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Garrett Johnson Nov 2019
Opposite loft blues.

I've seen the Maroon.
Moon in your eyes.
When you smiled as you cried.
From the shadow of your boots.
Dying in your labyrinth of mind.
Gasping from time wasted.
Slapped granite blankets.
As your rust eyes close
& Your face turns invisible.
Starting with your nose.
Screaming the song.
You would oppose
But then think
Just maybe you were supposed to die.
& Then you did.
You got rid of your pains.
Starring aimlessly.
Through those maroon eyes.

Garrett Johnson.
I'll keep it with mine.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Washington’s finest.

The air of Aberdeen is cathartic and grimy.
The girls of Edmonds are cute.
The world of Seattle is inventive.
The boys of Olympia are alive and tired
The dirt of Gold Bar is ancient with a tang.
The sea of Tacoma is repaired in green.
The tears of Monroe are small.
Take me away.

Garrett Johnson
The Capilano Suspension Bride in Canada is a real Mother.
Got a Canadian Jade bracelet, I guess it’s real jade.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Lovely Ruins.

Tossed through ash.
Sail to me for conversation.
Not A lover to one.
Not one for another.
Covered by lips.
The old teachings.
Learned to be alone.
Take up enchantments of touch.
Tremolos in the fingers.
Grip on nothing.
All to be nothing but the trees in Fall.

Garrett Johnson.
Late . . .
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Like a Rolling…

Bukowski status.
A lone roof.
I'm done.
Get down from there.
You're going to die anyway.
Weather you jump or not.
You want a little death.
I want a little death.
Come on, show me.
I wont.
*******! You're wasting my time!.

Garrett Johnson.
That could of gone south. Well....It did
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Rotten Gold.

A new.
An old.
The mystic.
The twisted of scene.
Nothing at all.

Garrett Johnson.
Love me two times...Gone
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Silent film.

The hounds have come for me.
Jeweled in swamp night air.
Silent immaculate adventures.
The suaver will have his choosing.
Silver in the night.
Cold ***** soft.
Mad chariots seeking for a muse.
I have no place here.
For the great Eleesha will have her day.
Cold with warm ciders and teas.

Garrett Johnson.
carcass awaits the showing. The midnight special. Real grind house.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Ash flower.

Cold showers.
Warm hands.
Everything gone.
tell the self it’s fine.
When it’s not.
I’m not.
But i’m Ok.
Not the only one.
Raining tar.
Running in noire.
Fun times.

Garrett Johnson
Sweater days, tears will follow
Garrett Johnson Sep 2019
Feelings at the theater.

Take your life.
Take the soap.
Take the cigarettes.
Take regrets.
Take emotions.
Take the lotion.
Take the gun.
Take the pines.
Take the water.

Garrett Johnson.
All for nothing. Supposedly.

— The End —