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Hrithik Hiran May 19
Kabhi chale ** un raahon pe
Jinse jude ** qisse kaafi tumhaare
Jin raahon pe hasi mazaak ki thi doston ke sang
Unnhi raahon mein tumne bhare the woh yaadon ke rang

Kabhi socha na tha ki
Akele bhi chalna padega kabhi
Goonjti hai woh awaaz tumhaari
Jab bhi chalta hu un raahon parr
Peeche mudke dekh bhi leta hu kabhi
Ke mehez dikh jaaye parchayi tumhari
Parr dikhte toh woh adhoore waadein he hein
Bebas karr rakhe hein mujhe jinhone

Woh baarish..woh dhoop
Sabka kiya tha saamna
Jab haath tha tumne mera thaama
Kya Yaad hai woh fool
Jo tod laayi thi tum uss ped se
Mere yaadon ke Gulshan mein
Khila hai woh fool kabse
Hasrat toh dekhiye
Woh ped bhi na sambhal paaya
Mujhe akela dekhkar
Woh bhi murjhaaya

Yahin chalte waqt kaha tha na
Ki chodogi nahi yeh haath kabhi
Chaahe fariyad ** jaaye humse harr koi
Tumhaare usi saath ki khoj mein hu
Jise laga liya tha apne rooh se kabhi
Sahi kaha tha uss shaks ne ki
Manzil nahi raahon mein junoon pao
Kyunki manzil toh pahuche he nahi the ke
Bewafa karr gayi mujhe uss raah pe akele
Kabhi Chalke dekhna
Inhi raahon pe akele
Yaad karna woh beetein hue qisse
Aur ** sake toh mudke dekhna
Dikhunga mein usi mod parr
Jaahan chod gayi thi mujhe..karke inkar
Kyunki badal liye tumne apne raahein
Jo kabhi samajh na paayi
meri yeh fitoor nigaahein
Some roads remind you of that special someone... This is about one such road... (Hindi)
Don't worry the weather, my wayward woman,
for the seas are much calmer this close to the beach.
I don't know where you are, or where you are going,
but roses will greet you upon your arrival.

I've read all your postcards from places you've travelled;
Penned with slang you pick up in the cities you stay.
I've packed up and took to a road of my own
-- just figured I'd write you to tell you I'm safe.

My sights have consisted of stars that we've counted;
Dust that bustles so freely beneath me;
Castaway houses with rooms full of boxes;
And people like you, who find comfort in change.

But I wouldn't mind a box we could live in --
different from these we've decided to leave.
But the past of a road paves the path that goes,
and I'm starting to see that a box is a dream.

So I'll dream a dream just the way you would dream it
-- of luggage and boxes of things you'll be keeping --
to always remind you of what we have chosen;
And that to be living, means constantly going.
"Separation is supposed
to make the heart grow fonder,
but it won't."
Casey Apr 9
Take me to where the sidewalk ends.
Past the dark streets that wind and bend.
Return me to what I used to know.
Bring me to the roads diverged into the wood.
Let me take the road less traveled as I should.
I refuse to stay along this normal path.
Our prompt was to pick our favorite poem(s) and write a response.
Karijinbba Mar 21
Ask to repost dear Poets
(Memoir excerpt /copy Rights)
Belated reponse.

Yes you said just a man not God
and I am a woman not G* but G* you needed a wife I needed a husband but you ran away gave the money to your other woman begging for it all

I been feeling differen4tly about you and can sincearly
say "I fell deeply in love with you" back then and today.

it's not out of time or place.
I stil live and after physical
I will continue to love you
beyound measure time & space
noone is harmed by this
its a benefit in a blessing
your world bathes in plenty
mine in total despair lack
oporyunities halted by undeserved enemy foe

And how was this ever fair
to not use a bank
you had my full legal name!

yet you are more to me
as you've moved on you burnt all
a man who patiently reads my mind near or far leaves
precious memories unlike
your ways saved me.

an amazing human being
you you you
reading this ink's body language
my thoughts are your thoughts

I needed you for my life partner
all my life
you needed me for your everything I was yours for the taking as you did.

you saved romance, your last dance for me.

your relatives for my daughers
to inter marry! I had a dream.
for my true love my all

then you jett off leaving me to die
my good trains rolling by
and still
something smoldering revives from those dreams on fire
ashes captured to form of us
my companion.
my beautiful kids loved you
to be their everything just for you to know
beauty brains heart are still theirs
You are the best father best husband best lover best friend
we could have had many adorable grandkids.

my  i love yous didn't matter to nobody it wasn't natural for me to believe it will matter to you.

Life is like a dream.
When your gold key was distanced from my gold lock
left behind, I lost my mind
my speech stunt in deeper silence
and still I called you again.
just to hear you freeze.

Ehat 8n the wirld dud you lose ti know the truth that you were truly loved never betrayed.
You found me I found you again
now we are omnipresent
see me see you as we please
we love each other wholly good like the l9ve of Gid
in sun rays we are touched.

returning so many times to me you loved me so, and for your white lies, fear not I am trustworthy
apeace my soul please keep your HP windows open.

