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Cole May 2
Sitting there, tears

Sloppily spilling

With misdirection.

Your warmth wiping them


The feeling of home pressed

So close to my skin,

centimeters near.

And you have kissed my

Cheek more than I

Always expect

All in the way

You help me


The art work

I once

I am not afraid of the roads,
Or of all the fast cars, in a hurry to do something else,
In a hurry to win the race,
They set me free, they make me feel alive,
And I don't fear death, because I live well enough every day,
As if it was my last.
Maria Mitea Apr 8
in a world of glitter and tinsel
we are two visions of mori butterflies,
whose larvae eat the darkness of the night
like a white mulberry tree, leaving holes of light
on the forgotten silky roads.
Mike Feb 4
we had it all
the popcorn
the peanuts
all the salty snacks you could ask for
and then some
drunk degenerate drove down a road
some maniac of a man on a mission he only noticed
when stomach acids burnt the back of his throat
he wasn't always so quiet
he wasn't always so unkept
things change
D Fury Feb 2
No matter how hard you try
No matter the path you choose
A certain course you will not find,
Through the uncertain maze of life
You will rarely end up where you plan
You will be bruised and knocked off track
You will walk unguided along blind alleyways
And come to fear that you are lost.
Somehow though, the wrong roads
That drain the heart of hope
The winding paths that seem to end
In failures that feel as final as death
They are the teacher to a man
The lesson that he must learn
Those twists that seem to have no sense
They are what make us in the end.
Natalie Feb 2
The darkness of the road
That you left unexplored
The you that never lived
And all their smothered words

You left yourself for dead
Went on your merry way
Let shadow claim what might
Have been a better day

You murderer, you coward
Indulgent homicide
You **** so many worlds
With every careless stride
bloodKl0tz Jan 27
A train sits idle
Driver turns off the headlights
Helps my night vision

Flying past cop car,
Headlights turn on in rear-view,
Turn off, I can breathe

Oncoming driver,
Flash my lights to warn them
Of deer or police

At small town train tracks
Car flashes brights at random,
Left me quite confused
AB Yousuf Dec 2020
Saw a stranger in the distance,
on the pathway nearby home.
He was heading my direction,
and he traveled on his own.

Winter winds were blowing fiercely,
he declined to wear a coat,
snowy steps which left no footprints,
seemed indifferent to the cold.

Had a sunken skull so spectral,
and his gait was grimly gaunt.
Somber silhouette loomed larger,
floating further down his haunt.

Some moments passed, our paths met,
now I noticed something new,
haunted eyes that felt familiar,
moth to flame, their aura drew.

Was then clarity dawned on me,
which sent chills through my spine.
Though face was tired and weathered-down,
those eyes were surely mine.

Slowly he turned, and met my gaze,
those pupils pulsed and grew,
widening, like he saw a ghost,
or someone he once knew.

The stranger stumbled towards me,
with white wrinkled hands outstretched.
A face like mine, but broken,
hands enwrapped around my neck.

: "I've walked along this stretch of path,
and seen it through its length.
Unless you change the course you're on,
you'll soon find how it ends."

His grasp let up, life left his eyes,
as if a spell had broken.
He vanished in the winter fog,
no further words were spoken.

So long I stood there frozen,
on that road covered in moss.
Don't dare recall direction,
But, I knew then I was lost.
I did another re-write!
Goda Ramonaityte Dec 2020
Mother, I feel your pain
Your grief
It's coursing through my veins
As if I must take it away;
It has become my quest
Until this body turns to dust.

Oh, Mother, I am living sores of yours,
Feeling it all
Deep in my core.
Never thought of having a choice
Until I've discovered the voice
Of my own.

Mother, your sadness soaks through my bones
The very marrow of those
Yet through time that flowed
Between then and now
I realised I am owed
To pave the roads
Of my own.
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