.
William Allen Apr 2019
Her love was unmatched
It was violent
Like the tide.

The deepest blue
waters held
all her secrets.

Her touch, warm and welcoming
Always comforting.

Nothing more pleasant
Than hearing my name
Escape her lips.

As quickly as her memory
It fades.

Allowing cold to enter
and keep its
It's been a good long while since I have thrown anything on here, and for good reason. I have been so busy with life events and things have really gotten away from me to the point of me not being able to get on here daily and publish my works. However, that doesn't mean that I've stopped writing. there will be a series of works coming through here. As always, I hope enjoy!
Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
Just a light that doesn't fade
Just a warmth on winter days
Just a drink that quenches thirst
Just a dance now on the surf
Just a boy
Just a girl
Just a dress and hair with curls
Just a swim in a deep blue wake
Just a lust for heaven's sake!
Just a taste of cherry cola
Just a touch on sunkissed shoulder
Just a kiss, but where it leads
Just a longing
Just a need
Just me grasping your warm hand
Just forever, in the sand
Bryan Aug 2018
Upon exiting the cabin,
I undergo broken cobble beneath my bare feet.
The remnants of stairs are round and mellow,
Yet some rebel rocks pierce and strike.
No matter, nature has willed it.
Leaving land, I enter upon a man made island
Planks and rods bring support coupled with stability.
String hangs in abundance from rusting cleats,
While dangerous protrusions threaten the innocent flesh.
No matter, man has created it.
As the water calls, I enter.
The buoyant vessel makes for easy observation.
Identifying the stagnant water, which buzzes in anticipation,
Creatures utilize my being for sustenance.
No matter, God has formulated them
To work in unison
In order to create
A recurring environment.
A reflection upon my friend's lake house in Troy, NY. A broken stove, one floor, and no service.
amber Jul 2018
Barely illuminated by the street light,
A dark figure stands,
With its hood up,
Looking into my bedroom window.

I wait for it to more forward,
To begin its expedition,
In murdering me.

But it does not move an inch,
As if to taunt me and say:,
"Stop looking."
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