I will always think of you.
Nataly Wd or not.

In seeking I found you beloved
smeared in many a poetry
filled with love an Angel watching over me
"Angels whisper when I walk" when I jog, run crawl bathe rest eat feel pain despair, in joys of new lives birthed you are there

I looked into my whispering whimpering heaven's door this gold lock untouched
my gold key you inside that huge
key hole adjusted to fit
another sand lock.

My Guardian Archangel Uriel sing the sadest of songs Earth and Heaven can hear.

Aries Archangel Uriel is known
as a seraph, cherub, regent of the sun, flame of God,
angel of the divine presence, presider over Tartarus
archangel of salvation, and, in later scriptures, identified with Phanuel ("face of God") Uriel is a patron of the arts in me

 The Angel Malahidael
 and the Archangel Ariel rule
 over Aries the sign mine
My angel Malahidael is
 “Angel of Courage.” This angel 
summons the energy of the sun­ 
by imparting a ray of sunlight 
inside each person giving that
­ person courage, stamina 
and hope 
during difficult personal tim­es
Are you feeling this?
 The Guardian Angel for those 
born in April Aries is mine  my Archangel guardian Angel
is Uriel, Ariel. 
She is known as the Goddess of 
nature living in me You may also recognize 
her other title shes

the Lioness of God which is the 
literal translation of her­ name
 Ariel Uriel heals the planets and animals 
of this world is also
 responsible­ for natural elements such as Earth, wind, water,
 and fire.
My guardian Angels role as archangel relates 
to inspiration. 
This could be through prov­iding
 inspiration for humanity in 
order to take better care of ­Earth and all life that calls it home.

perhaps it is because I couldn't tolerate the agony of a new common bubble gum key too big, too small out of time and place
splattering stink in selfish pride
each selfishly demanding untimely tasks suffering my lock
missing your gold key beloved.

pre paid seastone snakes where boys not men on cruel expedition demonizing character
Big Bear video greedy evil agendas.
Hungry yet never selling out
to this thugs for hire detectives
sent to me from your world!
I know now when to fight when not to I just share my inner core

I am not fighting In every war I faced defeat being lineant to my deadly enemy was my demise.

no one else was able to overpower this relentles unrequieted love birthed for you.
frim days of yore
no one tried to simply slowly uncover that love hidden within
I hid for us both!
to discover it's magic  
You were wealthier luckier organized surrounded by family and friends to offer support.
I was on my own!
I didn't want another love
but yours for me alone.

Roads interlinked many a time  
you were seized by another
less grassy needing less wear
O how you aged her wine!

that bone fish seastone beer
had an army to win you over
while I was fighting all alone
in my sand shifting battlefield
how to grab you from your
fortress ceized arenas.

Redeeming Angel mine
Angel Mihr Uriel Acquarious
beloved guardian lover
touch my whispering ink.
RBco eyes beloved.

"I am feeling dfferently about you"
Copy Rights apply. revised
Guardian Angel whispering touching
do not repost..
P panda Feb 25
Curious he seemed,
glaring at sky.
The five year old thought,
the stars followed him.

From the car window,
He glazed upwards.
Eyes sparkled
And he again leaped forward.

Mother see! the starts are following me.

Heart so supple
mind so clear,
The five year old felt the love
no one could hear.

Anxious, that if the night sleeps
the stars will loose their path.
Distressed with the thought,
he sat and to the window he leaped.

Eyes sparkled,
curious he asked,
Mother will the starts come home ?
and back he looked and smiled,
beholden that the stars looked at him.

The sky black,
full of stars
followed him
along the endless paths.

Little did he know,
the darkness waits for none,
down the road,
his stars were gone.
Marion Gaslight

kicked in with malfunction hair.
Sociopathic residue drip to the commuter of the world.
How do you love your warmth.
All and well now.
We'll just wait it out in our arms.

Garrett jOhNsOn
Shroud to the marry movings.
Amanda Jan 29
Traveled many roads
Every direction I walk
Leads back to your arms
No matter what I do
I always come back to you
I die each time.

Rug floor.
Her Eyes.
But homemade.
& lived in.
I heard the sound.
Sent for.
For the heads.
& Sick.
With grief from the lips.

Garrett Johnson.
Always you.
Thomas Harvey Jan 19
Two Roads diverged in the woods and I
I took the one most traveled by
The journey was quite strange
As if almost every step I take creates a big bang
The road was full of holes and people collecting tolls
Around halfway down the path, I was stopped by a line
And when I looked at the ones ahead of me they appeared to be blind
As time went by I started to shiver from the cold
I felt anxious and tried to move but my body began to take mold
When I finally broke free, I ran as far as I could
with hopes of getting back to the start, I ended up more lost in the woods
After a while the pain began to fade, so I sat there in shame
But yet no one came, so I made peace and accepted that this is the where I stay
Two roads diverged in the woods and I
Well, I wish I would've have took the road less traveled by
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