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Mess Silhouette.

Forgettable toast.
hallway unbearable.
**** me for me.
I'll do it.
Shock to sick.
Pin it on my chest.
That's ok.
getting some.
Sleep to burn, eyelids Scorpio.
******* dumb.
Leaf sticking to, the end of.
Noose to bandage.
Really helps a lot.
Maybe not enough.

Garrett Johnson.
sticky notes on your backpack for 2 days straight.
zahra May 2018
this is not a love poem
not a "i love another person" poem
not a "you make my world go round" poem
not a "thank you for saving my life" poem

this is a poem
about all the things i have never found the courage to say
this is a poem dedicated
to me, myself, and i

to the me from six years ago,
it is alright to cry
you need no longer
dig the edges of your nails so deep into your skin that it leaves a mark
physical pain to erase the emotional pain
you need no longer think that way

to the me from five years ago
you're beautiful
even if they all make fun of you for the mark of beauty on your face
yell at you that you are terrible
one day soon you will realise you are extremely beautiful

to the me from three years ago
i wish i could have stopped you from dating boys you didn't like
or stopped you from liking boys who did not deserve your affection
your self worth isn't dependent on how many boys like you
it's alright to be alone for a while

to the me from two years ago
pay no mind to those who laugh at your body
at your clothes
or at what you choose to share
your life is yours
so is your body

to the me from one year ago
i wonder why you were so angry
i wish you could've realised it sooner
that all you needed was right there
in front of you

to the me today
i'm sorry i took this long to build up my courage
there's are thousands of things more that i want to say to you
but for now
i will settle for

i love you
ahmo Mar 2018
a cracked slab of
on the front door.

"i ache of
tread and

it shuttered,
turned a frigid purple
and looked
at its watch.

(5:55 A.M.)

another repetition
of an engine revving.

another star

another coffee cup
and then,
moon-kissedstar Jan 2018
Between our short breaths and sighs,
Even with some tears in my eyes
Never will, I ever hate -
Joy you bring, brought by fate

All I could see, your face oh so clear,
Magic dazzled, you make my thoughts unclear
Indeed, much believed you're one of my fears,
New to my skin, I crave for your warmth; please be near.

Careless, cared more than how I should,
Especially for you,  I give all I could
Not even my words. oh it's nothing good,
Through my skin and flesh, you see me more than just ****.

Oh heavenly, quench my thirst-
Please me with your language of the universe
Ah! My love, make love with my soul -
Immensely, *I am in awe.
BC, I hate that I love you; and you'll hate me for loving you.
Zead Aug 2015
(takes deep sigh with voice pitch going down)
guys... i don't do drugs. that includes **** and alcohol

— The End —