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Eloise Rose Aug 5
Every where I go
Orchids they grow
In the known unknow
Orchids they grow

I can't pick which path to chose
I don't know which road to use
Into the know unknown
The roads they go
Aditya kumar Jul 28
The roads have answers to everything
The stuffs which you explore
Or the one which you left behind
They know everything
You just need to remind

The speed have no limits
They are boundless
The faster you go
The sooner you reach
Follow the signs
Which have some meaning
You will remember
The way they teach

You will find many paths
Some will be rough
Some might be smooth
The fact is
They make you fool
By showing the easier way
Which makes u cool

If your way is clear
If they don't have any obstacles
If they are silkier
Then you are in the wrong way
But if it is full of fear
You are searching something new
Walking on the knife
Then you are in the right way
My dear

You need to fall
Before your rise
The harder you dive
The deeper you find

Searching for destination
Never ends
Nothing is permanent in this world
Smooth will be rough
Water will be ice
Wood will catch fire
Easy will be tough
You cant stop anything
Because you are nothing

You cant stop the sun to rise
You cant Change the flow of river
You cant hate a lover
But dear beloved
You can change the paths
Which you follow

The learning
Which belongs to them
Are now your own
The brakes which comes from them
Are now in your hands
Don't follow the roads
Discover them at your own
The roads have answers to everything....
Thomas Wan Jun 5
There are no right roads,
just the ones
you regret the least.
Restu Taurina May 28
i was a long drive
and a short trip
in your so-called way home
where you ended up leaving
because you hated being behind the wheel
Invisible May 2

Twists and turns,
Soon fade away.
When you find yourself
On a straight road.

Only one car,
Next to you.
A stranger.
Someone you don't know.

The light is coming,
Taking it along.
All that's left is you,
So you're alone.

In the middle
Of nowhere,
Now you don't know
Where to go.

Everything is coming your way.
You're in the wrong lane,
But you try not to let it show.

At a crossroads.
What will you choose?
Forwards, backwards,
Why not just go after your shadow?

You're waiting.
But now you have to let go.

Because of the twists and turns.
They come back slowly.
You had a one-way path,
But you missed your chance.

When life throws you lemons, but you can't catch them in time.
Allesha Eman Apr 14
I desire to smell the flowers that grow in your allies
The ones that colour the streets even in the darkest light
And walk the trail of stars your people leave behind
When their wandering towards new wonders
As they turn new corners in their lives
I dream of floating in your scent, that dances in the wind
Carrying culture, history, and your nature in its wings
I’ll dance amongst your voices, and sway with their melodies
The laughter will carry me to your quiet little streets
And somewhere in the silence I’ll start to miss my home
Until your stars will start to wrap me in your ethereal glow
And from then on along your yellow brick roads
I’ll make your love my home
RVani Kalyani Mar 30
I keep on walking the road,
Feeling the wind so cold.
Have all my assets of life packed,
Still can't figure out what I lacked.
Going on,I just follow the way,
I'm not sure when I'll make hay.
Suddenly,I find the crossroads,
Me in the centre,beneath the clouds.
I can't decide,I just look up,
Want the Lord to ask me what's up?
In the situation of Robert Frost's,
Where do I go?Wish I had the hearts.
Should I go straight? No,left or right?
I'm confused,I can see no light,
Will time solve this or my mind?
Will both my way and life rhyme?
Confused to choose among 3 things,3roads,3destinations.
An inspiration from Robert Frost's "Road not taken".
Yet still confused....
Why is it so narrowed pupils?
Why are your eyelids so black?
For what such black socks
So visible on the pale blue body?

What nekoshenom steppes
Dragged these tops?
Whose feet walked on the stones?
And in what stream were you looking for the bottom?

He wore thorns and turnips.
Who told you to walk in the woods?
There were not enough ants in the house.
With your pants on the floor climbed.

Put on some warm socks,
Drink cocoa and turn on the computer.
On the Internet for people like you
I write very much any turbidity.
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